The Gisborne Herald, Jeremy Muir and the old man the very corrupt Michael Muir.

Michael Muir, Owner of the Gisborne Herald

Police move to suppress Crime info, 29 july 2010

The real question not being answered in the media report below is who actually are the criminals? Well lets start with Michael Muir the owner of the Gisborne Herald, he is the ultimate media fraudster, with a record that any bent Murdoch editor would kill for. In the past he, his newspaper and his cadre of his local “journalists” went out of their way to collaborate with systemically corrupt psychotic police officers, inveigling other unsuspecting journalists in the process – then leaving them with nowhere to turn, blackmailing them into joining the action.

This blog, excerpts of a book in the writing, is dedicated to just one of those, doubtless, innumerable stories. Muir’s journalist Marianne Spence (now Gillingham) conspired with corrupt police officers including the then Senior Sergeant Alan Davidson and Detective Malcolm Thomas to destroy a local business and their many failed attempts to have the owners falsely convicted on a raft of spurious criminal charges.

This seriously corrupt Senior Sergeant was very much a part of the action in the late 1980’s, utilising the media for his own nefarious purposes. Now a local body Councilman Davidson is naturally enough upset at the change in policy by senior police:

A systemically corrupt Senior Sergeant Alan Davidson, now on the Gisborne Council – obviously concerned that Gisborne’s bent cops now have no where to go to vilify the victims they frame!

But Gisborne district councillor and former policeman Alan Davidson said any interruption to the flow of information from police to residents would be unhealthy – [Unhealthy for who Councillor Davidson?]

He said certain information should be withheld for operational matters if releasing it endangered the public or jeopardised an investigation, but to do so to protect residents from bad news was not reasonable. He believed knowing what crime occurred in the neighbourhood encouraged people to take precautions to stay safe.

The local bent cops, including Sergeant Laurie Naden, recruited Spence, aware of her willingness to assist and the power of the media.  Sergeant Laurie Naden again used this police technique years later, defaming his victim (the ex-husband of his daughter; Scott Hales) in a malicious vengeful conspiracy designed to have the man removed from the country.

Laurie Naden’s Daughter Wendy conspired with her Daddy to defame her ex partner Scott Hales using Jenni McManus’s Friends at TVNZ’s program CLOSE UP

On that occasion the huge backlash went as high as the Government with the then head of Immigration Mary Anne Thompson howling like a banshee in the media – prior to checking her facts. Of course facts had never held that much importance for Mary Anne. We can recall that she to was to come spectacularly unstuck when arrested, charged, pleading guilty and convicted of corruption in 2009 – 2010:

“Thompson, 54,  had previously pleaded not guilty to three counts of using a document for pecuniary advantage after claiming she held a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) – credentials she used when applying for New Zealand public service jobs in 1989, 1998 and 2004.”

Naden himself was no stranger to the dark art of corruption, having been charged along with five or six other cops, including; Detectives Malcolm John Thomas, Hemi Hikawai and Dave Neilson with the abduction and torture of Rastafarian Dickie Maxwell. All it was alleged (and confirmed listening to various audio tapes of conversations the brothers had with various parties including Detective Malcolm John Thomas) with the aim of obtaining a confession using barbed wire, a hessian sack and a shotgun dragged a naked Maxwell around a paddock on the tow bar of a police vehicle. (incidentally the Gisborne Herald and Rodger Handford in their reporting concealed the facts of the case)

In the past the Gisborne Herald had a bad habit of printing information in contempt of court with malicious intent. Muir, himself, has paid out thousands to lawyers to maintain his right to do so:  [Gisborne Herald Co Ltd v Solicitor-General [1995] 3 NZLR 563, 569 CA].

Muir and his journalists have always shown a serious disregard for the rule of law, due process, human rights and an utter contempt for journalistic integrity.

Daddies little toadeater, Jeremy Muir – like father like son – a very dark comedy duo

The Gisborne Herald have also placed innocent fellow journalists in professional and financial peril, with their concerted efforts to pervert the course of justice. In the tape below National Business Review journalist Jenni McManus is seriously defaming men she had never met or even spoken to, so as to get their side of the story. McManus had been falsely led to believe that the family were organised criminals, drug runners and stand over men.

McManus had been led to believe this by none other than Marianne Spence a journalist employed by the Gisborne Herald. The Information Spence had given McManus, with the exception of the names of the corrupt police officers and union organiser Paul Martens, she was to contact, was all false. In 1988 this false information constituted criminal defamation, a serious offence. So what has changed; we suspect absolutely nothing, after all the journalist responsible is still employed by the Gisborne Herald!

The TVNZ Report below details police commanders moving to control police media contact in Gisborne three weeks after laudafinem published the tapes below, coincidence or not – we know that everyone is a lot safer with this policy, but having said that it only need apply to towns like Gisborne.

Scott Hales, another victim of police malfeasance utilising the media

To quote the Police media relations manager Jon Neilson: “the move is not part of any directive issued by National Headquarters, but is a management matter at a district level”.

Mr Aperama, the District Commander, has obviously foreseen a serious problem with “managing” the “so called” journalists at the Gisborne Herald. But, then again, it may have been a simple matter of 20/20 vision in hindsight!

The same corrupt police referred to in this blog seemed to obtain a perverse delight in collecting the defamatory news publications as trophies.

If you are in New Zealand you will not be able to listen to the tapes, they have been blocked by McManus; her mates and YouTube partner TVNZ simply go to: (click on tape one first and the tape two)

McManus Tape I – McManus names Spence

The following report was aired on TVNZ:


The decision was also reported in the print media and on line blogs:

Gisborne police stand firm on keeping some crime quiet.

“Gisborne Area Commander Inspector Sam Aberahama said police had stopped supplying the lists to other New Zealand newspapers several years ago. The Gisborne Herald was one of the last newspapers in the country to receive the list.

Click here to Read the entire article………..

Gisborne Police venerate George Orwell

“I am informed the original story didn’t cover the salient fact of exactly what change the Police have made. They are still releasing news to the media, they just no longer have a journalist attend their daily staff briefing – a practice that was unique to Gisborne. While I still think the comments of the Inspector are stupid and deserve clobbering, I do think it is reasonable to not have media present at staff meetings”.

Click here to read the entire blog post………

Police move to suppress Crime info, 29 July 2010

“Journalists in Gisborne will no doubt make every effort to overcome this unnecessary police impediment and the media and community can work together to ensure their fellow residents know what is going on, where and how often.

“Neither the media nor the community ought to have to go to that extra effort because it suits the police to shut down debate.”

Click here to see transcript………..

Click here…… to read all about the very very corrupt relationship between Gisborne media and their local bent cops!

McManus Tape II – Spence’s denial

Note: Marianne Spence has since married and now goes by the name of Marianne Gillingham.

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