Dotcom raps about John Banks’ amnesia

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  • Pete says:

    Hows that daisy chain going today ladies. Medication all up to date and ok? Not making you to drowsy to continue your anonymous cowardly attacks?

    • Hey Pete why don’t you give Greg O’Connor a tinkle on the old dog n bone and let him know how you feel, he might care; but we doubt it lol. For those not in the know, Pete is an ex-cop from Gisborne New Zealand who likes to comment on our posts that inculpate his bent mates

  • Pete says:

    Ahhhh, you silly, misguided anonymous (apparently) cowards. Are you so wrapped up in your self pleasuring you really expect anyone sane to believe your rubbish
    ? You are so transparent you embarrass yourselves, maybe less pies fatso and more brainfood are in order.

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