ACC Forum: Douglas James Weal, aka “southernman” “BART” and many more fake monikers a man who often lies for ACC

Up shit creek: Fat boy Douglas James Weal and Inspector Rex aka “Fitzy” the Alsatian spy

Today at 1.01pm (AEDST) 3.01pm New Zealand time we noticed that a member posted the following text with respect to how New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) had and were  dealing with a very serious  privacy breach and his own personal experience of that recent breach:

“Southernman, aka Douglas James Weal”

“Had the phone call from Eoin McDonald yesterday and received the letter of apology from Denise Cosgrove today. ACC are on the ball on this one.

Eoni McDonald said 
“ACC are very concerned about this breech of Privacy and wish to apologise”
to which I replied
“Why? I don’t see what the fuss is all, about as ACC make worse breaches everyday!” 


There’s only one problem. Douglas Weal, aka “Southernman” is not a sensitive claims unit client, nor is his name to be found anywhere on the list. So whats the above bullshit post on about. The names he’ s mentioned (above) have nothing whatsoever to do with the latest ACC breach of privacy.

Eon McDonald is in fact the South Island’s Manager of short term claims. As for Denise Cosgrove, well, she’s the General Manager of claims – Which would make Douglas James Weal aka “Southernman”  (aka) Mr Magoo, (aka) 47 deep-south, (aka) Bart (aka) planet career training Ltd (aka) Space Cadet (aka) angryman (aka) Gazza16a, (aka) unicorn57, a complete and utter fraudster.

Has Douglas Weal somehow himself managed to get onto yet another short term claim, having been kicked off many others, all as a result of a mosquito bite? We know that whilst in Fiji, he falsely claimed, working, he’d  been bitten on the arse by an insect and contracted dengue fever; whilst he’d really been there to marry his first, Russian take-away bride and arrange the importation of the  cargo.

Its not the first time Mr Douglas James Weal has been an ACC operative, he’s been on the ACC payrole so to speak, as an informant, since 2007. Check out his email below, an email that Weal sent to the then Ministers secretary Megan Bly, all those years ago.

The cabal at and are so into ACC that the Corporation has appointed a fulltime employee, Mr Jason Larbelli, who’s entire day at ACC is dedicated to receiving the intelligence and the confidential information of unsuspecting forum members that is sent back and forth by ACC staffers, civil servants, Douglas James Weal, Kenneth John Miller and others in the criminal cabal:

From: Douglas (Weal)
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 10:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Contact
Hi Megan

Private and Confidential.

 I have been approached by several people about the following problem.

We need a “conduit” into ACC, where we can feed high value information about ACC and Claimants. However the information needs to be seen by Dr White, before it disappears down the chain of command.

This situation has been brought about because it appears that since the internal enquiry into the activities of the ACC Fraud Unit, senior ACC staff are so busy watching their backs they appear too scared to act, and to the extent they appear to be no longer receptive to copies of hard information. Several persons who have contacts within ACC have reported this problem.

What we are asking for is a contact person, phone number or email address, where the Minister can assure us, the information is seen by Dr White, before it is distributed within ACC; and if so requested, the source of the information remains with Dr White’s office.

I ask that the Office of the Ministerfacilitate this?

The contact will be personally given to a select few people so that these persons can sort out the chaff and verify the information before it is passed on to ACC. Persons who currently may have information which would be of interest to Dr White and ACC include Warren Forster, Dave Butler, Bruce Van Essen and myself

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Weal

Nothing at all to do with any “Privacy Act” breach really, or is it? We’ll be posting more on this story next week. How do we know all about it, well we’ve chatted to an ACC media adviser, and we’ve also been handed the list of  names and details contained in the privacy breach, the same list given to Phil Kitchin (by a whistle-blower)  – its such a small world, you have to laugh!

Don’t worry, unlike ACC we don’t intend handing it over to an orthodox media organisation (Government owned propaganda machine) such as TVNZ – they should never be trusted.

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