ACC – a case of guest houses, maids and room service

ACC fraudster Colleen Limmer; St Bede’s College Christchurch, we sincerely hope you’ll show some compassion on this criminal robbing scumbags deceased defacto’s son Peter (not real name) who is on scholarship, because we won’t be giving his robbing step-mother an ounce of it!

Coming soon (2012) colleen’s story…..we like to keep people waiting, especially those who covet the intense heat that ‘limelight’ produces…… we ourselves have patiently waited three decades!

Struck by Christchurch’s devastating earth quake, with her deceased defacto’s son at St Bede’s  then the other side of the story, how she seriously defrauded, for tens of thousands of dollars , not only the Accident Compensation Corporation of New Zealand but also her employer Resene Paints

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