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Dr Greg Finucane, Psychiatrist – Monarch Psychology

This is absolutely hilarious, the administrator at the only one with administrative access to the site, has altered the content of brionia’s posts.  These are the posts in question as currently displayed (many of you will no doubt recognise the difference):

Couldn’t agree more Bill. Knowing what James Cunningham at Monarch looks like and having seen the article about James Cunningham the ex policeman I can 

categorically confirm that they are NOT the same person. They don’t look remotely similar, their builds atr entirelyndifferent, their ages are different, etc.

Kiwioncoast is wrong and doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Further I understand that James Cunningham is a very fine Neuro psychologist with an excellent reputation. The rest of his colleagues at Monarch are highly respected and professional.

Kiwioncoast has no credibility and his/her mad rantings should be ignored, and they would be wise to delete their post. 

Unfortunately for brionia and Keentohelp we have screen grabs of the same unedited posts in which she claimed to know Cunningham personally. brionia in the same unedited version claims that Monarch’s James Kenneth Cunningham is apparently aged mid 40’s, with a full head of hair and possessing the physique of any one of a handfull of the the front row in the New Zealand all-blacks team. This same Brionia then screeching that Cunningham could not possibly be the man in the photographs on our site. Of course brionia had not realised that our photo was 23 years old.

We were tipped off as to the likelyhood that this creative editing could happen; by this little complaint posted on by a member Bart on 27th August 2010:

Earlier this month I posted a comment on ACC forum, commenting on a recent decision posted by “Tomcat”: Langhorne V ACC. Mysteriously, 3 weeks later my posting has vanished from the forum ! 
My posting was a comment, acknowledging the facts as recorded by the Judge, on the actions of Mr Mike Mercier, legal Manager for ACC and a lawyer, and certain offences in the Crimes Act. 
I did have in the back of my mind writing to Jan White, CEO of ACC protesting about Mr Mercier continuing his current role within ACC, given the evidence of “subversion of the course of justice” by Mr Mercier as outlined in the Judges decision – but I have been far too busy with my own affairs of late. 

Issue: Has the admin of ACCforum now become a toady of the legal scam being carried out by ACC ? 

Unfortunately for brionia our screen grabs of the original post confirms that Brionia claimed to know James Kenneth Cunningham personally, of course she didn’t and when outed with our reader kiwioncoast’s post:

open letter to monarch and also brought to the attention of ACC Forum member Bill “baton boy lover” Birch. Hey Bill ring up Monarch and ask them to deny that James Kenneth Cunningham is not the psycho now psychologist working at Monarch. Apparently footage of cunningham has already been taken along with his wife wendy and their child William and he loos exactly the same excepting older and balding. But apparently the resemblance is unmistakeable. According to your mate Brionia who allegedly knew him he was well muscled and in his 40’s LOL. Good try guys but it aib’t going to stop the truth coming out. 


brionia and keentohelp panicked and then altered brionia’s original post, her bullshit discription of Cunningham and claimed personal knowledge of the man. They then set about trying to coverup their work  with this post:

“Kiwioncoast, I never claimed to know James Cunningham – I merely said I had “met” him in passing, whilst seeing another specialist at Monarch. Saying “hello” to someone in the corridor hardly constitutes knowing someone. Further I said I personally could not see any physical similarity between the picture of your policeman and the James Cunningham at Monarch. 

Further I fail to see how your accusations against a “Jimmy” Cunningham and his activities about 30 years ago has anything to do with Dr Finucane! 

My understanding is Dr Finucane works full time for the Auckland District Health Board. He does not work for Monarch Psychology. I understand Dr Finucane merely consults at Monarch on occasion. Thus, Dr Finucane would have no responsibility for the management of Monarch Psychology, let alone the hiring/firing of James Cunningham, or any other independent consultants who work there, as it’s simply not his job nor business like you seem to suggest. 

I suggest you and your mates get facts straight before implicating Dr Finucane in your ranting. Dr Finucane is one of the most respected, profesisonal and highly ethical medical specialist I know. If you had any personal knowledge of Dr Finucane – you would have nothing other than the utmost respect for him. Clearly you have no personal knowledge of him”

They didn’t do a particularly good job really, they left one other unaltered post behind and that chronology is additional evidence of what we here in Australia call corruption:

According to your mate Brionia who allegedly knew him he was well muscled and in his 40’s LOL.Good try guys but it ain’t going to stop the truth coming out.) 

When you brionia, Keentohelp resort to this sort of bullshit its called corruption, in case no one else on your forum recognised it! It’s small time and we haven’t really the resources to spend on this currently; we’ll put it up with the whole story (images included), when things slow down a little. Utter clowns both of you.

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