Dotcom’s donation to National Party stall-wort – Mr Botox, John Banks and his Bully Boy’s in action

Why are New Zealanders heading to Australia in record breaking numbers? Perhaps they’ve realised that they’re living in a Banana Republic which has for two decades been masquarading as a democracy.

Psst:  just between Lauda Finem and our readers who is John Hay (noted in the video above), check this out;, isn’t that the corrupt National Party MP Jackie Blue’s turf, oh dear!

The John Banks Dotcom and Bronwyn Pullar affairs are but the tip of a rather large iceberg. Smart Kiwi’s are undoubtedly voting using their passports. They’ve obviously had enough.

We’re prepared to put money on the fact that Kim Dotcom now deeply regrets buying into the bullshit myth that New Zealand is a great place to live and invest.

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