Open letter to New Zealand’s real estate agents

Dear Real Estate Agents

Lauda Finem is an anti corruption watch-dog site that operates on Australian soil.  We operate to enable those subject to corruption, or aware of this insidious disease (whistle-blowers) to report any alleged incidents to us so that we can investigate and publicize these perversions of our common democratic systems and “out” those responsible.  Australia, unlike New Zealand has a variety of safe guards, such as ICAC, with very real powers that act as effective deterrents: official bodies that any man or his dog can go to to report corrupt behaviour within the Government.

New Zealand, however, has no such protections and it would appear that after scandals over the years involving, members of Parliament, Ministers of the Crown and the civil service, corruption remains endemic in New Zealand. The subject of our reports this time involve New Zealand’s real estate industry.  Most New Zealander’s would doubtless have been sold on the need for the new Act in 2008 as a measure to prevent fraud within an industry with a reputation not un-like the used car business.

This, we presume, was the reason for the bill passing into law. Well ladies and gentlemen of the Real Estate industry we’re here to tell you that it ain’t worked .

There will be many reports on Lauda Finem over the next twelve months that will detail specific counts of corruption involving frauds that amount to over one billion dollars.  Those frauds were committed under the nose of the regulatory bodies responsible for policing the behavior of real estate agents.  Meanwhile, as you are all doubtless aware, the cost of paying for the Policing Body, the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) has gone from a few hundred dollars to nearly one thousand dollars a year for each and every agent that renews their registration and for what?   The Government’s demand for that fee is, in our opinion, yet another fraud perpetrated on the hard working men and women of New Zealand.

We can now inform you what the industry received from the temporary replacement executive registrar of the REAA Mr Keith “chop chop” Manch.  For a start “chop Chop” , as we’ve affectionately named him, was guilty in a previous life of shredding government paperwork, inculpatory documents of wrongdoing, when he was the second in command at the Department of Internal Affairs.

But that offending is small change when compared to what Mr Manch has been up to recently as a registrar at the REAA.  “Chop chop” has been shielding a criminal real estate agent by the name of Mr Martin Honey from prosecution. The offense? – running a fraudulent website in the name of a competing franchise that redirected potential customers inquiries to his own website and business in order that Mr Martin Honey make hundreds of thousands of dollars of, obviously, fraudulently obtained revenue.

When the victims of the fraud discovered “Ray Whites” criminal behaviour they made the mistake of reporting it to Keith “chop chop” Manch (naturally enough they were at the time totally unaware of “chop chops” proclivity for corrupt practice) .

We now believe that Manch then contacted the criminal Martin Honey and invited him to contact National list MP Jackie ‘the fixer” Blue, so as to enlist “the fixer’s” support in contacting  “chop chops” ex boss the Minister for Internal Affairs Mr Nathan Guy, one in the same man who signed the purchase orders for the aforementioned paper shredding equipment

Our conclusion is based on the following.  We don’t believe that Jackie is “thick” we do however believe she is “corrupt”.  Why in the world would Jackie Blue want to use he political position to interfere with due process and then contact Minister for Internal affairs Nathan Guy Mr Manche’s ex boss when Manch was instructed to destroy documents that made Nathan Guy look like a dog’s hind leg.

Whats in it for Manch we hear you ask? Well he’s coincidentally received some good new’s!  Mr Manch who started his civil service career as a police officer along with the likes of  John Dewar, Shipton and Schollum has suddenly and inexplicably received a promotion and soon enough he’s off to head up Martiime New Zealand, no doubt with a huge increase in his pay packet.

So you’ll now undoubtedly want to see the evidence we have obtained of the actual fraud by the scumbag real estate agent Mr Martin Honey, there are three videos, we suggest you view them all, if however your strapped for time just view the third and last, then we have a few suggested questions that each of you as agents should ask!

Note: The videos below were disabled by YouTube on  20 April 2012 after someone in power (we suspect via YouTube partner TVNZ) falsely alleged that what amounts to an evidential tape is “somehow” defamatory. It is of course not defamatory, the truth never is, but the video does evidence Mr Honey’s criminal offending and that must be embarrassing for Mr Honey and the REAA. After viewing this jpg sent in by a Kiwi reader:

Lauda Finem have also taken the extraordinary step of closing our YouTube account (in protest) and will be working over the weekend to have the video evidence up and running again, this time under the complete control of so that the likes of Martin Honey and his corrupt national party mates cant touch it………so pop back soon!

Tape I

Tape II

Tape III

Now that you have viewed all three video’s and can clearly see that;

In the third video Mrs Honey initially had no problem that her husbands contact details were on a  Re/max site (when she should have had a problem as he was a Ray White agent).

Mrs Honey also acknowledges, sight unseen, that the fraudulent Re/max website is misleading but denies that her husband would be involved in anything dishonest.  Now why would she go straight to dishonest, when she has not yet been given the url and seen the site.

In the third video she actually denies that it would be the case, admits that she  actually puts the material on the site, and then admits that she has the site up and    that it is actually a working site.

The defrauded agents involved wrote to Mr Honey asking for an explanation and apology. Honey’s reply was that the allegations were ludicrous, and that he was never going to apologize.  Honey also stated that the material that was seen was “ancient” cached material and would over time “disappear’.  In all fairness we should point out that at the time Martin Honey made the absurd claim that the site was a cache copy he was not aware that the site had been videoed in operation

Actually the material disappeared as soon as Honey told his web manager to take the operating site down.  Honey even wrote an email to Re/max head office saying that on Honeys instruction “the site had been taken down”.

Now Honey’s excuse for the fraud was that the site was ‘cached’ material, and Honey supplied explanations which actually established that he and his wife Steph “I cry when I get caught” Honey were lying toadies.  We are not saying that Honey is bright, he in fact appears to be two sandwiches short of a picnic.  We will upload his correspondence; thats when some real laughs are to be had.

The only persons that bought Honeys excuse were corrupto’s “chop chop” Keith Manch and the “the fixer” Jackie Blue.

But again, at the time “chop chop” and “the fixer” thought they could bury Honey’s offending they too were not aware of the video footage you have seen.

But importantly, when they became aware of the video evidence, they acted to completely ignore it even when a complaint to the REAA was initially upheld by a CAC. The CAC having made that determination without the benifit of the video evidence.  But we get ahead of ourselves.

As soon as Manch got involved the CAC complaint (by the victims) seemed to falter and was replaced by Honey using  Ms Blues direct access to a Minister, Nathan Guy, and then to “chop chop” Manch to enable a retaliatory complaint by Honey to be given to the same CAC.

Manch was in such a hurry he did not even bother to give Honeys complaint a reference number, nor did he bring it immediately to the attention of those that Honey had falsely accused.

Again, Manch, Blue and Honey still did not know about the existence of the video that you have just seen that proves Honey and his scumbag wife to be absolute crims.  Manch also placed the licence to be a salesman, one of the victims of Honeys fraud, on pending and got his senior staff to lie to that salesman about the reasons for their actions.

Those lies were perpetrated at “chop chops” instruction so as to allow the conspirators to get their ducks in line.  As it turns out an insider close to the action has turned against Manch and has supplied email’s and other communications that are going to blow this story wide open and prove that the REAA is nothing better than the previous “criminal haven” for car dealers, the MVDI.

In fact some of the crim’s from the MVDI have transplanted themselves in the REAA, and when their criminal offending was brought to Manch’s attention [with documentary proof], Keith ‘chop chop’ Manch stated that he was not going to “take the matter any further”.

Well keith you suck-hole, that choice has not been taken away from you, as it was never yours to make.

And as for your belief that the innocent victims of Martin Honey’s fraud run LAUDA FINEM, you really are a plod.  That is, to qoute  inspector Whiro Ratahi: “once a corrupt cop always a corrupt cop”

Now we must not over complicate the issues, so we will end this post here, but with the promise that if you think that the video is damning evidence against the crooked Honey and criminal Ray White franchise in Royal Oak Auckland New Zealand, and against the REAA, just wait till you see the content of the retaliatary complaint by Martin Honey.

Honey’s complaint is extraordinarily stupid (he failed to anticipate that he may have been taped), it was however good enough for Jackie “the fixer” Blue to go to work in her criminal attempts to distroy the victim’s business.

We will also be bringing you the involvement of Mr Sam Lotu Iiga, another National Party MP who had tried to warn Ms Blue that she had got it very wrong. Ms Blue however obviously thought that being a second term, UN-ELECTED,  list MP was her divine right! Unfortunately for Jackie Blue those beliefs disappeared with the last of the Romanov’s, Czar Nicholas II

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