ACC: 60 Minutes, the Bronwyn Pullar Case

Click the image to view the 60 Minutes Expose.

Green Party ACC spokesman Kevin Hague told the media last night Ms Collins needed to act decisively to restore public trust in the corporation.

“The further revelations about shonky assessment and claims handling practices … mean that, at the very least, the ACC Minister should remove John Judge as ACC chair.”

ACC: The slimy Dr Anthony Burgess and his friend Dr Who

And in a separate email to an ACC staffer, Dr Burgess wrote: “What is incredulous is how this woman has fleeced ACC for seven years.

“From my inspection of this case, it looks very much like the client has manipulated a clinician into providing an inaccurate report for the sole purpose of providing financial gain, or in more direct terms, fraud…….She can take her narcissistic personality disorder and get back to work.”

Although the odds are not looking good for the slimy prick Dr Anthony Burgess


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