Lauda Finem – Fairfax Media – You tubers in New Zealand

If you’re having problems seeing the video’s in New Zealand simply google “laudafinem  Jenni McManus” that will give you more options to listen to the tapes.

It appears that Jenni McManus is using her power, media resources and contacts in an attempt to stop people listening to the tapes. What is she trying to hide. Perhaps she’s not happy with being exposed. The New Zealand public are entitled to know about her particular style of reporting and how she has, for years, got away with slandering people and on at least one occasion conspired to conceal corruption. But then again it could be the New Zealand Police and the crown law office, the tapes do prove the criminal intent of Marianne Spence, Detective Thomas and Senior Sergeant Alan Davidson. Anyway Check it out on the tapes with these links (if they still work):

McManus Tape I:

Spence Tape II:

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