Stop press: ACC Claimants confidential files released without their knowledge or permission

Lauda Finem has this morning been inundated with complaints from Accident Compensation ERC recipients. They are not however complaining about our work. It appears that someone in New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation has been distributing documents from their files, personal highly sensitive and confidential information, to a totally unrelated Government entity.

That highly sensitive claims information, subject to privacy laws, has been released without the clients knowledge. At this stage we are taking names and contact details.

Our regular readers will be aware that Lauda Finem started a covert investigation into the web forum and the Alan Thomas Takapuna bomb plot. As a result of that investigation Lauda Finem has received information from a number of whistle-blowers outing serious criminal offending.

Later today we will be publishing the first in a series of investigative pieces that expose large scale systemic frauds, perpetrated right under the noses of the Accident Compensation Corporation’s head bozo’s. Senior executives such as Janet Tinson, New Plymouth’s manager and the corporations own fraud investigators.

If you have suddenly been made aware that your personal records have become public knowledge then we would definitely like to hear from you, just leave a comment in the box below and we will get back to you (it automatically provides us with your email address, should you want your comment published be sure to note that also). Comments are not automatically published so your identity will not be known to anyone but us.

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  • Philip Bonner says:

    [Please feel free to publish this comment]
    Hi there

    I have just been made aware of Mr Manch requesting and receiving a “dossier” of information about me and my claim. I never gave permission to supply that information to Mr Manch. Can you please inquire from the Corporation and Mr Manch as to how this disclosure was lawful. For Christs sake what has ACC got to do with real estate. I am livid that a man that is apparently guilty of illegally destroying documents can be at the same sort of illegal activity. I have been made aware that Mr Manch is to work for Maritime New Zealand which will investigate matters like the grounding and resultant disastrous oil spill of Tauranga. I am going to complain to my local MP about this characters antics and the antics of ACC.

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