Stop Press: ACC Forum, David Butlers deceit

David Butler: Our advice Mr Butler is that you should start telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, if you want to obtain justice for your wrongly convicted associate Mr Alan Thomas!

In november 2011 Lauda Finem received a great swath of documents from super grass, David Butler, that he had purported were genuine, true and complete. We however, based on what he had also unconsciously let slip in the “Epitaph” tapes, had formed the view that Butler was not being completely candid and was hiding his own involvement in the Takapuna conspiracy and many others.

We bided our time. The wait was worth it, one of our volunteers in Sydney managed to get a screen grab of documents that Butler  had just posted. Those documents were obviously complete, in that they had not been altered by Butler and appeared to be genuine. Whats more they had not been posted in the general lounge of, rather they were posted within his own profile page. We note that following our screen grab the documents were almost immediately removed, either by Butler himself or Aaron Wislang, the sites administrator.

Below (in red is) the copy of Weals email to Megan Bly that we had received from Butler, the last paragraph (hi-lighted in blue) is that which Butler had removed, not wanting us here at Lauda Finem to see it. We will updating this post at a later time. Suffice to say, the discovery that butler had indeed concealed the extent of his involvement from us lends more credibility to our argument that Alan Thomas had indeed been framed and that Butler was involved to some extent!

Douglas James Weal

From: Douglas (Weal)

Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 10:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Contact
Hi Megan

Private and Confidential.

 I have been approached by several people about the following problem.

We need a “conduit” into ACC, where we can feed high value information about ACC and Claimants. However the information needs to be seen by Dr White, before it disappears down the chain of command.

This situation has been brought about because it appears that since the internal enquiry into the activities of the ACC Fraud Unit, senior ACC staff are so busy watching their backs they appear too scared to act, and to the extent they appear to be no longer receptive to copies of hard information. Several persons who have contacts within ACC have reported this problem.

What we are asking for is a contact person, phone number or email address, where the Minister can assure us, the information is seen by Dr White, before it is distributed within ACC; and if so requested, the source of the information remains with Dr White’s office.

I ask that the Office of the Ministerfacilitate this?

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Weal


It is also of interest to note that Aaron Wislang,’s administrator has again been moving posts around, sending them to archive where only a select few, like Kenneth Miller’s (aka Tomcat) fan club may view them. The only motive we can think of for his wanting to do that is to conceal, from public scrutiny, more evidence of wrong doing:



Warren Forster was an ACC beneficiary turned advocate who, according to posts on, last year, has just graduated from Otago University LLB as a mature age student.

Bruce Van Essen, who commenced a tort action against private investigator Peter Gibbons in early 2011, obviously has an axe to grind with ACC, private investigators and Police who had been investigating him for fraud:

Our advice to Mr Butler is that he should start telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, if he wants to get his wrongly convicted associate Mr Alan Thomas acquitted!


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  • Accforum are a tremendous asset to NZ, very helpful advice and some very smart members ie huggy, hukildaspida, keentohelp,ntv to name 4

  • Philip Bonner says:

    ACCforum and accfocus should be taken down off the net and all of those involved prosecuted for what looks like criminal harassment and fraud. What I have read thus far makes my stomach turn. They all need to get back to work and repay all of their beneficiary entitlements. I understand that ACC could get hold of their assets.

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