ACC Forum; If you want to bask in Pullar’s limelight you’ll need to step out of the shadows

Take a close look at this post, we think that Mr David Butler is slowly but surely becoming a very good prosecutor (This material below is verbatim, so their use of the English language is obviously not ours):

David Butler Posted Today, 10:01 AM

View Post  Tomcat [photo right], on 15 June 2012 – 12:03 PM, said:

Criminal and conman Mr Kenneth Miller (AKA Tomcat): ACC criminal fraudster

Posted On behalf of Mini [aka Ms Claire Avon Rae Hollis] …I do not find ACC any the more lenient because of the Puller outburst. Personally, I consider she has distracted from what we are after and that is our rights to entitlements and she would have done anything to get it the easy way, rather than go through what I have been through. She is in this for herself and herself alone. Any win I have in the courts helps others get their entitlements by having case law to rely on. Any wins she has by using Boag and her yappy skills helps no one else. The lack of rights to entitlements are not being looked at by the govt auditor until 2013-14 and I have this in writing, asking if they can use my.

#Note please
This is not a pick on mini here
she statemented /opinionated on an issue under debate in this thread and a response is warranted

MINI [AKA Ms Claire Avon Rae Hollis]

Bronwyn -Ms Puller DID NOT -do what she did -FOR HERSELF and is NOT in this for herself all alone

Entitlements amongst many other things ARE being looked at this very moment as a result of Bronwyns stand on behalf of all claimants
One needs an issue to be able to do that as you well know.
In a completely different area than you do your thing in.
The government auditor you speak of has no input to this issue what so ever
If they did which they dont -they’d be running so fast away from this they would make the olympic sprinters squad

Do you have any understating of what this issue is actually about and what bought it to the state of affairs it has so far ended up as.

You may tell us all with FACTS ll if you know?
An explanation to your claim would be great here.

”You consider she has distracted from what we are after and would have done everything the easy way”

I, as i expect a few others would be as well would be delighted to hear your version of just what the we;s you associate with want

I doubt you could explain a single thing as to this particular issue though. and are very much UN- informed and just guess what you think things may be

If you post get some facts Posted Imageright Posted Imagefirst please.

You should also be aware that Melanie Reid TV 3-has ben in constant contact with Ms Puller for 7 years.

Secret dealings, emails, co-conspirators, and then a rather large cash payment Ken: it’s almost time to say good bye don’t you think Ken!  

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