The REAA, & the mysterious case of Nathan Guy, Kristy McDonald QC, Crown Law and the Coroner

Bent ex-cop inspector Jon Moss: the corruption was just “this big”

What do National Party MP and Government Minister Mr Nathan Guy, Real Estate Agent Authority Chair Ms Kristy McDonald QC, Crown Lawyers Meredith Connell, police officer Katie Scott, and a beautiful young 18 year old girl (name withheld), Louise Fryer, Evonne Puru, and recently appointed Auckland Coroner, Sarn Herdson have in common?

Yet another National Party cover-up perhaps? Was Police Commissioner Howard Broad involved? How much did Kristy McDonald QC really know? In Fact, just how many civil servants, convicted criminals and politicos were involved?

REAA Chairperson: Kristy McDonald QC

Following on from our posts exposing corruption and various witch hunts ordered by National Party Government Ministers, this time Nathan Guy and the un-elected list MP Jackie Blue, we have been hard at work investigating more allegations of wrong doing down at the REAA.

Allegations of serious corruption at New Zealand”s Real Estate Agents Authority have come to the fore, Allegations that date back to early 2010 soon after the Authority had been constituted, inveigling the REAA and it’s, unwitting and apparently naive, founding Executive Registrar Ms Janet Mazenier; shortly before her sudden resignation in June 2010. Anonymous letters, buried evidence and lots more. Those stories, all from Mr Keith Manch’s  “Pandora’s Box”, of tricks coming soon. To think that McDonald, Moss and Manch were charged with cleaning up the real estate industry, what a joke!

Psst, how many New Zealander’s knew that Prime Minister John Key and corrupt ex-cop /REAA registrar Keith Manch were both Burnside High School “Old boy’s”

In another of our stories, the words of  an honest police officer Chief Inspector Whiro Ratahi, many years ago, ring true: “Those guy’s were bad news but the problem is they’ve had it so good for so long” 

Note: The videos below were disabled by YouTube on  20 April 2012 after someone in power (we suspect via YouTube partner TVNZ) falsely alleged that what amounts to an evidential tape was defamatory. It is of course not defamatory, the truth never is, but the video does evidence Mr Honey’s criminal offending and that must be embarrassing for Mr Honey and the REAA.

Lauda Finem have also taken the extraordinary step of closing our YouTube account (in protest) and will be working over the weekend to have the video evidence up and running again, this time under the complete control of so that the likes of Martin Honey, Keith Manch (chop chop) and their corrupt National Party mates cant touch it………so please pop back soon and in the meantime our readers might like a little Chopin:

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