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The independent Police Conduct Authority is again in the limelight with its report on the Watson case. The New Zealand Herald articles and the public comments, with the exception of a very small percentage, say it all. New Zealander’s no longer have faith in the Police. This situation is a political headache for the politicians and more importantly for the high percentage of very corrupt civil servants.

This alone was behind the decision the New Zealand Government took to create the IPCA. It was never about investigating police practices, misbehaviour or revisiting old injustices. The IPCA like its predecessor is there purely to mitigate the potential for any damage to institutions it serves to protect – that was never intended to be the New Zealand public, the victims of Police corruption, malfeasance and or incompetence.

The Watson case is a clear travesty, an injustice, one among so many, that the police and Crown Law have a vested interest in totally burying – with the aid of the IPCA.

The IPCA were recently given irrefutable taped evidence of Police corruption, no need to investigate it. It was simply a matter of the IPCA Investigator taking the time to compare the contents of a police report which purported to detail an interview with the content of a covertly obtained sound recording of  that same interview.

The tape clearly and irrefutably evidences that the Police Officer who conducted the interview, not aware that it had been taped, then wrote a report which was a total fabrication of what had transpired in the interview.

The IPCA declined to investigate the matter on the grounds that it was historic – The decision flies in the face of the Crimes Act which is not subject to limitation.

The IPCA’s action is clear evidence of their true agenda – To bury Police malfeasance, dishonestly, negligence and criminal behaviour.

Why is everyone so surprised – I have witnessed this behaviour by police, no amount of spin will ever convince me that the old dog has a set of new tricks, they are the same tricks and the same people, just a different name and address. The publics faith in the IPCA will soon fade, it has already started. The Government is running out of options other than to create an Independent Commission Against Corruption – staffed totally by experienced men and women recruited off shore.

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