Jenni McManus and the Art of Vilification

Jenni McManus NBR

There’s always two side’s to a story but not according to Jenni McManus she has a very different take on the truth and journalism – in fact quite a twisted perspective. She had however been caught red handed and was obviously angered by the exposure of  her now very obvious malice and her contempt for the truth – on tape for all to hear.

After all the existence of these tapes had no doubt threatened her career and the NBR’s bank balance, it was in her interest to assist the corrupt police in their attempts to wrongly imprison the men. Once behind bars they would have zero credibility – no longer a threat to her, her career, the cash she was racking in for the NBR and herself.

The stakes were high, so rather than being honest and admitting that the Police officers Malcolm Thomas and Alan Davidson had, born of their own malevolence,  criminally defamed the men and fed her information designed to seriously mislead the public and therefore sway the  jury pool, McManus made the despicable decision to lie.

First by writing and signing a false and misleading Police statement so as to provide cover for her new corrupt Police friends. Then adding further insult to injury by publishing more derogatory and harmful material  – She had deliberately set about trying to establish in the minds of her readers that the men, the subject of her articles, were low life’s, scum-bags and criminals.

Not one of these men ever spent a day in prison. The twenty odd false indictable charges, many of which McManus took delight in

Warren Berryman and Jenni McManus

Warren Berryman & Jenni McManus partners in crime

publishing prior to trial – at the behest of the bent cops she had aligned herself with,  were thrown out by Jury and Judge alike, most at depositions, the corrupt cops and McManus had failed to put the men behind bars – they were not the drug running, gun toting criminals McManus had worked very hard to portray.

This did not deter McManus, however, her malice was not confined to the collapse of the business’s in 1988. Her anger at being exposed for what she really was, a charlatan and vicious peddler of gossip, unleashed a wrath that continued for decades.

The men caught in the police conspiracy,were also angry, having lost absolutely everything. This anger however was to find new focus – they were determined to seek out corruption, cover-ups and injury being inflicted on others. The Police malevolence had unwittingly given birth to an unforeseen beast, a creature that was soon to become the nemesis of bent cops and bureacrats, one which would haunt corruption in any form and any attempt by Police at whitewashing serious offending for years to come.

McManus had continued her biased media relationship with the men, at every opportunity, abusing her power as a journalist to continue the vilification she had started on 5th September 1988. Even when she and Berryman left the NBR and founded the Independent, their own publication, the malevolence continued unabated. Much like a virus it also spread to any impressionable like minded self serving  journalist working with her.

fiona rotherham

Fiona Rotherham

One such journalist was Fiona Rotherham, she had certainly contracted the McManus virus. Both she and McManus wrote copious news copy designed to vilify and harm the men and the various causes they were fighting for.

McManus had become so blinded by her own hate  that she could no longer see the harm she was inflicting on other innocent people, not just her targets, individuals who were themselves often the victims of  bureaucratic malfeasance, incompetence or Police corruption – these victims were the heart of the various justice crusades.

McManus’s retribution was to continue until 2009 when an article penned by Fiona Rotherham became the straw that broke the Camels back –  enough was enough it was time to put the malicious Ms McManus and her rabid attack dog, Rotherham, back in their cages.

The pair had had it so good for so long that they had unwisely seen themselves as untouchable. Their apparent immunity however owed more to the men’s thick skins than the the pairs journalistic skill or the power of Fairfax, the institution they had always hidden behind. The men’s patience had come to an end, it was now obvious that her poisonous vitriol needed to be silenced.

If you are in New Zealand Jenni McManus, Fairfax Media and her mates at Television New Zealand have had the tape on you tube blocked and have uploaded copious material attempting to stop the story getting out, so much for freedom of the internet – Try the Daily Motion video link below:

Feel free to let Fairfax know what you think of their attempts to conceal the truth:

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