REAA: Keith Manch up to old tricks, withholding and concealing documents!

Minister Nathan Guy, the REAA's overlord, the buck stops at the top in this case

Lauda Finem have more damning evidence of serious corruption at the REAA. It seems that the CEO’s, Kieth Manch and Dean Winter along with CAC chair Anna Tierney have been withholding vital evidence against Mr Martin Honey, evidence that also prima facie confirms Mr Martin Honey’s likely criminality.

It’s also evident that someone in the REAA has pushed the big red  panic button, all staff having been given orders to refer all inquiries to the acting CEO, ex-cop Mr Dean Winter.

When one of Lauda Finems investigators made inquiries of Dean Winter earlier today he became extremely agitated, rude and uncooperative.

In fact Mr Winter began to act and sound  like a bent cop, you know arrogant, evasive and overbearing, so we let him know that he was no longer in the New Zealand police force; at which point he immediately hung up. It appears that Mr Winter doesn’t like hard questions being asked. Mr Winter, despite being a regular reader of Lauda Finem, wanted our credentials before he decided whether or not he would even answer our questions (what bloody credentials, we’re not members of the press club). In fact Mr Winter was sounding very much like his REAA predecessor the ex-cop Keith Manch, although Manch has a long history of such behaviour, becoming public when he headed up the cyber censoring unit over at the department of internal affairs.

With the revelation that we here at Lauda Finem had been contacted by a whistle-blower Mr Winter, it appears has now also decided to come clean with documents that the REAA had been concealing since June 2011.

Of particular interest is a Computer Forensics report, commissioned by none other than the REAA itself, a report that, it was obviously hoped, would exculpate Mr Martin Honey’s dishonest intent, a report that was intentionally withheld from the plaintiffs for over nine months, we believe because it had not reached the REAA’s desired conclusions.

The forensics analyst, Mr Mike Spence of deCipher Ltd, engaged by the REAA, was not given enough information so as to form a conclusion, unlike analysts Mr Hikaka and Mr Cronje  who had the benefit of damning video evidence, But Mr Spence had formed certain views on Martin Honeys website managers “cached theory” sound track evidence which we will be bringing our readers in due course.

Lauda Finem this morning instructed the victims representative to contact Mike Spence of deCipher; so as to get his take on the report he had written and the REAA’s bullshit attempt at a cover-up. Interestingly Mike Spence expressed his own reservations and concerns with the REAA’s brief . In a nutshell:

Yeah…I mean, obviously I can only base a report on the information we’ve got….. the more information we’ve been given, I can only base a report on what I’ve been given….eeehhh…It looked, very much to me, like  someone had quite deliberately left out something important…….and if I recall rightly there was a rather poor email back from an IT guy saying that he’d accidentally….. left something out,type of thing, you know……. they, the (web) pages didn’t just pop up out of no where!

Note: Its damning and its also a very hard tape to transcribe, the full conversation, these incredible sound bites, are now safely on Australian jurisdictional soil and will be released, once we’ve converted it, tomorrow. Seems to us that more criminal charges may flow from Mr Martin Honeys intentional manipulation and or destruction of evidence:

NZ Crimes Act 1961Section 258  Altering, concealing, destroying, or reproducing documents with intent to deceiveSection 113 Fabricating evidenceSection 116 Conspiring to defeat justice

The video in question had been supplied to the REAA when they continued to inexplicably stymie the investigation. Video taped evidence which clearly buggered the REAA’s plan to pervert the course of justice and their plan to shaft Mr Honey’s victims. Information that was however never supplied to the REAA’s specialist for a much needed review of his original report, a report in which he clearly laments the lack of evidence he’d been given.

It is our view, given all of the evidence, that senior REAA officers (including Kieth Manch, Dean Winter, Margaret Steel and Anna Tierney) have lied, misrepresented truth, cheated with held evidential documents and conspired to pervert the course of justice in not acting to immediately seize the computers used by Martin Honey Ray White in executing his bogus Re/max website and properly investigate the fraud.

They continued with the conspiracy by limiting their own forensic investigators access to vital evidence which should have immediately been seized with a search warrant, we believe in the hope that their analysts conclusions would have been ineffectual thus enabling a dismissal of the complaint, a decision which undoubtedly would have been designed to weather a court challenge.

They then further continued the conspiracy by concealing the undesirable report for the reason that the investigator had unexpectedly concluded that Martin Honey may have had “dishonest intent” in creating and constantly updating (including an updated logo/graphics change)  the bogus Re/max web pages.

It must be remembered that at no time did the REAA investigating officer Ross Gouverneur or the CAC contact the victims so as to establish whether or not there was in fact additional evidence. Gouverneurs attempt was nothing more than a clayton’s investigation, that was by design flawed, its only purpose was to “handle” Mr Honey’s offending so as to exonerate him.

Again, we remind our readers that despite later being given the video evidence, that the REAA’s forensic investigator Mike Spence of deCipher Ltd notes in his report that he could have done with, the REAA failed to forward the videoed  material that corroborated the detailed written compliant, and request a review of Spence’s original forensic assessment.

All of this, we believe, was planned and executed in the hope that they would assist Mr Honey in avoiding prosecution. The documents have only now been released, in our opinion, because of the intervention of the forth estate, the sudden appearance of an REAA whistle-blower who has provided Lauda Finem with the evidence and the likelihood that, as a result, criminal information’s could be laid against all involved, including Dr Jackie Blue, Nathan Guy, Martin Honey, Keith Manch, Margaret Steel, Dean Winter and Anna Tierney; THE CABAL.

In releasing the dodgy documents  Mr Winter nonetheless hoped to beat Lauda Finem to the draw, head us of at the pass, so to speak. To late, the REAA has sat on the complaint and the irrefutable evidence against Martin Honey Ray White for well over a year and all they have clearly sought to do is maliciously attack the victims of Martin Honeys offending, the very people they should have been assisting!

Unfortunately for the REAA, Keith Manch and Anna Tierney the reasons for their vitriolic attack on Lauda Finem’s credentials ownership and integrity is now beginning to unfold; they just did not like being exposed as scum sucking fucking dirt bags!

Just what was it that gave the REAA just cause to reissue Mr Martin Honey’s real estate agents license in the face of irrefutable video evidence, inclusive of their own damning report, that Martin Honey was guilty of serious and chronic systemic fraud.

In the face of their own reports conclusions and the subsequent inference, that should have been drawn, that Martin Honey was a pathological liar, just why was it that the REAA gave preferential treatment and weight to Martin Honey’s criminally false and defamatory allegations against the victims who had reported him in the first place?  Remember according to Mike Bayley of Bayleys Real Estate New Zealand the Act requires that:

“You have to inform the REAA. If Bayleys hadn’t done that we would have been breaching the laws.”

Lauda Finem would argue that only one inescapable conclusion can be drawn, the REAA is home to corrupt government officials who are willing to stoop to criminal conspiracies and unimaginable misfeasance so as to assist friends of the National Party in Government to escape criminal prosecution.

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