Jordan Williams

National Party corruption and cronyism; Lusk and Williams out themselves!

First posted by Trevor Mallard on labour party blog, June 28th, 2011 Got a bit of a hard time for a series of posts which slowly linked Whaleoil, Simon Lusk,Jordan Williams and Steven Joyce first to the Brash Act coup and then to the anti MMP campaign. They have gone public over the last 24 hours. Lusk and Williams first two to like the Facebook page. Vindicated. Now of course in the interests of transparency they will tell us who is paying them. Doubt it is John Banks who singlehandedly funded the Brash coup. At the moment he looks like he is going to get into Parliament with the support of the Leader of the National Party, with an other likely to be his leader Brash.

Jordan Williams

A more recent photo of  a killer camouflage-boy, and yet another National Party Wanker; Jordan Williams

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  • Pete says:

    Thought for the day ladies. Anonymity is the only way weak men can make themselves feel strong. You weaklings have a great weekend.

    • Hey Pete why don’t you give Greg O’Connor a tinkle on the old dog n bone and let him know how you feel, he might care; but we doubt it lol. For those not in the know, Pete is an ex-cop from Gisborne New Zealand who likes to comment on our posts that inculpate his bent mates

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