Phil Kitchin, News Corp acolyte, media whore, Fairfax hack and wanker

Update 19/01/2012: Fairfax, New Zealand, bad apples and the race to the bottom of the barrel.

Phil Kitchin likes the term investigative journalist and models himself on the likes of Warren Berryman, (may God rest his soul…although we seriously doubt it). Like Berryman most of his career has been dedicated to writing dribble and filth about individuals that normally turns to custard with not a tittle of evidence to support it. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of incompetent, corrupt, low rent editorial staff and the Murdoch owned New Zealand News papers, such as the Dominion Post. The “Dom” as it’s known, is a grotesque transmogrification of two failing papers in a slowly failing company.

Fairfax is slowly bleeding to death as it’s stranglehold on the Australasian advertising dollar has been slowly eroded by the internet, bloggers and its failure to accurately report facts and the truth.

Its cash cows have lost their ability to be milked and are just a heard of bloated old heifers feeding off the grass of cash reserves, its journo’s and editors a bunch of journalistic cowboys riding on their backs. Fairfax panicked and paid through the nose for a quick fix in the NZ web site “Trade me”.

The shit is slowly hitting the fan, the chicken’s are coming home to roost, the fat lady is warming up in the wings, as Fairfax confirm their incompetence by trying to flog off 35% of that lemon, a bitter taste in the mouth and an empty bank account is probably the net result of $ 600 plus million investment. As Sam Morgan said “Goodbye boys”

The trouble is that the New Zealand Media has been directed and owned by companies with historic ownership links to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire News Corp, recently caught up in serious criminal conduct that inveigled the corrupt members of the Queens own Metropolitan Police. Their corruption going all the way to the British prime minister’s office and resulting in the top policemen in London resigning.

Winston Peters was adamant: “I’m not talking to a lying wanker like you Kitchin!”

Kitchin has been responsible for slagging off Ministers of the Crown, MP’s, he’s had his hooks in to the Honourable Winston Peters and made outlandish accusations resulting in a big fat nothing. Peters view on Kitchin is that he’s is a lying wanker.

His employers, Fairfax, on the advice of Izard Western even buried an article that Kitchin had written on the conduct of Solicitor General David Collins in 2008, Kitchin all the while maintaining the pretense that he had nothing to do with the decision:

What was it the DomPost’s lawyers would not let Mr Kitchin report?  Mr Kitchin refused comment other than to say editorial changes to articles are part of the normal process any reporter must endure.  Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence suggests the original report dealt more with the specifics of Mr Collins’ declaration to the High Court and the implausibility of a rational explanation for the alleged deception.  

There seems to be a distinct lack of “without fear or favour in Fairfax and Izard Westerns behaviour in their decision not to expose Collins over his interference and public criticisms of Justice Lester Chisholm . Collins was of course also notorious for publicly criticizing the same judge in the Gwaze murder trial, then outrageously ordering a second trial (double jeopardy); more a case of favour without fear, or was it simply just another case of, yes you guessed it, Phil Kitchin having got it wrong or simply not having the balls to print the whole truth!

As a notable  British comedian recently commented , the media are no longer interested in printing the truth, just what ever will sell; as long as its not actionable.

That sums up Phil Kitchin’s work to a tee, although he and his mates at Fairfax often get the actionable part very wrong or is it their legal advisers at Izard Western. We have a letter that would seem to point the finger at the Lawyers…….it’s hilarious; but only if you aren’t dependent on Izard Western’s protection……. more about that in another post

Fingers Rotherham, another of the hacks in Fairfax New Zealand’s stable of Donkeys

Whilst we have to agree, Kitchin promoted the Louise Nicohlas rape allegations against senior police officers who were found Not Guilty.  To be fair two of the coppers were already serving time in the big house for rape. He has made numerous allegations against a number of New Zealand businessmen about criminal offending, debts, all lies. When people become aware of his false allegations he hides behind the likes of low rent lying low flying lawyers Izard Western. A natural, some would say freaky, relationship with the ‘cowboys at Western’.

Izard and Western were caught misleading and lying to District Court Judge Kerr in the McKinney v Hillcrest Marketing proceedings in the District Court at Auckland. No problem attempting to defeat the course of justice for these boys.

(Click here and here, for copies of letters confirming their conduct). That firm should be struck off and prosecuted. Not in New Zealand, however, not so long as they own the men inside Fairfax Media. There is a lot of back scratching arse covering in Godzone……Although having said that, we’ve got some bad news for the cowboys at Fairfax, God has left the building and the Internet is here!

Rob Stewart, Izard Western

To try and add some balance to this story….ah reah right, get real people, neither Phil Kitchin nor the other clowns at Fairfax New Zealand would respect us if we did.

But on the pretext of adding some balance to this story, Phil is an award winning liar in the low rent, sycophantic, self serving New Zealand media Industry awards. An event which is one big Tui’s  advert; Phil Kitchin’s been voted number one….yeah right ! We far prefer Winston’s accolade: Phil Kitchin’s a wanker.

As for Fairfax’s Lawyers Izard Western, we have obtained a copy of a recent letter demanding the sources Kitchen relied on for a highly defamatory article he had penned as a staffer for the Dominion Post. Rob Stewart, knowing the facts and allegations presented by Kitchen in his piece to have been wholly false and supplied by bent cops, decided that his clients did not want to talk about who had provided the false information or why Kitchen and the publisher had knowingly ignored court records, evidencing the fact that the information supplied and other content in Kitchens article were wholly false, Rob Stewart writes:

“ None of Fairfax, the Dominion Post, or Mr. Kitchin intend entering into a debate over the evidential basis for the historic articles” .

Importantly there was no evidential basis with which Kitchin could argue, let alone debate what he had written and he knew it. It appears that Rob was relying on the fact that the New Zealand statute of limitations, as it applies to defamation, had expired so Phil was safe. Rob was also apparently relying on the fact that he had been told that Fairfax had no hand in the ongoing republication of the articles internationally and were beyond reach – which unfortunately is not the case, a point that the clowns at should take on board.

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  • Janet says:

    Brilliant article! I never thought I would agree with Winston Peters but Phil Kitchen is most definitely a wanker!! Keep up the good work Lauda.
    Janet B.

  • It interests me that the post attacks a journalist who investigates corrupt practices and draws a defensive line against transparency. A very sick post.

    • Hi Jane,

      please feel free to enlighten us as to your personal experience of Phil Kitchen? When we put questions to Mr Kitchen via his publisher Fairfax and their Solicitors (Izard Western) over an article he had penned glorifying bent Cops such as the now disgraced “corrupt” Detective Malcolm john Thomas and one Detective Hemi Hikawai, in Gisborne, New Zealand, Mr Kitchin was unable to come up with an explanation for the false material he’d used supplied by those same cops (which had cost his employer a vast sum in a defamation settlement), more importantly he stated via both channels:

      “None of Fairfax, the Dominion Post, or Mr. Kitchin intend entering into a debate over the evidential basis for the historic articles”

      Perhaps that earlier experience of bent police officers may have lead to Mr Kitchin’s much later “Mia Culpa”, believing later victims of New Zealand Police corruption such as “Louise Nicohlas

      We’ll also be doing a little piece on the corruption in and around the Gwaze case and yet another that Phil Kitchin and his masters lost their bottle on. We think that you may be having a little difficulty distinguishing shit from clay Jane

      Kind Regards

      • We haven’t heard from you yet Jane? Whats happening honey? Give us a whistle up when you’re ready to tell the intriguing story of just how it is Phil Kitchin “draws a defensive line against transparency” you illiterate bitch”

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