ACCForum; Corruptio optimi pessima – accforum “Bill Birch” and “not their victim, a jigsaw piece:

Today we revisited the website where we first located the bent and violent ex-cop James Kenneth Cunningham’s new contact details. It’s the most bizarre of site’s, all sorts of threatening behaviour and promised retaliation, its members are good at spreading a false sense of conspiratorial rebellion, but to what purpose?

One of the most inconsistent forums on the web. The site and its members do not seem to be achieving anything really, except upsetting each other. Anyway we found the posts of one of our own readers who appeared to be struggling with his fellow members; numbered amongst them were a few “so called victims” who seemed to be constructively apposing the evidence presented in our own blog posts.

After reviewing our site statistics and’s apparent opposition to the idea that James Kenneth Cunningham was who we had proven him to be. We looked at one or two of the so called “Advanced members of the ACCforum and found that, despite the fact that virtually no one from that site had taken the opportunity of viewing the tape recordings and or other evidence we had posted on Lauda Finem@wordpress and or our YouTube channel, these members had reached some pretty far fetched conclusions.

We then did some research on the history of this site and so decided to investigate further. It would appear that the site is not what it seems. We therefore decided to post an excerpt from our report so as to incite and extract a little more information:

Subsequent to isolating James Kenneth Cunningham, on an obscure tailor-made online forum, we here at Lauda finem have been running a few covert tests on the site and its so called “advanced” members;www.accforum. org
The results of those tests lead us to believe that is nothing more than a front, a ruse, designed and marketed so as to identify and isolate radicalism and the individuals responsible (proponents of freedom and fairness in our respective democracies) especially amongst the corporations clients. the results of our comprehensive report will be published soon.It is our belief that the creators of that and webmasters of that site may well be providing its on master, ACC, with ISP addresses and the identities of its members, the very people that the the Accident Compensation Corporation will later dis-entitle. Chronologically, if this has been your experience we would love to hear from you – just leave a comment on any of the postsWhat we have found and analysed will prove to be quite extraordinary! Including the online marketing of the likes of police pervert turned Psychologist James Kenneth Cunningham. 

The lure  worked;  one member “Bill Birch” posted something that was strange, anywayBill Birch” and his posts will feature later when we have nothing better to write about of course including screen grabs of the posts and their timing,  put up within seconds of the above excerpt. it would seem that Bill had better things to do a few hours ago and yet here he was yet again online within seconds knocking the evidence.

Anyway none of this is of any real importance to us here in Australia we have bent cops and perverted psychologists to catch, so if you’ll excuse us we’ll leave you to stew in your own juices and let you all do what New Zealander’s on do best; absolutely nothing!  lol.

However, for our more serious readers; we have concluded that or at least some of their influencial members, are corrupt and strong links to New Zealands Accident Compensation Corporation  (Up dated: which was later evidenced) or the site is run by complete idiots, one or the other – when was the last time you saw a genuine victim writing posts such as those posted by “Bill Birch”. Then of course there’s “Tomcat” (his comment below), the founder; who now purports to be retired, with absolutely no interest in the site, yet managed to be online; putting his two cents worth in,  within minutes of our ruse being posted. Obviously neither have heard of critical thinking, let alone possess the ability to use it.

The bullying language used on the site is also quite extraordinary. So, in short we would advise you to think twice about participating in this forum if you’re a genuine claimant within New Zealand’s very strange compensation system.

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  • (with held )attention web master says:

    Wow what a response, I don’t have to say it but I will. “Tomcat” is hardly a “tom” more a pussy. ACC forum is full of neutered nobodies living off the hard work and endeavour of the average Kiwi.
    Aussies won’t appreciate it but all hardworking kiwi’s felt good when the ACC premiums fell this year, for the first time because of ACC “hitmen” like James ” Baton Boy” Cunningham. He may be a sexual predator and violent psychotic ex cop, but to be fair to the man he is hitting these bludgers where it hurts and keeping more of working kiwi’s money where it belongs in the peoples pockets that grafted for it.

    Viva James “Baton Boy” Cunningham. That being said there are genuine “non acc” people that need help and they should be protected from people like Mr Cunningham. PS Lauda finem the gold coast is full of crooked Kiwi acc claimants trying to dodge private ACC investigators…that might be a good story.

  • BOO HOO…

    ACCFORUM is not run by ACC or funded…
    that is fantasy…
    I am no longer involved with the admin of the site,
    and happily so… BUT
    get your facts straight… and go “self fornicate” elsewhere. (email address previously published online at

  • ”’However readers, on a more serious note; we do believe that is funded by New Zealands Accident compensation corporation “””

    Far out!!!… What a load of fantasized crap…
    As the original, instigator/funder of the ACCFORUM…
    I can assure all that no way while I was an admin,
    was the above possible… (wont say that now tho)

    This has made my day… best laugh in a long time… (email address available online at

  • (with held )attention web master says:

    Hi guys, I have been reading the crap on ACC forum. I have to say I don’t understand what the issues are with the ACC forum members Bill Birch and not their victim. They appear on the face of it to be trying to protect the ACC or cast doubt on the identity of Mr Cunningham. It begs the question…..why? I’m starting to agree with you people it seems to me the best way to politically castrate a site like ACC forum is to fill it with “agents provocateur”. Either that or they are just not that bright and really need to be off that site and working in paid employment instead of bludging off the tax payers and motorists of New Zealand. I have to say it’s not a good look for acc claimants. As far as I see it the Nats are doing a good job if it is them. The truth will come out as, Cunningham’s silence is telling. Any real Acc claimants on that site will not go near him.

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