Ever wonder why your motor registration is so expensive or why the ACC levies and taxes you pay in New Zealand are so high. Well one big reason is the hunger of all the bludgers and fraudsters suckling on the public purse and by public purse I mean the bank accounts of the real workers in your sad little society , the ones who pay the taxes and do a hard days work.

Over the last few weeks Lauda Finem has been investigating the ACC forum, a coven of ACC fraudsters, convicted criminals and bankrupts the likes of Evonne Puru, Alan Thomas, Kenneth Miller and David Butler. Well the spot light is now on wheel-chair-bound 42-year-old fraudster Dianne Joy Gibson of Palmerston North. Diane along with public notoriety gets a long list of convictions, on going public ridicule, embarrassment, trouble holidaying abroad and a free membership to ACC forum. What a prize package.

Lauda Finem thinks the wheel chair will be a get out of jail free card. Diane may be a first time offender, if she is she is certainly not a young offender acting up, but a mature adult offender carrying out a serious degree of offending for a serious amount of money.

In 1999 Diane had a serious motorcar accident which left her crippled and with an insatiable appetite for your money. Dianne pleaded guilty to three charges of fraud at the Palmerston North District Court on the third day of her trial but is still facing trial on seven more. Gibsons lawyer Richard alleged his client was “confused and muddled” when she filled in the numerous claim forms securing $ 75,000-00 of NZ tax payer money by being on a disability benefit and on ACC at the same time.

Well we can understand that it would be confusing juggling the different bank accounts and all that cash…where to holiday this year? We think she will be flying domestic.

Diane will be eligible for a fresh start in ten years under the Clean Slate Act, if she behaves herself…well sought of.  But that’s another story in itself. Trial is ongoing.

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