Mr Keith Manch; one of the many ex-police officers under John Jamieson reign; all of them highly mobile and dedicated public servants

Keith “chop chop” Manch, after corrupting what was a good concept; being the policing of what was an industry that needed a bit of intelligent discipline, (the real estate industry), has moved on to controlling, or was that corrupting the policing of shipping inside New Zealand waters.

As it turns out Keiths ex employer was caught (yet again) with staff assisting the biggest drug cartel in New Zealands history being operation “ARK”.   But the coppers did get the corrupt members of the force that were involved.

But Keith “chop chop” Manchs previous claim to fame is destroying documents that could have proved corruption on a grand scale when “Chop chop” was “officer in charge” of destroying evidence whilst with Internal Affairs.

Manchs time with the REAA was short and sweet, just enough time to help out a few National Party crooked pollies (Jackie “the fixer” Blue) that were also calling in favors on behalf of completely dishonest real estate agents like Martin  “show me the money” Honey who commits fraud on a daily basis stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fuel his extravagant lifestyle.  This fraud was condoned by Ray White New Zealand and we will bring you that story in due course.

We have had an amazing response to the Honey, Blue , and Manch stories hence the update.

What worries the team at Lauda is that Manch seems to be getting bolder in his criminal offending as his promotions continue at the hands of his National Party Masters.

We at Lauda Finem are out to, ultimately, discover corruption, and bring those responsible to justice.  That being said our actions hopefully serve to remind those in power that their actions will be subject to investigation and hopefully deter those likely or capable of such offending to think twice before pushing the “go” button.

New Zealand pollies report to their citizens that world corruption measuring bodies report New Zealand as the least corrupt country in the world.

The truth is that those bodies gauge the reported level of corruption on what is reported by the countries involved in the assessment process.  That means if the Pollies of a country are dishonest in that they do not gauge corruption by investigating such claims, then no corruption is reported.  Of course certain countries political  processes are known to be corrupt as they are second or third world and the level of corruption is at saturation point throughout the operating systems.  Therefore the corruption reporting bodies “guess” at what level corruption exists with help from the agencies of other countries that deal with that particular country.

But it is different with first world countries.  They supposedly take the level of their corruption relatively seriously and investigate it and prosecute it.  Now Australia, amongst first world countries, is quite a rabid investigator and prosecutor of executive corruption having nailed a large number of Politicians, the judiciary, the coppers, and other agencies that have been involved in it

That means that what the pollies tell them about corruption being detected is the amount reported.

In Australia we are proud that we report a significant amount of corruption being detected and prosecution through all forms of the executive, the Police,  and the judiciary.

An update of this post will be available 12th January 2012

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