ACC Forum: profiling nut-jobs – Trevor John Smith

Continuing on with our profiling of members of the psychoville web forum we would now like to introduce our readers to yet another long term accident compensation bludger and forum recalcitrant.

One more of the nut-jobs that through their malingering and greed cause serious harm.  This bloke however has even managed to anger a judge, that was back in December 2011.

That one event, however, has upped the stakes across the spectrum for all of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation claimants, in fact the very existence of this spooky web forum makes life difercult for all genuine ACC claimants.

On line this member is known as “doppelganger“, in reality however he’s a bloke by the name of Trevor John Smith and lives just out of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. Trev’s a bit of a loser, well he keeps losing his ACC reviews, and Judges such as DCJ Barber are far from impressed with Trevor’s rather nasty habit of squandering the courts valuable time and resources:


As an aside, we’ve also been advised that’s resident burglary/fraud expert “Tomcat” aka Kenneth Miller is back and has resurrected himself on the forum to continue his reign of defamation, abuse and just plain nastiness, behaviour that’s soon to cost the wiz kid Arrin Wislang, the forums “free speech” loving owner, a small fortune.

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