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Michelle Boag, always involved in charity work

Today the New Zealand Herald (NZH) on Sunday ran an article outing the informant in the latest ACC privacy breach, allegedly the largest breach in New Zealand’s history. In the Herald piece the journalist  David Fisher claims that during a meeting with ACC the whistle-blower Bronwyn Pullar had attempted to manipulate ACC into guaranteeing two years of uninterrupted earnings related compensation (ERC), in exchange for the return of the documents that constituted the privacy breach.

Present with Bronwyn Pullar at the meeting, however,  was National Party “insider”, Michelle Boag, acting as a support person for Pullar. Boag’s recollection of who had raised the offer to guarantee Pullar’s ERC differed from ACC’s account. Boag claimed that it was in fact ACC who had first raised and made the offer to continue ERC payments in return for the documents and that the whistle-blower just wanted the matter investigated.

Interestingly as soon as the aforementioned NZH article was published was buzzing with the story, having first been posted by forum member “magnacarta” aka John Howard. This is quite extraordinary really because John Howard is in fact a member on ACC’s Consumers Outlook Group:

The Consumers’ Outlook Group (COG) provides an opportunity for community representatives to give ACC’s senior managers information and advice on consumer and ACC claimant issues.

So why is John Howard, a man that ACC has trusted enough to place him on their consumer outlook group doing stirring the pot in the forum. In fact just how did Mr Howard get to be on this so called Consumers Outlook Group. Well from what we’ve been told its because it was negotiated by the cabal, the ring leaders, of Apparently ACC had been lead to believe that this web forum was huge, when in fact it has bugger all in the way of genuine membership. The technique used to inflate the apparent membership was simple enough; the forums creators signed up to accounts using hundreds of bogus monikers.

ACC, however, knew that the forum and the true membership had managed to inflict serious damage on any individual that crossed the forums core organizers and had in fact defamed many of ACC’s own junior staff and contractors. ACC also knew that they had received so called intelligence on forum members and various others from the ring leaders of the group; people like Alan Thomas, Douglas Weal, Kenneth Miller, John Howard, David Butler, Helen Miken and Christine Thomas to name but a few.

The question that has not yet been asked is what had the ring leaders received in return for the information and favours they had given ACC, this in fact ties into the question why is John Howard a forum “ring-leader on an ACC Consumer Outlook Group and simultaneously appearing to be advocating against ACC in the forum.

John Howard has his own history of aggravation when it comes to his compensation and ERC, so again we ask, why John Howard:

A 68-year-old man with a severe arm injury has won the first round of his battle to get rehabilitation from ACC.

John Howard of Ohura was hurt in 1989 as a civilian working for the Army. The injury left him with severe nerve damage, suffering extreme pain and needing weekly compensation and vocational rehabilitation.


With our inside knowledge of how ACC has been dealing with the problem of and its ring leaders, we suspect that Boag’s recollection of what occurred at the meeting between ACC and the so called whistle-blower Bronwyn Pullar is more accurate:

Boag said her recollection of events was that it was the ACC staff member who suggested an arrangement could be reached in Pullar’s case.

“In the meeting he said if we agree on this as a way forward, a condition would have to be that you return the information.”

Boag said the staff member made the suggestion after she and Pullar urged an investigation of the privacy breach “for the sake of your ministry, your board, your CEO”

Our evidence unquestionably points to the fact that it is more than likely that ACC had attempted to buy Bronwyn Pullar off with the offer to guarantee her ERC in return for the documents and her silence.

We have obtained substantial evidence of inappropriate dealings between very senior ACC staff and the ring-leaders of the aforementioned web forum over a number of years and that there is currently an employee within ACC, Mr Jason Larbelli, charged with dealing exclusively with the forums organizers. Those dealings include preferential treatment, assisting ACC to eradicate overly successful advocates, allowing senior forum members to access ACC’s computers and clients case files, and passing personal information obtained via the forums online and real time activities.

Looking at the emails and various other documents that  Bronwyn Pullar has forwarded to New Zealand blogger, Cameron Slater it suggests to us that she has some connection to

“Confidential.Please don’t publish my name or the email, but you’re welcome to use this info/content below to keep pushing the cause as  I completely agree with you.  We could do it together mate.

These were my recommendation 2 years ago.  I know some pretty well connected people in the industry”

It also seems to us that Bronwyn’s mates, the “pretty well connected people in the Industry”, may well be the accforum team we have come to refer to as the cabal. This would explain ACC’s first instinct in offering the bribe, after all they had done it so many times before with the boys and girls from and it had become a tried and trusted formula for success.

As we have already said, and Cameron Slater seems to have picked up on this, there has been a sudden flurry of interest in ACC by the media, what with Fairfaxs hack Phil Kitchin, then the run of ACC stories by  Martin Johnston in the New Zealand Herald and again today with the other shite sheet the Herald on Sunday and it’s journo David Fisher wading in.

In fact in one of the emails Bronwyn sent to Cameron Slater she states;

“At the latest COGs (Consumers’ Outlook Group) meeting the next step is that ACC will no longer accept medical certificates from your GP determining the number of hours you work.  ACC are planning that this medical certification will have to come from an ACC doctor.”

Within minutes of our posting this story, magnacarta aka  John Howard had himself posted on accforum information on the Consumer Outlook Group , but fails to explain why. of course his knowledge is as a result of his membership in the Consumer Outlook Group. Was John Howard one of the “pretty well connected people” Bronwyn had referred too, after all she to had something to say about COG’s.

Prior to this another senior forum member  angryman aka Douglas James Weal had boldly claimed that Lauda Finem’s outing of “magnacarta” as John Howard had been a total fabrication: “I find it quite astonishing that they would print something that could be shown up as a total fabrication” and claiming that our informant David Butler had been “smoking to much grass”

This is no co-incidence, the cabal, the aforementioned movers and shakers behind are undoubtedly behind this orchestrated PR smear campaign, its got their filthy DNA all over it.

Lauda Finem has obtained archival files that relate to a sting operation attempted against members in 2006 -2007. These members had been defrauding ACC for years and it was decided by a local justice campaigner, when presented with less than ideal evidence, that he would attempt to obtain further proof of systemic wrong doing by the ring-leaders responsible for the creation of

Unfortunately the forum members involved, David Butler, Colleen Limmer, Kenneth Miller, Evonne Puru, John Howard, Douglas Weal and others smelt a rat and the investigation was unable to collect enough evidence to support a prosecution – that has now changed, since Super Grass arrived on the scene.

The same investigative techniques were later to be employed with great success in an unrelated sting. In that case we have evidence that Douglas Weal, again unsuccessfully, attempted to tack an unrelated accforum issue onto that story by contacting Fairfax journalist Tony Wall, in an attempt to run a smear campaign remarkably similar to Bronwyn Pullar’s current effort. We’ll be bringing you this and other stories on some of the forums failed efforts to con the media in the coming weeks. We’ll borrow a paragraph from one of Cameron Slater’s pieces (link below):

“There are two groups of ACC Claimaints. Those that are bat shit crazy seeing conspiracy everywhere, infesting news groups and and community notice boards at Trademe railing against every sleight against them….and there is a a second group of claimants that have had a couple of issues and just quietly deal with them and move on. Bronwyn Pullar is in the first and somewhat larger group.”

The founders and members of www.accforum fall into the “bat shit crazy” category and have gone to extraordinary lengths over the years to destroy the reputations of anyone they perceive as having been in their way, and their way is for the most part ACC fraud!

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