Peter Chevin

Dodgey realtors soon to be outed by consumer campaigner Dermot Nottingham

Peter Louis Chevin was convicted yesterday in the Auckland District Court of 6 charges of leaving the country as a bankrupt without the permission of the Official Assignee’s office. We think he was spending up large on the back of assets not fully disclosed in his bankruptcy….how else would this serial recidivist insolvent and fraudster afford the trips to Asia.

Chevin was also convicted of the more serious charge of operating a company, with his erstwhile champagne guzzling bankrupt mate Big Paulie Bublitze. Big Paulie is to plead “not guilty” in his upcoming trial of operating a company whilst and undischarged bankrupt. Other more serious charges were dropped against Chevin when he agreed to do a deal and give evidence against Big Paulie .

Paul Bublitz (left)

Lauda finem has to comment here that to what extent the offending of Peter “Champagne” Chevin’s dirty deeds were hidden from the District Court Judge sentencing him is unknown. We do know however that Meredith Connell on the instructions of the Official Assignee’s office did a deal.

In our view for an officer of the court to knowingly mislead the Judge of the extent of Chevin’s offending is meant to be a big no no. We don’t really go in for doing deals on serious criminal offending and would have chased Chevin down in the righteous name of the huge number of victims and tax payers of New Zealand who are funding the various bail outs of finance companies and dodgey leaky buildings… least we forget that these clowns were the movers and shakers and champagne guzzlers that left a legacy of bankrupt finance companies, leaky buildings and state dependent “greedy grey national party voters wallowing in their wake.

John Harkness, Peter Chevin’s Lawyer?

We are cognizant that you can only sentence the man for the charge pleaded to, or convicted of. To be fair to the District Court Judge, she was ham strung by a lack of authorities to support a more severe sentence. The performance of junior counsel for Meredith Connell was less than spectacular as was the performance of the of un-rated mumbling counsel for Chevin, who presented a whole lot of irrelevant authorities based on superseded outdated legislation, some of which wasn’t even relevant to the New Zealand jurisdiction. All in all it was a very unfortunate outcome that didn’t act as a deterrent to the bankrupt Chevin or his cadre of fellow financial “Illuminati”. The New Zealand bankrupt Businessman’s Association.

At the time Chevin was being prosecuted he was so worried about the enforcement provisions of the companies and insolvency Acts he was out trying to buy multi-million dollar properties with the assistance of prominent Lawyers and real estate companies. Lauda Finem has video footage of L J Hookers star real estate agent Julija Wilson presenting Chevin and a proposed deal on multi million dollar properties. Unfortunately she did it to Dermot Nottingham who of course covered his arse by taping the incident. What happened after that was even more amazing and we will go into that in our next post.

Bublitz company crashes, taxpayer liable for $9.3 million (NBR)

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  • Byron Grubers says:

    How many justice campaigners are there in NZ – Joe Karam – Garth McVicar – Georgina Bayer – and Dermot Nottingham – and not in that order. Bayer first, Nottingham next, and fuck the rest. My reason’s for Bayer and Nottingham being above the crowd…they went for controversial and confrontational issues and could not give a fuck as to what the average low IQ kiwi thought. McVicar was a smalll time crim that wanted to go big on the light side, and as for Karam..well.. who gives a fuck. Bayer rocks and me and Wendy are so sorry as to her current situation…as for Nottingham; well fuck he just fucks over everyone who gets in the way of what he considers “justice”. He could be a comic hero like “Captain kill all cunts”

  • Hi Rayi, what about the “Lehohapata” character, lol. He She seems to like commenting on anything related. Our latest whistle-blower has advised that it is a career criminal by the name of Kenneth Miller aka; Tomcat, Kenneth Paul Anthony, Frank Milan Antoniovich, Kenneth Paul Robert Antony, Kenneth Paul Miller, Kenneth Paul Robert Miller, Frank Milan Ranaic, Frank Milan Ranak. His criminal record has been supplied to us by yet another whistle-blower:

    It seems to us here in Australia that this Nottingham bloke (and apparently his entire family) is a bit of a rebel who gets the job done. It also seems to us here at LF that this bloke really upsets a few of the locals (lately a handful of the countries insurance fraudsters), Kiwi’s are a fucking strange breed.

  • Rayi shankar says:

    Sounds like dermot is a brawler, Nck is to much of a girlie to front Dermot Nottingham. From what Nick says .Dermot would knock him into next week. Of course LF this is the corrupt Gisborne constabulary that were all arrested for assualt, rape, drugs etc. No wonder Dermot is a justice campaigner!

  • Rayi shankar says:

    this guy Nic sounds like a real cocksmoker. As always no real names because he dosn’t exist and he’s a real girl!

  • We know where your justice campaigner lives, some of our prospects were on accforum and Dermots address was leaked. We have lots of bros in Auckland who are wanting to have a private conversation with Dermot in real life. 82 Goodall Street, not far from our HQ.

  • In one High Court case, Justice Robertson said the evidence that Dermot and Philip Nottingham gave on oath was unreal.

    The brothers were in court because they had not paid a Gisborne glazier, John McLaughlin, $13,000 for window work he did at their Gisborne nightclub, Nottinghams.

  • “In 1980 he was arrested for wilful damage.

    “In 1983 he was arrested for fighting in a public place.

    “In 1985 he was arrested for refusing to accompany an officer, using insulting language and assaulting a traffic officer.

    “He has been arrested for common assault and the discharge of a firearm in a public place. The list goes on and on,”

  • DERMOT NOTTINGHAM, the self-styled investigator who plastered the name of the policeman who killed Steven Wallace on the Internet, is a convicted thief and a brawler.

  • …..redacted…….

    • Hi again Alan, we are pretty liberal here at LF but did you really believe that we would post obscure public record designed to do what? We are all pissing ourselves laughing….as they say “give a man enough rope and he will hang himself“: are you feeling like an idiot yet Alan? Readers will be able to understand that Alan’s a little upset because he and his cohort realised that there latest effort to defame The Team @ Lauda Finem (and justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham), with a brand new “wordpress” hate site ( which was pulled down overnight.

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