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Standard sucked into Blomfield versus Slater dirt

Lynn Prentice

Lynn Prentice

For a number of months now team LF have watched on as Lynn Prentice and his Kiwi Labour Party aligned blog “The Standard” have been dancing to the tune of an accomplished pied piper, a turd polisher extraordinaire.

Today however Lynn Prentice and his blog plunged to never before seen depths, in fact lower than the proverbial snakes belly. LF would have written a little something that pointed out the abject hypocrisy of Prentice’ latest effort but given the hours we have already wasted on pointing out obvious conflicts we thought why the hell bother.

After all no one else seemed to be bothered. In fact it was as if “The Standard” had lost it’s rudder, a lost cause, destined for the blogosheres scrap heap, to be inhabited only by a handful of vociferous Slater hating trolls and Matt Blomfield of course, who all appear to have hijacked both Prentice and his blog, driving it even further onto the reef of irrelevance.

You can imagine our surprise when we were made aware that a Kiwi blog, “Your NZ”, had also caught a brief glimpse of the Amagedon that awaited Prentice and his precious labour party flagship “The Standard” unless he started stearing a different course. It remains to be seen if the one eyed Capt Lynn is capable of seeing the peril for himself.

The author of the article below, Pete George, is spot on with his analysis;

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  • So just another scam by Blomfield using the Standards hatred of Slater as a soap box!!

  • Dick Cuthbert says:


    love your blog.

    Are you following the case of the Police Constable in Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty who shot the dog with the cross bow.

    His boss refused to stand him down or even prosecute.

    IPCA and Police National Headquarters NZSPCA involved behind scene.

    Lots of efforts to hush the whole thing up

    worth watching what happens on this one



  • I see Captain Stinky AKA I have a women’s first name AKA Lynne Prentice now claims that Slater called Matthew John Blomfield a pedophile. Now that’s getting carried away. A Cocksmoker Yes, but not a pedophile Lynne

    • Hi Ape,
      Yes we too saw Prentice’s pathetic attempt to deflect, in the usual self aggrandizing and obfuscatory style, Pete George’s appraisal of the situation; as we have already stated Pete George’s assessment was particularly adroit, a completely valid critique. As was only to be expected however the one-eyed Prentice produced a self-serving “touché” moment in “The Standard”:

      Pete George 31.1
      22 January 2015 at 7:20 pm

      Working with Blomfield to publicise a bankruptcy notice is substantial ‘attention paid to Blomfield vs. Slater’, clearly on one side. And the post and comments make it very clear there is no common cause with Slater.
      This all more than implies common cause with Blomfield. And as a number of people have cautioned, it’s a very risky liaison.
      It’s too late for a minion to dampen the damage.

      lprent 31.1.1
      22 January 2015 at 7:45 pm

      The bloated fool has made me a “journalist”. I just report the news (just like the real journalists..) with the same degree of impartiality and balance as someone like…. Guyon Espiner. Ummm…
      Ok I don’t report the news with the same level of impartiality and balance as (surely there must be an old school journo around……..) Ah ha – Colin James (christ he must be getting old)
      I’ve had a look over submissions about the Blomfield case. I literally can’t see how he could lose. For starter Slater called him a pedophile. Hah? How exactly is he going to be able to prove that to be true or even an honest opinion based on what he knew at the time. It isn’t something that he has a hope in hell of doing unless he can point to a conviction.
      This isn’t like a blog. This is defamation law. The complete onus is on Slater to prove his statements of fact one by one across 40 odd posts. If he fails even once he will be found guilty.
      BTW: there will be no discussion about the pedophile statement. It was only raised as an example of statements of specific fact.


      Judging by Lynnette Prentices contribution to this particular issue over the past two years the claim seems designed with the sole purpose of injurious retaliation. We agree with you however, looking back there does not appear to have been an occassion where Slater has levelled the “Pedophile” allegation at Blomfield.

      Certainly had there been, given the particularly nasty nature of that allegation and it’s associated imputation one would almost certainly have expected to see it referenced in the court documents, had it been, one would also undoubtedly have expected the allegation to have been referenced in the preamble of justice Raynor Asher’s decision.

      Quite why it is that Prentice has decided to include the allegation at this late hour and in in this particular retort (above) is of course completely open to conjecture – perhaps it was at the forefront of Prentice’s mind – Blomfield having just telephoned to remind him. Of course would be in keeping with Blomfield’s style of “doing business” – people forget that this particular fraudster spent many years flogging crap pizza as a gourmet wonder, and as we have already stated Matthew Blomfield is the master of spin, a turd polisher, a pathological liar, who no doubt truly believes he’s the Emperor – we had always thought Blomfield alone with his delusion, but for the moment at least Lynn Prentice also seems to believe it!

      Prentice’s “BTW” afterthought also perhaps serves as a clue. Who exactly was it that “only raised it as an example of statements of fact”? Was it, as we suspect, raised in the last telephone call Lynn Prentice took from Matthew Blomfield?

      • Lynn certainly didn’t run his good eye over the case, as he’s fabricated a piece of evidence in his comments. Or he just took what Blomfield told him over the phone as gospel – and we all know how that goes !

  • Justice4Matt says:

    Blomfield is a thief, moron, and otherwise a reprobate. But he will do some prison time – for sure. Its only a matter of time.

  • You only have to read the comments of both Lynn “I need a shower” Prentice and his avid readers – not an once of reality, truth or decency amongst them. Blomfield is actually just a cause for them to abuse Slater, but he’s to stupid to see it. In fact Blomfield took a pasting in some comments on what a piece of shit he is. Lynn Prentice is purely a hypocrite – Slater according to him is an attack blogger who stops at nothing – no different over at The Standard in how the comments are allowed. The Standard is not a blog of debate and dissemination of relevant news – it’s just a vent site for lefties with no profile.

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