Updated: All roads lead to Rome, “hukildaspida” aka Janice Karaka Clarke and the Takapuna bomb plot

The team at Lauda Finem have returned after a successful and restful retreat in the beautiful hinterland of Coastal Australia and we are straight into it with this the first post for the year 2012. According to some on www.accforum.org it’s supposed to be our year,or at least that’s what the ring masters at www.accforum.org would like to think, can’t wait for this “soon to be admitted” solicitor and his employers to sue. We here at Lauda Finem will, however, stick with the Mayan calender theory and the possibility that lake Taupo may explode (we’ll leave them all to keep guessing).

As frequent readers of the blog will recall last year our team managed to expose www.accforum.org. This online forum was financed and operated by some seriously dysfunctional individuals, some, the likes of  Kenneth Miller  in fact having extensive criminal records.

We had employed a ruse, over an extended period of time, to expose the antics of the Accident Compensation Corporations staff and their connection to specific members of the forum.

However another important factor in our strategy which will remain concealed for some time to come is beginning to “bare fruit” thanks to the work of an unwitting member of the forum “hukildaspida” aka Janice Karaka Clarke; we’ll have more about Janice Karaka Clarke’s ACC status and her observations later in the year. Now lets stay on track and return to “super grass” and listen to a composite of the interviews with Mr David Butler:

Ms Thomas may well have been threatened with being outed; both her and Butler with their involvement in the plot to bring down Eric McLaughlin.

In fact Christine Thomas seemed in such a rush to get hold of  Butler, after she had chatted with Aaron Wislang that she  risked calling Butler on his mobile phone.

Its all in a days work and there is still another twelve hours yet to come. That little exercise finished in the early hours for Mr Nottingham and our roving cameraman/reporter Carlos and to think that Carlos was on holiday, talk about dedication. Thank you gentlemen

Up date:

Compare Douglas Weal’s Fitzie File the final version of the original created, whilst visiting David Butler in Cheviot, South Canterbury, on or about 11th January 2008:


With Weal’s Police statement made before detective sergeant Smith at Whangarei police station on the 21st February 2008:


Then the following day, the 22nd february 2008, Douglas Weal emails David Butler and makes a most extraordinary demand, he asks Butler to destroy the only surviving copy of the original Fitzie file that Weal himself had left with Butler only five weeks earlier on or about the 11th January 2008, a comprehensive document wherein the Takapuna bomb plot does not rate a mention (Butler kept the document, we believe as an insurance policy against an attack on himself):

From: “Douglas” <douglas@planet.net.nz>
Date: 22 February 2008 10:51:42 AM
To: “hardwired” <davebutler@xtra.co.nz>
Subject: Private and confidential
Current versions (Fitzie file)
Destroy last copy.
Copy of my statement also

Why would Weal want his original version of the Fitzie file destroyed. Well for one, as we’ve said, as at the 11th January 2008 the Takapuna bomb plot had yet to be invented. Weal later claims in his statement to police that he first heard about Thomas’ plans to bomb the Takapuna offices of the Accident Compensation Corporation in June 2007 whilst he was baby sitting Alan Thomas. In the same statement Weal also claims:

“Thomas  has also talked at great length about Johnny Manu? the guy who stabbed
Mrs Pike at the Henderson Of f i c e of the ACC, he claims – if he can be believed – to
have been  involved with Johnny in prison  as a mentor, and has talked about getting in contact with him again when he gets out of prison which is due now.

He has also talked about another lady he knew about who had  tried to stab an ACC case manager with scissors and there appears to have been another lady that police came around and talked to him about.
He talks with great delight how he was providing guidance and motivation for these people.”

Douglas Weal has also, we believe, clearly manufactured these very new additions. Nowhere in the Fitzie file does Weal mention Thomas’s alleged association with Johnny Manu. But of course Johnny Manu’s application for parole may have been widely reported in the New Zealand media at the time and Weal would have known that it would make for exciting reading (see the Tony Wall email and just one more of Douglas Weal’s extraordinarily creative false accusations below).

There is, in our view, no likelihood that Thomas ever met the prisoner Johnny Manu, let alone had had the opportunity to be Manu’s “mentor”, the New Zealand police would have also known that much.

The murderous psychopath Johnny Manu, given the nature of his serious offending, would have undoubtedly been locked up in maximum security at the countries notorious Paremoremo Prison, north of Auckland.  Thomas’s minor ACC fraud conviction would have likely seen him incarcerated in a minimum security prison or farm.

What Weal does not share with police, however, is that Thomas and Weal had also discussed their shared experiences with Paragon investigations and in particular Weals fraudulent claim to the Accident Compensation Corporation that he was working in Fiji when he was really there to meet and marry his imported Russian fiancee.

Just how much did Alan Thomas know about Weal’s personal life, was it enough for Weal to want to  “do him in” by making the serious false allegations of the plot to bomb the Takapuna office against Thomas? Had Thomas threatened to out Weal and his scam, was that the motive for Weal? We have more suggestions as to motive but that will need to wait for another post.

Douglas Weal, in the last paragraph of his police statement also claims:

There are others that have similar feelings to me about Mr Thomas. They are Eric McLaughlin who was a WINZ advocate for Mr Thomas in 2003. He has recently contacted me voicing his concerns.  I have his contact number which I will forward to you. Another person is Dave Butler who also helped Mr Thomas in 2006 and 2007 with problems he was having with WINZ  Butler lives in Cheviot.”

Eric McLaughlin too later had his reputation and professional standing destroyed, for a second time, by this same group; David Butler, Douglas Weal, Kenneth Miller and Christine Thomas, a cabal that had a long history of knowingly manufacturing allegations to serve their own nefarious purposes. Group conspiracies that we now know peaked during the 2006 -2007 period with a concerted effort to con TVNZ.

By February 2010 David Butler too was to find himself being threatened by Douglas Weal when he refused to play ball. David Butler was obviously upset by what had happened to Thomas and wanted the truth outed. Douglas Weal and Kenneth Miller, however, obviously had other idea’s and clearly had some “dirt” on Butler that prevented his taking it any further, that is, until Lauda Finem and  its members employed “operation Turkey shoot” to flush the bastards out:

Douglas James Weal, aka “Space Cadet”

From: “Douglas” <douglas@planet.net.nz>

Date: 22 February 2010 9:11:26 PM
To: “Dave” <davebutler@xtra.co.nz>
Subject: Issues


regarding your phone calls Saturday and Sunday. I spoke to you in some detail about the Alan Thomas trial because I was told in Court, in no uncertain terms by Nigel Cooke, that you were not being called as a witness. The hearing is in public, but on leaving the Court I was cautioned about speaking to any other witnesses, You mentioned the email I sent to Thow about Warren Forster contacting you. I copied it to you at the time, and Thow has this on file. It was not an issue then so why is it an issue now?

You then mentioned you were in contact with Alan Thomas and had sent documents to Nigel Cooke. Please take note that for the past two year I have had a policy of not having anything to do anybody connected with Alan Thomas, as I regard him as very devious and manipulative – and the same applies in your case.

My advice to you is to be very careful about anything you do in relation to this case, as it would be very easy for either party to accuse you of attempting to pervert the course of justice. I agree with you that Thomas is seeking to hang this on someone. I am OK, Ken is OK, the police are OK; are you sure you want to get involved?

Think about it. There is a wonderful life out there to be had away from the crap created by Thomas.

Enjoy the good life!


We believe that both Weal and his accomplice Kenneth Miller are continuing to blackmail David Butler and Christine Thomas, holding both to ransom over, what we believe was the pairs involvement in bringing down Eric McLaughlin and his career as an advocate, there are obviously others that have fallen victim to these craven individuals as well.

There’s no doubt that Douglas Weal is a sociopath (his behaviour supports that diagnosis), and a very spiteful individual (this is apparent even now with his covert behaviour in attempting to deflect responsibility for his past actions). Another excellent example of Douglas Weals tactics are to be seen earlier the year before he, we believe, falsely accused Alan Thomas. Douglas Weal in 2006 – 2007. Whilst immersed in his differculties with Paragon Investigations, immigration and his alleged ACC fraud Weal had again lied and manufactured a series of false allegations so as to, as he thought “kill two birds with one stone”.

On the 12th November 2007 and again on the following day Douglas Weal, having read Tony Wall’s coverage of a breaking story, saw an opportunity and emailed  the journalist at Fairfax and made yet another series of completely false allegations in a some what niaive attempt to incite the journalist and Fairfax into publishing the outrageous machinations:

From: Douglas
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: Immigration NZ


Immigration NZ

I am in Whangarei. Available anytime. phone 09 4356516. *Suggest we don’t discuss details over the phone.

I think Nottingham, who list himself as a “Private Investigator” realised that Immigration were conducting a secret enquiry into the goings on – and he is now hiding behind the Protected Disclosure Act, by turning himself into a whistleblower.

This information about PIs accessing the Immigration NZ files was uncovered while I was conducting an investigation into why PIs had been investigating me since 2005, and I discovered the PIs have the immigration file of my wife.

I also have a contact who has a file on the illegal activities of Nottingham, which he sent to the appropriate Govt dept sever years ago, only to subsequently find it did not reach the eyes of the CEO.

I am given access to this material as I am legally challenging the right of Private investigators to obtain information contrary to the Privacy Act.


Douglas Weal

25 Hoey street, Kamo, Whangarei

Absolutely every claim Douglas Weal had made in the above and various other emails were false and Weal knew it. Douglas Weal’s only motivation was revenge, his only objective was to cause serious harm to Paragon investigators, ACC, staff at the Immigration Department and justice crusader/campaigner Dermot Nottingham.
*that’s obviously why Weal preferred not to talk on the telephone. He clearly ran the risk of his conversation and any false allegations he’d make being tape recorded by Tony Wall, as is often the case with journalists corresponding with their sources.
We also have some convincing evidence that suggests that Douglas Weal and the other members of the cabal were not novice when it came to using the media and had had prior dealings with Tony Wall, various other Fairfax journalists and television news gathering sources.
The below link is to a newspaper article reporting on an earlier incident, the first, involving the advocate Mr Eric McLaughlin whilst he worked in Napier/Hastings. Were the members of www.accforum.org also responsible for this? We think that Alan Thomas and other members of the cabal most certainly were, remember Thomas had had unsatisfactory dealings with Eric McLaughlin in 2003:


Perhaps this is why Douglas Weal felt comfortable naming Eric McLaughlin as a source in his police statement? Lauda Finem has this year, in fact just 24 hours ago has received, anonymously, new and very credible evidence of further criminal offending by the members of www.accforum.org and over the coming months will no doubt be outing those responsible.


Our researchers are trying to track down Mr Eric McLaughlin for comment, so if any reader knows of his whereabouts please contact us through the comment box below (if the information is provided in good faith, accurate or inaccurate, your identity will be keep confidential).

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  • Brother Timothy says:

    You have mocked and spat upon our kinsfolk for far too long. May you save yourself by putting on sack cloth and ashes. May not your tongue be ripped by its roots.

  • FormerACCworkerwhocares says:

    Fantastic to see Jan Clarke (hukildaspida) getting some of her own back – and even better, seeing her name published and outed to the public. She is a twisted, malicious and bitter woman who plainly has too much time on her hands. Thank you Lauda for exposing this horrible woman. Sadly, she and the others like her will continue to meddle in matters they know nothing about and affect other peoples lives by publishing their bile. If anyone from admin can advise how I can take out proceedings against her, please contact me. Ahhhh….been waiting a long time to find out who was behind hukildaspida. Your turn now Helen….

  • Philip Bonner says:

    Why aren’t the police on to this terrible man Weal. He should be put in prison sharing a cell with that horrible person Miller. I for one feel like donating money to Mr Thomas’s cause. I think that Mr Butler should be the one to go to the police and inform them of what the group was guilty of. I feel that he was clearly a participant in the original plan and then got cold feet but by then it was too late Mr Thomas. As for Miken and the other horrible persons involved they should all take stock of the damage they have caused to innocent persons; some of them even ACC staff.

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