Stop press: ACC Forum, Kenneth Paul Robert Miller writes yet again!

Kenneth Paul Robert Miller, perhaps not, who are you today Kenneth?


1724 hrs (NZDST) Kenneth Miller has sent yet another comment we will be responding to the new material in due course, of course in another post. 

Note: email address previously published and available publicly online at

1728 hrs (NZDST) Kenneth Miller has commented on the Lauda Finem YouTube Channel as “@dogcatchernz


Original post begins:

This morning we received yet another intelligent and superbly articulated comment from Mr Kenneth Miller, aka; Tom cat, TC, Antony Kenneth Paul Miller, Tomcat, Paul Kenneth Anthony, Milan Frank Antonievich, Robert Paul Kenneth Antony, Paul Kenneth Miller, Robert Paul Kenneth Miller, Milan Frank Ranaic, Milan Frank Ranak.#

Mr Millers comment arrived soon after we had uploaded the posts: Stop Press: Acc Forum, David Butlers deceit & ACC Forum, ACC Focus, helpful online resources or havens for cyber stalkers.

Kenneth Miller (as “TC”) writes:

“All this bull s… / mis info / fantasy… slander / defamation / libel is ganna cost someone heaps.”

What Kenneth Miller seems to be saying, although he does seem to be having a little difficultly finding the right word, is that he intends issuing proceedings against Lauda Finem, but we of course all know that he is full of crap – so full of it, that if someone were to belt him he’d splatter.

After all he’s been making these strange threats for months now and has failed to provide one reason for us to disbelieve the evidence that supergrass (aka David Butler) has provided.

It seems to us that any genuine or half normal person would have contacted their solicitors by now and instructed them to write to us here at Lauda Finem. We know, however, that Kenneth Miller is far from normal. We also know that he is beginning to panic as his duplicity unravels and the evidence becomes public, as well he and his friend, Aaron Wislang’s administrator, should be.

From the evidence that Lauda Finem has been given it will undoubtedly be Mr Kenneth Miller that faces prosecution and a libel tort, given time,  justice is after all known to move very slowly.

Mr Miller posted yet another comment which we also published, Stop press: Serial fraudster and defamer Kenneth Miller writes

The Above Email has been altered by Dave Butler in an attempt to cover his own butt.”

At that time Lauda Finem extended an offer to Mr Miller:

“Really Kenneth, well given that you’re the author of the above email we’d be more than happy for you to send us your own copy, whats stopping you, the attempts to blackmail Dave Butler and Christine Thomas over their involvement in the McLaughlin plot so as to save your own arse, having played a pivotal role in the far more serious conspiracy of falsely accusing Alan Thomas perhaps?”

Naturally, true to form, Kenneth Paul Robert Miller appeared to have declined our offer. We had already known that Butler had likely altered the emails, so as to redact his name and that of Christine Thomas, but unfortunately for Kenneth Miller that small mistake by Butler in no way alters the veracity of the evidence that supports a conspiracy, by Weal and Miller, to falsely accuse Alan Thomas.

We would also like to point out that Lauda Finem have substantial evidence that proves Mr Millers long running habit of making false allegations, evidence that will in the fullness of time become public with our up coming posts.

Say good-bye to the readers Kenneth – if that’s the name your using today!

We at Lauda Finem firmly believe that both Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weal fit the profile below and feel that it’s a psychiatrist they require, not an instructing solicitor or barrister!


Preliminary work by Leroy McFarlane and Paul Bocij has identified four types of cyberstalkers: the vindictive cyberstalkers noted for the ferocity of their attacks; the composed cyberstalker whose motive is to annoy; the intimate cyberstalker who attempts to form a relationship with the victim but turns on them if rebuffed; and collective cyberstalkers, groups with motive.[14] According to Antonio Chacón Medina, author of Una nueva cara de Internet, El acoso (“A new face of the Internet: stalking”), the general profile of the harasser is cold, with little or no respect for others. The stalker is a predator who can wait patiently until vulnerable victims appear, such as women or children, or may enjoy pursuing a particular person, whether personally familiar to them or unknown. The harasser enjoys and demonstrates their power to pursue and psychologically damage the victim.[15]


Check out why Kenneth Miller might be a little concerned by the first of David Butler’s (Super Grass) “Epitaph” tape’s on Lauda Finem’s YouTube Channel:

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