John Banks and John Key, the teapot tapes leaked

John Key saying sorry? Yeah right! Sorry the tape got out no doubt - Grey power won't be happy Johnny!

Forget the “Golden Kiwi“, this is “Gold Turkey” material. Check out the article in the New Zealand Herald:

Prime Minister John Key has apologised to older New Zealanders if they were offended by his comments in the infamous teapot tape, which has been leaked online today.

But he has not listened to the tape himself, and maintains that the contents of the conversation between him and Epsom MP John Banks are “pretty bland”.


“But that was a private conversation. I would always phrase things in a better way if it was a public conversation”.

Source: Key says sorry over teapot tape  (New Zealand Herald)

Really John, you’d phrase things differently would you, if you were speaking publicly? If your comments were “pretty bland” Mr Key why did you spend a shit load of cash from the “Public Purse” trying to bury the tape before an election?  We think that its because your a bully, who treats the New Zealand Police as his own private enforcer, this behaviour it seems is an endemic problem within the national party.

How are you and the National Party spin doctors going to paraphrase our next story John, if you all had to include three things;  the name’s Sarn Herdson, Kristy McDonald QC and bent ex-cop Inspector Jon Moss. To be honest, we here at Lauda Finem find you, John, your Government, its Ministers and certain un-elected MP’s deeply offensive and out of place in a genuine democracy:

More National party corruption:  The REAA, & the mysterious case of Nathan Guy, Kristy McDonald QC, Crown Law and the Coroner

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  • When making the taped comment that (approximation) Peter’s old people voters would soon die off did key actually remember that a huge number of his supporter and voter base are middle-aged to old, who still live in the quaint old days in their minds when National may have actually had principles.

    How many nasty little comments made by john key does it take for people to understand he is not nice mr key?
    eg “we’d love to see wages drop” that reporter and local rag was hounded by key and the outrageous comments sidelined and dismissed – we know now he got exactly what he wanted. In fact he achieved far more – huge increases in unemployment for employers to get cheap, desperate labour – good outcome for key.

    ‘regular guy’ look – just well trained for this NZ takeover job.

    ‘regular guy’ vs ‘cut-throat trader, NZ born, who actually speculated on the NZ $ on behalf of a rich client and could have seriously damaged New Zealand’s financial situation’ – nah, doesn’t gel does it.

    And what I find absolutely amazing is that he has come over here to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING – speculate against New Zealand’s interests. And everyone voted him back in for it.

    This has got to be ‘shake your head’ time. Unbelievable how gullible Kiwis are.

    Will the real john key please stand up? Finally, I think he is. And, finally, not just a few of us are beginning to notice. We need more of these evidence tapes, to offset the huge knocking machine that key and his followers are employing to destroy opposition to the damage they are perpetrating on New Zealand.

    • Well said Jum, particularly; “This has got to be ‘shake your head’ time. Unbelievable how gullible Kiwis are”. What’s even funnier is the fact that when they do eventually lose their gullibility, out of share despair, they all jump on a plane and head to the promised land; Australia! Our gain the “Dark Isles” loss – we however do ship back the dirt bags!

  • youknowme says:

    Rare candid insight into John Key… and he’s just a regular (National) guy!

    • No we don’t know you, we are however guessing that you may well be a part of the National parties spin machine, a psych perhaps “Regular (National) guy” would you care to explain what that means Doctor?

  • mark. jo says:

    Sounds pretty inoffensive to me, don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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