ACC: Proof that NZ Herald or ACC themselves scour ACCForum?

This week, a member of the online ACC claimants’ discussion group ACCforum posted that they had requested their “IT Sweep” – a record of which ACC staff had accessed their electronic file.

However, with that information they also received “a list of names regarding review dates and reason for review and claim numbers”.

After the post generated a strong response from other members, the claimant offered an assurance they would not share the data with anyone else and were now being advised by a lawyer:

Yesterday, ACC’s privacy officer, Miriama Henderson  responded to the ACCforum post. “If you’ve received information not about you, ACC needs to recover the information so we can contact the clients whose information has been released. We’ll also advise the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of any breach,” she wrote.

Read more: ACC faces new privacy breach claim (NZ Herald):

Whats interesting about the above NZ Herald story (quoted) is the fact that despite two days having past since being printed and the member “Chroy” having allegedly contacted his “top” lawyer, ACC’s Miriama has, so far, not been contacted. In fact she’s seen again posting a message further asking for details of the alleged breach:

Soon after Miriama posted, “Chroy” then (predictably) deleted his posts containing the allegation that he’d received the personal details of ACC claimants.

Interesting but not at all surprising given that ACC Forum’s membership consists mainly of pathological liars, a group of individuals who get their rocks off by shit-stirring; inventing cases or facts which are designed solely with the purpose of causing harm; so as to be noticed.

This particular forum is littered with misinformation, fabrication, personal attacks and abuse (and despite their so called memberships ongoing  protestations against Lauda Finem) … looks as if ACC’s Miriama  may never get to hear from “Chroy” or his fantasy lawyer. Our advice to genuine ACC claimants……. not everything on the web is reliable and this case is but one example; steer well clear of!

Read ACC Forum posts: Privacy Breach got list of names on iT Sweep

Email ACC and express your disgust:

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