ACCForum: Kenneth Miller & the McLaughlin Plot

As we have said in various other posts dealing with the behaviour of the ring leaders involved in the website there was a definite pattern of behaviour that had developed long before the conspiracy to accuse Alan Thomas had raised its head. There were three individuals in particular, key players in the stalk and defame game and each of them had their own subgroup of supporters. Two of these individuals had been actively accessing very senior contacts within the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The ACC individuals, all senior management, within the Corporation that courted Butler, Miller and Weals behaviour undoubtedly made a significant contribution to the havoc the trio and at least five other members of the online forum had been creating.

That havoc, undoubtedly encouraged by Accident Compensation Corporation management has resulted in very serious damages and the likelihood of a successful tort action being bought against the corporation and or its managers

It appears, on the evidence of an informant, that the most active forum members responsible for making false allegations and constructing defamatory material so as to damage their targets were, Alan Thomas, Kenneth Miller, Douglas Weal, Tony Lowe, Evonne Puru, Colleen Limmer, Christine Thomas, Angela McCutcheon and David Butler.

These relationships were in our view inappropriate and to that extent subsequently seriously dysfunctional in nature. Miller notably was already burdened with narcissistic personality disorder which had been a driving force behind his early involvement in the group, however with the attention that he had successfully sought and obtained from ACC employee’s his disorder had no doubt worsened.

We know as fact that Weal, Miller, Lowe and Butler between them regularly corresponded with Gerard McGreevy, McGreevy’s PA Alice McGlone, Mike Spraggon, Chris O’Flaherty, Paul Miller, Janet Tinson and Sandra McMurdo amongst others we have material evidencing that much.

Just why it was that the Accident Compensation Corporation had allowed itself to become involved with known fraudsters, liars and convicted felon’s is beyond us. Why was it that the Corporations staff saw fit to release privileged and confidential information in serious breach of the Privacy Act  to anyone of these individuals is also beyond us

We also know as fact that Weal was himself being investigated for fraud by Paragon Risk, that Miller had a significant criminal record for dishonesty offenses, including Burglary for which he had spent time in prison. We know that Evonne Puru had been convicted of defrauding ACC and solid evidence that Colleen Limmer was, whilst not sprung, also guilty of offences almost identical in nature to that of Evonne Puru as well as theft as a servant.

It’s interesting to note that Miller himself liked to identify and project his own impairment onto others, most notably those who he had for what ever reason chosen to attack. A perfect example of this is seen in his attack on an advocate based in Hastings, ultimately Miller was not alone in the plot to destroy Eric McLaughlin’s capacity to act as an ACC client advocate, other members of the forum joined in.

On the evidence its almost as if a pack mentality had developed amongst the forums members, especially those that became “committed” to the cause so to speak.

Miller, a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder, saw himself as far more competent and educated than he actually was, a schema that is glaringly obvious in any of the correspondence he is responsible for. His behaviour within the online sphere of the forum and the real world had become predatory and he very much liked to play the psychologist.

The letter below was written by Miller as part of a conspiracy to bring down the advocate Eric McLaughlin. Given the serious nature of the false allegations Miller and Weal had previously made, Weal by email to ACC and Fairfax’s journalist Tony Wall it is highly likely that the correspondence below also contains malicious falsehood and allegations.

It is important to note that at least one of the so called “Forum Members” that Miller names (John Huntley, aka Gaffa) alleging they had been affected by Mr McLaughlin was also involved in what we believe were also constructed false allegations against Alan Thomas in the Takapuna Bomb Plot. 

If Mr McLaughlin is out there and happens across this blog or if someone reading knows him we would very much appreciate hearing from you:

Antony Kenneth Paul Miller, aka Tomcat, Paul Kenneth Anthony, Milan Frank Antonievich, Robert Paul Kenneth Antony, Paul Kenneth Miller, Robert Paul Kenneth Miller, Milan Frank Ranaic, Milan Frank Ranak,

Kenneth Paul Robert Miller
Happy Valley Rd
RD 2 Okaihau
Northland 0455
ph.. 09-4018821


Eric McLaughlin contacted me via the ACCFORUM… To promote his Advocacy
service… “Para Legal Advocacy Support Services Trust./ Hawkes Bay.”
This the name he used… The Email is as bold / underlined above…
Or Vodafone.?

He stated that he was able to get funding, did not say from where… and that most
of his costs would be via DRSL, the courts, and ACC… AND… if there was any
extra costs, I would be expected to contribute…
At first it appeared he was Genuine. And did demonstrate with a few things re
winz issues… Myself and a few others agreed to have him deal with our ACC

And permissions given for him to acquire full files from ACC… and act as our
advocate… In my case, after many emails and phone calls with instruction of what
I required and where to find relevant doco’s in my files, his repeated excuse of,
“I am to busy with more important things, will get to it later”, wore a bit thin…
Some of us received letters from ACC stating that ACC did not recognize him as
an advocate and would not co-operate “full stop”…

Gaffa… John Huntley received a letter to this effect as I did…
As a result myself and others, who were experiencing the same,
requested return of our files and termination of his “service”.
Which proved to be rather difficult and lengthy process…
He complained of the cost and that I would have to pay, and “no go” until I had
advanced the cost to him… or COD.

Alistaire McI, was Traveling from Wellington to Auckland, so he offered to divert
and collect John’s and my files, as well as his own… And as Alistaire relayed to

He Called Eric on his mobile when he arrived at his gate, to be told
“I am not at Home right now.”…
This was said as Alistaire was observing him in his back yard…
A situation developed between Him and Paul Sutton, and Alan Thomas.
For the same reasons, if not a bit more involved.

As admin of the ACCForum, I chose to “sit the fence” and not get involved in their
“war of words and threats etc”…
He would call me, sometimes daily to bitch and moan, rave on about how great he
is and what he will do, Bla Bla Bla…

At one point he stated he “Fix Paul Up”, by “sicking the mob onto him”…
He was very clear he could and would do this… By “The Mob”, he meant,
The Mongrel Mob, as they were mates and he was doing some “big job” for them.
This threat was relayed to Paul Sutton, as I do not approve of such things, and
I did agree with Paul Sutton and Alan Thomas, who were also Admin of the
ACCForum to BAN him… which was dually done…

Eric McLaughlin continued to call me daily with his verbal ooze… dispite being told
repeatedly I did not want to be involved and was not involved… GO AWAY !
He had this idiot thing of informing me of how he was going to sue every one and
have the ACCFORUM shut down…

He made claims of registering numerous
member details… which were being deleted as he done them, and that some of
these rego’s were being made by lawyers and a judge, via his computers, and that
the deletion of these was illegal and Paul And Thomas were in the S… due to this.

All did go quiet for a while, but he started to call me again…
Ranting on about the Thomas issue re Takapuna, and being banned.
Informed me that he had many other rego’s to the forum and that “Catwoman”
was his daughter…

I kept on telling him that I was not involved “Bugger off”. I even hung up on him.
But he did not take any notice… I finally got rather nasty and told him to F… Off.
As other things began to manifest, he did become very paranoid, and spouting off
about laying complaints and suing … including some far fetched story of getting
the FBI involved.

He still would not stop “assaulting my ear via the phone. Almost every day and
some times several times a day.
His constant verbal ooze of “How Great I am… I am the Man… A Force to be
reckoned with, to be feared… as in WINZ, ACC and other Govt. depts. Jump when
he says so… This Narcissistic Garbage was apart from being laughable,
becoming ,almost an “Harassment routine”… It was either that or his need to
sound off at someone… I had up to this point been “Nice to Him”, and listened, as
in “in one ear and out the other”…

Eventually I had to go “online” = ACCFORUM, to give him the message and inform
others that I considered him to be harassing me, and any more and I would take
real offense to it…= “Bug Off”.
That still hasn’t stopped him… even of recent.
Since his last call to inform me that police will be in touch, he has called me

He would not tell me what it was about…
If He Had I would have followed it up myself and sorted out his Bull S…
He claimed his phone was being tapped, and phone calls recorded…
Apparently he has made a complaint to police (Dunedin) on this and I have had a
phone call the investigating officer , and refuted his claim that I told him his phone
was being tapped… GRRRRRR ! He rang the other day to tell me that I had a
call from a “friend of his”… (the investigating officer)… He was promptly told to
@X&! off

“I don’t want to know… Go away” and I hung up. (3-3-09)

One nite I had a phone cal from “Kitty Cat”, a forum member… Claiming that she
had 2 males on her doorstep looking for Eric McLaughlin… She seemed rather
stressed and I got the impression that she was being “instructed to do this”…
At a later date She did call me to apologize for that call and informed me that Eric
Mclaughlin was “forcing her to do it”, and was on another phone instructing

And she did say that his “harassing her” had been sorted to have him back off and
leave her alone…Kitty cat has a problem with PTSD… She was very upset and
stressed and Embarrassed by what Eric made her do… She was not clear of the
reason for this event, just that he pressured her into doing it…
Although I do not have proof, I have had reason to suspect that this situation is not
the first created by him, using vulnerable women to do his bidding.

I suspect, My opinion only, that his motive was to obtain Names Permissions and
Files Etc. so he could claim for funding…
But had no intention of fulfilling his obligations.
Delay, and maybe “They Will Go Away”…

This Fits What occurred . not just in this (my ) case, but many others…
He made Grandiose claims of how and what he could, would do, but when it came
to time to do it, “I am to busy, will get to it in my own time, or, I have more
important stuff to deal with at this time”… He most definitely,

If You need more just ask…
You May use this as you see fit…
I will print and send a signed copy if this one is OK.

We will be publishing Kenneth Miller’s police statement next, inclusive of a report identifying the key issues which may well explain why Miller did not want his statement to become public knowledge, especially by those he had named as having had knowledge of his false accusations!


During the course of filming David Butler Lauda Finem grew to suspect that he was not being completely candid. Midway through the sting operation we also received an anonymous tip off, with additional evidence. If anything in the email that Butler supplied below has been altered its likely to have been the online moniker “Kitty Cat”  and anything mentioning his close associate Christine Thomas or Butler himself.

Miller of course will not be taking us up on our offer that being the emails author he should supply the original. Weal and Miller have to date relied on Butler and Christine Thomas’s complicity in the plot to destroy Eric McLaughlin using it to black mail Butler, thus purchasing his silence over the trio’s plot to falsely accuse Alan Thomas.

To qoute Douglas James Weal in his intimidating email to Butler dated the 22nd February 2010:

I am OK, Ken is OK, the police are OK; are you sure you want to get involved?

Think about it. There is a wonderful life out there to be had away from the crap created by Thomas.

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  • The Above Email has been altered by Dave Butler in an attempt to cover his own butt.

    • Really Kenneth, well given that you’re the author of the above email we’d be more than happy for you to send us your own copy, whats stopping you, the attempts to blackmail Dave Butler and Christine Thomas over their involvement in the McLaughlin plot so as to save your own arse, having played a pivotal role in the far more serious conspiracy of falsely accusing Alan Thomas perhaps?

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