Corrupt CIB and uniformed police officers, Gisborne 1988 – 1990

Just who was it that chief Inspector Whiro Ratahi called corrupt (audio below)? Were they the same men responsible for investigating Detective James Kenneth Cunningham’s offences? Why would it have been in their interests to see Cunningham safely escape to South Africa?

District Commanders:

Mervyn Edward Derecourt

Norm Cook

Rana Waitai


Detective James Kenneth Cunningham

Detective Malcolm John Thomas

Detective Dave Neilson

Detective Wallace

Detective Hemi Hikawai

Detective Stanley Matthew Willcox

Detective Senior Sergeant Gary Condon

Detective Senior Sergeant Laurie Naden

Detective Senior Sergeant Steven John Shortland

Uniformed Associates:

Senior Sergeant Alan Geoffrey Davidson

Senior Sergeant Chester Haar

Senior Sergeant Roger Crawford

Chief Inspector Norman Cook

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