New Zealand Herald: Deborah Coddington, dear god not another APN fuckwit?

It seems that media stables have a lot in common with more traditional stables, not only do they house hacks they’re also full of horse shit. We’re not sure which end APN’s Deborah Coddington hails from but we’re pretty sure her latest effort is manure.

Today’s Herald on Sunday played host to Coddington’s April fools joke “Too much doesn’t add up in this ACC security story” whilst (as the title perhaps promises),  the National Parties parties ACC cover-up doesn’t add up, the content of Coddington’s story also fails to add up. In fact Coddington’s thoughts are all over the show and way beyond comprehension….in a Gin guzzling sort of way.

All teeth, Ms Priscilla, aka Deborah Coddington

We’ve only just been introduced to Coddington’s work, however the tell tale narcissist, I’m so glam, photo says it all. She appears to be so far up her own arse that there’s a serious risk of the bitch turning inside out; seriously,  who the hell (with the exception of HRH and a drag queen) swans to work in evening frock, with the pearl necklace.

In todays offering Coddington tries desperately to compete with Fairfax’s Dominion Post in a story that has its roots in Fairfax’s Phil Kitchin’s breaking scoop, obviously shes being pushed by her halfwit editor Bryce “one more for the road” Johns.

Of course Bryce Johns also missed the boat recently when he foolishly passed over a far larger scoop, a far more serious case of National Party cronyism in favour of his own personal agenda…..a common trait amongst New Zealand’s media hacks. The aforementioned story had criminal implications, involving the Associate Minister for Justice Nathan Guy, MP Jackie Blue, an Auckland real estate agent and National Party stalwart Mr Martin Honey.

Bryce Johns, Editor of New Zealand's Herald On Sunday

We however digress, Coddington seems to have a little difficulty differentiating fact from her perception of her readers bias. We’ve taken just one paragraph of the shit that she and her editor Bryce Johns attempted to pass off as journalism. Coddington poses the question:

“First: why is the taxpayer-funded ACC (New Zealand’s accident compensation corporation) even expected to pay compensation to someone who, we now know, has already received a million-dollar payout from a private insurance company for her bicycle accident, the same accident for which she’s seeking an ongoing benefit from ACC?”

Coddington gets it wrong, its not the tax payer, rather an ongoing levy which is a user funded compensation benefit that Pullar was and still is legally entitled to, by reason that the New Zealand Governments law of 1972 has prohibited Pullar, like so many other genuine claimants over the past 40 years, from suing those responsible for their injuries and suffering (legislation which, needless to say, was at the time a cost saving strategy designed by a Government hell bent on saving the counties courts time and expense).

Surely Coddington’s question was not penned by a woman with a university degree. Universities are supposed to instill critical thinking skills and at least something resembling the ability to do some research? Well that’s certainly the case here in Australia, perhaps New Zealand’s Uni’s are a little different, which could explain the mass exodus of smart people from the county.

The undisguised effort by Coddington is of course designed to appeal to a readership she covets, bigots, rednecks and right wing sociopaths who’re devoid of social conscience or the notion of social responsibility, preferring instead to constantly shift the goal posts, pay less tax,  for their own personal gain.

Coddington it seems has not bothered to read the Act which governs this so called state controlled Accident Compensation “Corporation”, nor has she bothered to enlighten herself, or her readers for that matter, on the finer points behind the purpose and drafting of the original legislation in 1972.

We’ll be posting more on the “real” history of the “Accident Compensation Commission”, as it was known in 1972 in the coming weeks. After all this National party scandal and the associated media stories show no signs of abating anytime soon, we’ll be doing our part to ensure that remains the case and that all is revealed!

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