ACCforum & the case of the pot calling the kettle black

Alan Thomas and the Takapuna Bomb Plot – If you’re out there Mr Thomas get in touch we’d like to hear your side of the story

Kenneth Miller administrator of the ACC owned website has now clearly shown his colours by not only removing the evidence against  sexual predator James Kenneth Cunningham [psychologist at Monarch Psychology 176 Greenlane West Greenlane Auckland], being links to this site, but has shut down the members access to ACCforum that brought the links to the attention of the ACC owned and run site.

There’s more to this hilarious insanity; Kenneth Miller has gone totally berserk and named this bloke, a local justice campaigner by the name of Dermot Nottingham (spelling correct, identified with his permission) as being the person that brought psycho cop Cunninghams past to the attention of the ACC run site.  Keen to further evidence that this man was not involved we Skype’d the accforum member in question – Kiwioncoast (his account now deleted, who is actually a 28 year old male from the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand).

This rapist supporting site www.  allegedly connected the two men with some very sloppy investigative work, although we wouldn’t call it that. They arrived at their conclusion, following one google search, simply because our blogs name Lauadafinem also happens to be, get this, the latin motto of a school in the United Kingdom that co-incidentally shares this blokes surname.

Of real concern to us however is this; even if Nottingham had been using the moniker Kiwioncoast,  why attack him over bringing attention to the core issue?  Seems very strange to all of us!

Millers decision to post this blokes name was incredibly stupid.  His further decision to post the mans business association with the largest real-estate company in the world (with assets in the many billions) was nothing short of a masochistic idiocy – not at all bright Mr. Miller, how much risk assessment went into that, shoot from the hip, decision. even posted this bloke Nottingham’s mobile phone number .

We of course could not resist calling the number supplied for Nottingham’s mobile (unfortunately, being a Sunday it was early and we had to raise him from a sound sleep). We then brought his attention to the most recent post and gave him Kenneth Miller’s contact details – we suspect you Mr Miller might be hearing from his solicitors very soon.

Nottingham appeared very appreciative of our help; he had not been able to contact the administrator previously and wanted us to supply all of the posts (screen saves that we had grabbed) to his lawyer along with an affidavit.

We will be complying with this request on Monday as we have a guy on the ground in Auckland (he’s also heading up North on Monday).

Nottingham stated that he was not surprised at all that the site was run by the likes of Miller (we had of course described Miller’s background, inclusive of Miller’s apparent involvement as a key witness in the Takapuna bomb plot court proceedings).

Mr. Nottingham who has, apparently, just put Fairfax Media (NZ) to bed for defamation, resulting in a substantial payout, wanted to know what assets Miller had and we indicated that since our guy was heading up north in search of Miller we would report back.  Nottingham stated:

I’ll enjoy taking this arse-hole Miller to task, he’ll have to prove these and past ludicrous and defamatory statements, material he’s been responsible for on that site of his, the bastard hides behind an on-line identity, he’s harmed a lot of professionals it’s not just me!

He very kindly offered to contribute to the costs of our research.  We of course turned that offer down, as our interest in the story can not to be influenced by a monetary payment from Nottingham.  However, we will be more than happy to supply Mr. Nottingham with any additional information we obtain on Miller.

We here at Lauda Finem find it rather strange that ACCForum and Ken Miller, in trying to prevent the truth about the sexual miscreant and violent bent ex cop, now Psychologist James “baton boy” (Kenneth) Cunningham coming out, have named, what appears to be a well known New Zealand justice campaigner as the Whistleblower.

We started researching Nottingham and found some additional posts that are on ACCForum these to are also clearly defamatory. We’ve grabbed those as well; additionally grabbing defamatory posts against various other, obviously, well heeled assessors.  Perhaps Cunningham can sue Miller for Kiwicoasts posts as well – Although we think not!

Nottingham agreed with us that he should contact the other aggrieved assessors and give them Millers details and suggest that they join an effective “class action” against Miller.  Nottingham seemed to be right on to it saying:

Now with this information it’ll give us all a good crack at a class action. We’ll be able to obtain the details of the other contributors to the site through emails and other correspondence; the internet offers up so much more information than people think it does.

Thank you Mr Miller for getting it so wrong yet again and we at Lauda Finem could not be more pleased. It would appear that you will get your just deserts. We abhor people like Miller. Slime that discriminate against homosexuals, whilst supporting violent sexual predators.

You Mr Miller are infinitely worse than the bent ex cop James Kenneth Cunningham.   Here in Australia vilifying people based on their sexuality is a criminal offense, punishable with a term of imprisonment; obviously in New Zealand it is not.  We do, however  believe that a complaint can be made to the New Zealand Human Rights Commission which we will also be doing.

We also intend taking the screen grabs and doing a major story on how “old maori miller” of Northland, New Zealand hates gays; openly vilifying them on a site owned by ACC.  Your attitude explains your nom de guerre “tomcat”. That story will not be on this site, Miller, it will be syndicated to every English language gay site on the net.

We’ll keep all of the other members of ACCforum and ACCFocus up to speed with our investigations into, Kenneth Miller, his assets, Nottingham et al and their fast approaching defamation case against Miller and we’ve also supplied Mr Nottingham with some very interesting common law cases on the issue of jurisdiction

Finem Lauda Folks

The Team @ Lauda Finem.

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