A Panicked Blomfield Goes To New Zealand High Court In Second Attempt To Gag LF – Baker v Roe

LF has been advised by our sources within New Zealand’s court system that serial litigant and fraudster Matthew John Blomfield is attempting to obtain another Kiwi Court order in what is likely yet another spurious effort to prevent LF exposing the truth behind two very important matters, both possibly involving corrupt police officers and court officials.

In this post we propose to shed a little more light on what is actually behind Blomfield’s sudden attempts to prevent LF from reporting.


Warren Powell

The first matter dates back to the departure of Warren Powell from Hell Pizza; Powell being forced out of the country by Blomfield and Powell’s two business partners, Stu McMullin and Callum Davies.

In October LF published an email that Powell wrote many years ago. In that email he accuses Blomfield and his two former business partners of being involved in illicit drugs, namely Methamphetamine, aka “P” or “ICE”.


LF had also been advised a while back that the New Zealand police had sought and obtained an arrest warrant for Powell, that warrant is however only valid within the New Zealand jurisdiction and simply means that Powell would be arrested at the border, should he try to re-enter New Zealand.

Prior to being advised of the existence of this arrest warrant LF had actually begun to suspect that Hell Pizza’s “business” model, at least under the management of Powell and his partners Stu McMullan, Cullum Davies, and associate Blomfield, had included the distribution and supply of illicit drugs including Meth.


Powells partners Stu McMullan, Cullum Davies

We had suspected this possibility for a number of common-sense reasons. The first was the fact that following the sale of the business to Tasman Pacific Foods that company had failed to manage to generate anywhere near the revenue that Hell Pizza had made under it’s former management.

Moreover, the marketing, looking at it objectively, was far from what one could expect from a franchised food outlet. Frankly it all looked suspicious.


Kiwi blogger Cameron Slater, first to blow the whistle on Blomfield. Blomfield failed to complete a defamation tort he filed against Slater. That tort filed only to obtain the identities of Slaters sources

When LF first asked Powell to sit down and write a synopsis of his dealings with Blomfield he instead sent us the aforementioned email draft.

Prior to receiving that email, LF had however already suspected the presence of a serious drug culture within the Hell Pizza franchise. This suspicion had come about through of the existence of a number of Blomfield’s own emails, wherein he had threatened the staff at his own franchises; we suspect threats that were designed to be used by Blomfield at a letter date if needed

Now the date of this particular email is important and we will revisit that issue later, in a future post.

The second event that raised our suspicions was Blomfield’s attempts to get the serious fraud office involved, an attempt to use a government agency as leverage against Powell and a smokescreen to conceal his own criminal offending.

Of course this is a Blomfield strategy from way back, where he employs false allegations against others to take the heat and limelight off himself.


Snowridge Crecent, Warren Powells last known address in Canada. Why haven’t New Zealand police attempted to extradite Powell? Perhaps its because they’ve relied on the word of Matthew Blomfield alone when seeking an arrest warrant for Powell, not exactly credible evidence if this is the case.

The third event is actually more of a series of events, wherein the New Zealand Police have failed to act on any of the many criminal complaints now filed against Blomfield by his many victims.

Theses complaints have nothing whatsoever to do with drugs or allegations of drug distribution, they are prima-facie frauds, each in their own right, each and everyone having sufficient evidence with which to have charged Blomfield.

This then, the police seemingly shielding Blomfield from his victims and their completely legitimate criminal complaints, suggested the possibility that Blomfield may have been a police informant; and protected from prosecution by certain police officers.

The third event was in fact the April 20, 2014, assault on Blomfield at his home in Greenhithe, Auckland; first reported by Blomfields own personal New Zealand Herald spin doctor Bevan Hurley, one of the New Zealand Herald journalist who had assisted Blomfield with smearing Warren Powell.



What was clear immediately following that 2014 assault was that Blomfield had lied, not just to the Kiwi police, but also to his very good friends in the Kiwi media.

Kiwi political Blogger Pete George, of YourNZ infamy, posted a nice little summary, when he revisited the story twelve months later in June 2015, where he noted just how widely disseminated Blomfields falsehoods had become, all without one skerrick of evidence against Slater. Importantly Pete George also asks the million dollar question;


Kiwi blogger Pete George posed one of the right questions. although probably for all  the wrong reasons.

This also raises questions about why a gang member involved with drugs might have been assaulting Blomfield?” – Pete George

An assault revisited

14th June 2015

A firearm related assault nearly a year ago, in late June 2014, came up in comments here and has prompted more of a look at it.

When searching around I came across this article, by David Fisher in NZ Herald last October.

Ex-pizza boss Matt Blomfield: Whaleoil and me

Matt Blomfield was beaten bloody. A shotgun blast ringing in his ears. Blows from the stock of the weapon splitting skin to send blood running down his face.

It was a horrifying attack at home. His children were watching. One stood at the window as her father grappled with the intruder. The other sought shelter in the house, seeking safety from the armed man who brought violence to their home.

Blomfield had fought off the attacker, fiercely enough that police later found blood from which they took DNA. A 37-year-old man was arrested in July and is before the courts.

He struggled to think who might want him hurt, or worse. In the end, he came up with a suspect list of 285,000 people – the monthly readership of the Whaleoil blog, who he believed had been given every reason to think he was one of the worst people in New Zealand.There are very clear implications in that.

…you don’t have to be famous to become a target of Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blog. Slater, who has previously called himself a “bully” in an interview with theHerald, lives by the motto “Never F*** With A Blogger”.

Anyone is considered fair game.And in that. But there are only claims and implications, no evidence.

Martyn Bradbury also linked the assault with Slater when commenting on this story, in The things Whaleoil did to Matthew Blomfield & why haven’t Police chased his stolen emails the way they did for Slater?

Now this assault took place in 20 April 2014 and was reported by Bevan Hurkey at NZ Herald:

Death threats before attack

A businessman who suffered facial injuries during a vicious fight in his home with a masked gunman had received anonymous death threats prior to the incident.

Matthew Blomfield, 38, suffered facial injuries after being hit with a rifle and is understood to have narrowly avoided being shot when the gun went off during the terrifying ordeal last Saturday night.

The gunman, wearing a Spiderman mask, tried to gain access to Blomfield’s home, where his wife and two small children were, it is understood.

A police manhunt with armed officers failed to locate the offender. Forensics officers spent a day at the house searching for any DNA traces.

Several neighbours witnessed part of the attack. Blomfield was admitted to North Shore Hospital with facial injuries and was discharged on Sunday.

Blomfield said he had been advised by police not to comment.

But writing on blog site The Standard last year, he told how he and members of his family had received anonymous, violent threats. Blomfield, a former Hell Pizza advertising executive, launched defamation action against Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater for a series of posts written in 2012.While Blomfield was “advised by police not to comment” somehow Hurley managed to bring Slater into the reckoning.

Then in July there was an arrest for this

Press Release: New Zealand Police

Wanted man Ned Tehuru PARAHA arrested and charged

Sunday, 13 July 2014 – 12:45pm


Police have this morning arrested and charged Ned Tehurua PARAHA, a wanted man Police have been looking for since late June, in relation to a home invasion.

The 37 year-old was arrested in central Auckland in the early hours of this morning.

Paraha’s image was circulated to media on Friday 27 June.

He has since been charged with aggravated burglary, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault with intent to injure and possession of methamphetamine and will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow.I think it’s fairly uncommon for bloggers or blog commenter’s (people like us) to be involved in assaults of this type – I haven’t heard of any.

It’s common for druggies and gang members to be involved in assaults. David Fisher is a senior reporter and will have (or should have) researched this sort of detail and not just repeated allegations and insinuations fed to him, shouldn’t he?

Slater responded to Fisher’s article with some suggestions and accusations of his own about what sort of person might have have been involved in the assault in THE LIES BY OMISSION AND INFERENCE OF A TAINTED JOURNALIST [UPDATED].

My Police sources also tell me that this man is a Mongrel Mob associate and despite another person being named as the alleged attacker no evidence exists that proves that, nor do the police suspect that person and the naming of him is viewed as nothing but a vexatious complaint designed to hurt and malign. I don’t know about you guys but I suspect my readership is non-existent in Mongrel Mob circles.

Quite apart from the other simply wrong assertions, it is those ones, the ones that impinge the reputation of me, this site and the readers of this site by a lie of omission and then an inference is outrageous.

The fact that other blogs have spread this, has made their defamation worseThat does sound like Slater is justifiably annoyed. But it doesn’t rule out every possibility, especially when Slater’s wife recounts stories like this on Thursday in Spanish Bride reports back on decade of dirt:

Another speaker told an amusing tale about how Cameron worked with him doing debt collection from Gang members. He made the point that Cam is not just a guy being tough behind a computer screen he is actually just as fearless in real life.But I can find no evidence at all that Slater was involved in the assault, nor does it seem likely.

Slater added to his October post:

UPDATED: Matthew Blomfield has asked me to remove the details of the person who came to his property from the Whaleoil website. He has a young family and is concerned that associates and family members of this person will read the post.

Mr Blomfield also said that “He has no evidence that Mr Slater was involved in the attack at his home and that he made that very clear to David Fisher”Matthew can correct me if that’s wrong.

If Blomfield correct then it looks like Fisher has been dishonest and vindictive – and he can correct me if this inaccurately represents what happened, but he must have ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of his article, and in this case it looks sloppy at best.

This also raises questions about why a gang member involved with drugs might have been assaulting Blomfield.


Blomfield sent the cops on a wild goose chase, falsely blaming all in sundry for his apparent misfortune, to anyone stupid enough to listen, even going so far as to name and blame a local Kiwi gang, the Head Hunters, for the attack, when in fact the assailant was actually connected to another gang completely; the “Killer Beez”.

Whats more, in his police complaint, Blomfield had attempted to draw a spurious link between Cameron Slater, Marc Spring the “Head Hunters and the assault. LF organised for Springs police interview to be videoed;

This behind the scenes blame game didn’t stop with the police however. Blomfield also went out of his way to ensure that the New Zealand Herald’s David Fisher published spurious claims, also attempting to link Slater to the attack on Blomfield and the gang.


LF has known for some time that the man who was arrested, charged and convicted of the assault, Ned Tehurua PARAHA, had absolutely nothing to do with the “Head Hunters” gang, but that he was in fact connected to another local gang known as the “Killer Beez”, a gang that specialised in two things alone, violence and the manufacture and distribution of “Methamphetamine”.

Whats more, Blomfield undoubtedly also knew this fact as well.

Blomfield, we believe, likely knew exactly who had violently targeted him, exactly why; that the attack was in all probability drugs related, quite possibly over a debt, or retribution for something Blomfield himself had done.

This then brings us back to the fact that Blomfield is very likely what’s colloquially termed a “police snitch”.

That, in order to save his own arse, Blomfield, had gone to police and accused business partner Warren Powell and possibly, although unlikely, also McMullan and Davies, of running a drug distribution network and money laundering enterprise through the Hell Pizza chain.

Now when one looks at this in light of Warren Powell’s email, published by LF on the 25th September 2016, it becomes clear that drugs were definitely a problem at Hell Pizza, in particular Methamphetamine.

In that email Powell exposes Stu McMullin and Callum Davies as Methamphetimane users, and being guilty of enticing other franchise staff and owners to use the drug on many sbusiness and social occasions, which if true, naturally means that Methamphetamine seems to have been freely available through each of these men and or a number of their Hell Pizza shops.

Link to email

This also means that one of two possibilities now likely exist.

The first that Hell Pizza was being marketed in such a way as to attract drug users and to distribute drugs and launder the proceeds of an organized criminal enterprise. That McCallum, Davies, Blomfield and possibly Powell were all party’s to this organized criminal enterprise and likely profited from it.

That Powell subsequently may have threatened to blow the whistle and so was threatened by Blomfield with physical harm, using his much touted “gang connections”, and so left the country in a hurry; but not before his partners used Powell’s desperation, fearing for his own life, to their advantage; paying Powell for a fraction of his shareholdings real value.

The second possibility is that Warren Powell himself was the mastermind of a drugs distribution network, through Hell pizza. That Blomfield was part and parcel of that criminal enterprise; and that when things turned sour between Hell Pizza and Blomfield he went to police and fed them a story, where of course he did not feature as a player, but rather an innocent victim.

This possibility then would explain why police have inexplicably failed to prosecute Blomfield, believing, perhaps wrongly, the information he’d fed them and using that same false information to issue a warrant for Powells arrest at the border.


Why exactly was it that retired head of the Auckland drug squad. Chief Inspector Bruce Good try to contact Blomfield whistle-blower and justice campaigner Marc Spring? (read here)

Interestingly, New Zealand Police have NOT sought to extradite Powell, who now lives in Canada, a country that does have an extradition treaty with New Zealand. We suspect this is the case because police have little more than Blomfields, likely false, statement in the way of evidence.


Our own view is that the first scenario is far more likely, for a number of very good reasons.

The first is that Blomfield has pulled this type of stunt before, were he blames others, so as to escape the law himself. He is in fact attempting to pull exactly the same stunt as this post goes to press.

We are also of the view that Blomfield has been using corrupt court officials and police officers to aid him in some of these legal stunts, likely for many years

This then brings us to another case, a current case, wherein Blomfield has again attempted to use the courts for his own nefarious purposes and to escape capture himself.

What’s more, LF have been advised, since Blomfield’s last attempt to take down LF, that he was in the middle of this legal proceeding, wherein he was yet again attempting to screw another victim, a Mr Carl Roe, when he filed suddenly stopped and attempted to gag LF.


Warren Powell’s home in Canada, Snowridge Crescent to be precise

This time however the stakes are much higher for Blomfield than anything else we’ve published so far exposing Blomfield’s frauds. This case includes allegations of child pornography which were to be heard, with Blomfield withdrawing his application for a restraining order at the 11th hour, soon after he realised that was up and running.

The fact that this is case did not proceed, we suspect, because Blomfield knew that LF would soon hear of it and publish the story in its entirety, which of course we will be, irrespective of Blomfields failure to proceed and the purported seal, one court registrar claims, we believe falsely, Blomfield has apparently only just been granted by DCJ  Lawrence Irwin Hinton.

Of course if the claim is not false It appears that Hinton’s sealing of Carl Roe’s affidavit may well be connected to yet another legal scam, the latest attempt to gag LF.

In this latest victims case Blomfield had tried to use very similar strategies to those he employed against Cameron Slater and may have used against Warren Powell; designed to deflect blame from himself and his partners in crime to an innocent third party.

This latest story, the subject of our next post, involves Blomfield, allegations of child pornography, an alleged homosexual lover, the alleged homosexual lovers ex-wife and her ex-lover; the victim, defacto partner, Mr Karl Roe.

It’s a tale of great intrigue, duplicity and legal deception that is truly Machiavellian in scale and the degree of skulduggery employed by Blomfield and one of New Zealand’s dodgy lawyers, Mr Stuart Gloyn, who’s office, Bytalus Legal just happens to share the same address as Blomfield & Co, the bogus entity Blomfield employs when falsely claiming to be a lawyer.

FV: No, I’m just absolutely shocked that you guys, as professionals, whoever you may be … you said Matt – I don’t know who you’re from, whatever.

Matt: I’m Matt, a lawyer, and I’ve been working in the area of HR for the last fifteen years.

FV: So you would be totally aware of this – that you can’t just drag someone in for a disciplinary meeting without giving them the opportunity to know what it was about?


The office building from which Stuart Gloyne, aka Bytalus legal, and Blomfield both operate

Amongst the material team LF have now received are photographic images and video footage, some of the material very intimate, which puts the innocence of Blomfield’s latest victim, Mr Karl Roe, beyond any doubt whatsoever.

Photo’s, Video footage and court documents, including damning affidavits, which attest to the modus operandi of Blomfield and his associates legal scheming.

Moreover we have also obtained audio recordings of Blomfield, in one, claiming to be a lawyer with 15 years employment law experience, all while in the company of a genuine lawyer, employed by Gloyne, present to back up Blomfield, who should really have known better.


This extraordinary case however now also involves allegations of corruption on the part of New Zealand’s District Court registry, one registry and registrar in particular; Auckland’s North Shore.

LF has been promised a copy of a letter that has been sent to a number of New Zealand and international bodies and authorities, including senior Judges, setting out the alleged corruption. We will be publishing that letter when we’ve receive it, along with the affidavits in question and a selection of the images and transcripts of the covert recordings wherein Blomfield not only falsely claims to be a lawyer but also make various other statements that could only be seen as intimidation.

This case is in fact the likely the reason Blomfield wants LF silenced, its contemporary and its evidence his behaviour; hence his latest application in the New Zealand jurisdiction, to attempt to silence team LF; unlawfully.

What is clear from this latest farce is that Blomfield is now aware that his last legal tactics were futile in every respect; Blomfield by his own admission seeking to establish a link between LF’s uploads and New Zealand residents, using corrupt police officers who also sought to obtain LF’s Meta Data for other purposes.

LF can also report that we have not as yet received any correspondence from Andrew Gilchrist, the lawyer attempting to get Blomfield associate, lawyer Bruce Johnson, off the hook for his part in at least two of Blomfields frauds. nor have we received any correspondence regarding a likely second attempt to silence us.

This time however we obviously hope to get Mr Blomfield into the correct jurisdiction, where he can be forced to answer a few questions team LF and the Netherlands police undoubtedly have for him and his criminal associates.

LF will continue to pursue justice for victims of corruption and fraud and a corrupted New Zealand court system can do little to prevent that occurring in the long term.


The Hurley Burley of Hell’s Kitchen, Cinderella and other fairy tails.



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