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NZ Detectives Malcolm Thomas, Lew Proctor and their part in serious police corruption

Update (16/10/2012, 11:07 AEDT): Lauda finem have now spoken with retired Detective Jim Payton, who confirms that the police job sheet (below) is a fake and in no way reflects or accurately records the events as they unfolded, in fact the very honest Mr Payton is of the belief that he has never meet Detective Malcolm John Thomas. We’ll be posting another piece on the story in the near future.

On the 29th July 2010 Lauda Finem posted an article (one in a series) looking at police corruption in Gisborne, New Zealand dating back to the late 1980’s. The story “Lewis Proctor – Bent Cop, Piss Head and Magnum P I” exposed a number of the people involved, including two corrupt cops, Detective Malcolm John Thomas and Ex-Cop turned private investigator Lewis Noel Proctor.

Thomas was the personification of evil, having been the ring-leader in the abduction and torture of local man Dickie Maxwell [listen to audio at the bottom of this post] and was eventually “exited” in 2009 after having been accused of planting  evidence in a rape case, in which the accused was eventually acquitted on appeal.

Lew Proctor’s history in the New Zealand Police force is equally interesting, as the New Zealand Herald reported in 2006:

Bent Ex-Cop – Private Investigator Lewis Proctor

Herald files show private investigator Lew Proctor was convicted of assaulting three officers and another man after going berserk during a drinking session at the Papakura Police Station bar when still in the force as a detective in 1982.

The Herald files show Proctor struck one constable, headbutted another constable in the face and intentionally kicked Inspector Barry Davies in the groin as well as intentionally damaging a door.

Proctor’s rage began after a heated conversation about dogs with other officers in the bar, where he was saying he wanted to “show how he had hit the black Samoan bastard who hit his dog”.

He started taking several swings at a constable, putting his fist through a door, smashing a door and putting his fist through a toilet wall.

He then punched one of the constables in the face several times, butted the other and lashed out at Mr Davies, kicking him in the groin and later in the backside.

At some point, Proctor went into an interview room where a man was being held in custody, asked him a few questions, then punched him twice about the head.

In his defence, Proctor claimed he was suffering temporary insanity.

Source: Brethren’s investigator went berserk at station (NZ Herald)

Bent ex-cop Steve Dimery, a man of mystery? The man that Detective Thomas neglected to include in his bogus police job sheet, that story coming soon.

Lauda Finem’s story on these two rogue cops involved the pair in conspiring to lay false charges against a group of businessmen who were attempting to get to the bottom of local police corruption.

For years the businessmen had been requesting the police files under the country’s FOI legislation without success; Police National Headquarters repeatedly denying access citing security reasons.

This type of stonewalling by New Zealand police command is unfortunately par for the course, especially if it involves criminal behaviour on the part of one or more of their own boy’s in blue.

In this case decades later another inconspicuous FOI request was made for the files; this time they were released (in error). As suspected the police officers and civil servants involved had indeed conspired to falsely accuse, the police documents along with contemporaneous taped telephone conversations evidenced it.

Of particular interest was a Police Job Sheet that Detective Malcolm Thomas had fabricated at the time which, he thought, would conceal the conspiracy and his offending. It is important to note that at the time Thomas wrote the report he was being protected by his corrupt superiors Steve Shortland, Mervin Derecourt amongst others and the local crown solicitor, Phillip Cooper (now a district court judge).

Corrupt cop, Detective Malcolm John Thomas

Thomas believing that the file would never fall into the businessmen’s hands felt free to put on record what ever he liked. In the job sheet Thomas named the people that he wanted police command to believe had assisted him in discovering the criminal offending he was falsely alleging the businessmen had committed. This was an important part in Thomas’s plan to lay his false charges. One of the men Thomas named was a retired police officer who at the time was employed as a private investigator; Mr James Payton (photo top), working out of a Napier office.

Now whilst the aforementioned police job sheet and various other irrefutable evidence (including the audio tapes) is conclusive proof of Detective Thomas’s behaviour, in that he and others conspired to falsely accuse the businessmen and have them falsely charged under the crimes act, there has been another interesting development in the case. A few days ago Lauda Finem received correspondence via our Facebook page and it was from none other than the retired Detective Mr James Payton, the man that Detective Malcolm Thomas (the corrupt cop) had named, along with Lewis Noel Proctor, as being his co-informants whilst laying the fabricated criminal information’s:

Click to enlarge in a new tab

In his message (above) Mr Payton is requesting the identities of those who he says have falsely alleged his involvement in the conspiracy. We are assuming that when Mr Payton read the post in question he failed to enlarge the images that we had made available. With that in mind and Mr Payton’s more than obvious curiosity we will again provide the all important police job sheet that Detective Malcolm Thomas had manufactured so as to conceal his and his co-conspirators criminal offending:

Job Sheet, page 1 – Thomas & Proctor conspire to falsely accuse

Police job sheet page 2: http://www.laudafinem.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/thomas_proctor_conspiracytoacuse22.jpg

We here at Lauda Finem are not saying that Jim Payton was involved, its quite likely that Thomas manufactured the involvement; so with that in mind we have been endeavouring to telephone James (Jim) Payton without success.

Update (16/10/2012, 11:07 AEDT): Lauda finem have now spoken with retired Detective Jim Payton, who confirms that the police job sheet (above) is a fake and in no way reflects or accurately records the events as they unfolded, in fact the very honest Mr Payton is of the belief that he has never meet Detective Malcolm John Thomas. We’ll be posting another piece on the story in the near future.

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  • Then there’s this little ditty from police minister Anne Tolley this morning:

    “Misconduct is thoroughly investigated, and any criminal allegation is investigated by police as it would be for any other individual,” says Ms Tolley. “If there is evidence, then an officer will be prosecuted.”

    Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Tolley-disputes-police-trust-survey/tabid/423/articleID/272886/Default.aspx#ixzz29PLp5Knn

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