72 Upper Queen Street: Zone Realty's less than salubrious head office

Official Assignee fails to take action whilst creditors lose millions

72 Upper Queen Street: Zone Realty’s less than salubrious head office

The New Zealand Governments Official Assignee’s office stands back and watches as Corporate crim’s take creditors for million’s.

Was Zone Realty Limited trading as LJ Hookers Ponsonby in 2008? Was that company an unlicensed Real-estate Agent? Doing dodgey deals with bankrupts.

Zone Realty Limited was incorporated on the 13th April 2007 its registered office was, at the time, the less than salubrious address of 72 Upper Queen Street (photo above) right across the Road from 74 Upper Queen Street, the headquarters of Malcolm Mayer’s and Simon Turnbull’s fraud based property empire.

Warren Arthur Wilson

Warren Arthur Wilson, photo courtesy Dr Grobler, another victim of Wilson’s outrageous homophobic abuse

72 Upper Queen Street was the head office of Zone Realty Limited and home of Warren and Julija Wilson. If you believe Warren Arthur Wilson, and to be frank most people don’t, that is how he met the self effacing fellow property guru Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer.

Mayer might have been a diminutive, less than attractive, less than intelligent, little man, but he could play cards…bridge to be exact. So well, that he became a New Zealand representative bridge player. He also had real vision for property. Not your normal vision of gentrification and development. No, more a vision of a southern super ghetto for the new Auckland super city. Auckland as a new version of the old Mumbai. Malcolm dreamed of the creation of accommodation ghettos and slums, the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded, cosmopolitan, steaming, inner city slum rising from the corporate collapses of years of New Zealand’s corporate incompetence and criminality. A slum filled to creaking with foreign backpackers and drug addled social misfits. A holy milch cow disgorging mountains of tax free “Mulla”. Siphoned from his empire by a harem of young foreign girlie rent collectors. Not a bad dream really if you have to have one.

To that holy endeavor he renovated properties in inner city Auckland, properties filled with foreign university student émigré’s, studying hard and living in old warehouses, and abandoned office towers, most of the bedrooms without natural light and fresh air. An inner Auckland vertical slum city from the annals of science fiction nightmares, like ”Total recall” (as lauda Finems various other website’s  report its happening throughout Australasia). The Hollywood realty, recreated in the flickering “other worldly” reality of faulty florescent lights and the stomach wrenching smell of stale body odour, human waste and filth. The aroma and urban flavor of overcrowding, artificial light and the hum of straining, failing air reticulation system’s.

Of course Warren Wilson only meet Malcolm Mayer as a neighbor and from those meetings Warren Wilson obtained the formula to success in the New Zealand property market. Warren Wilson had a number of key qualifications but was missing the associations. He needed introductions to valuers and real estate agents of dubious integrity who would pave the way to his economic resurgence. Warren had been to the depths of despair and economic oblivion in the shame of bankruptcy and had decided to become a devotee of Mayerji, an acolyte suckling on the fountain of knowledge that was Malcolm Mayer’s holy teat.

LJ Hooker or Zone Realty: Julija Wilson

Warren did have certain endearing qualities. Firstly moral flexibility, the ability to mislead, lie, threaten intimidate and cajole when and if all else failed. The other was his self belief, Warren Wilson had always rated himself as something special, he was in reality, the epitome of what psychiatrists might describe as a “special person”.

Warrens self improvement regime commenced with his attendance at Auckland university as a more than mature student doing various units of a law degree. He had high hopes of finding an outlet for what he perceived as his as yet unexercised and neglected intellect. He also needed the emotional support of a relationship with a Latvian immigrant wife befitting his impending resurgence within the Auckland social elite.

Warren Wilson meet and , fell in love with a young Latvian women who was to become his bride and they moved into a quaint small inner city cottage. Warren dedicated himself to it’s renovation as a monument to his artistic side and that’s when the wheels fell off the cart and he sobered up.  His Latvian wife obtained her Kiwi citizenship and then promptly left him. The Auckland City counsel jumped on him from a great height, for the unconsented elevation of the decaying cottage (photo top) onto what Warren would later describe as a boundary wall. His neighbours and the Auckland city council took him to court and the bitter realty of life settled once again on Warren’s narrow shoulders.

Warren had borrowed the money for his latest financial disaster from the ANZ banking group, obtaining a valuation from a professional valuer by the name of Parkinson, who had been recommended by Malcolm Mayer as eminently suitable to see the real potential in Warren Wilson’s dream. Wilson borrowed close to a million dollars on 72 Upper Queen Street and then just didn’t pay the mortgage preferring to embroil the Bank and subsequently the Auckland City council in years of malicious and vexatious litigation through the various jurisdiction’s. Warren unfortunately relied on  his dubious intellect and of newly acquired lack of legal expertise to befuddle himself and the lawyers acting for the banks and Auckland City Counsel. Wilson relied, as his foundation on the legal authority of Nottingham v RSL to ground his gallant charge into the world of litigation. Dermot Nottingham had been successful in that proceeding unlike the unfortunate Mr Wilson.

Prior to the unforeseen and, at least for Warren, unexpected failure of his marriage Julija and Warren incorporated “Zone Realty Limited”. Julija Wilson was working for Good Real Estate Ltd trading as L.J. Hookers Ponsonby as a real estate agent. Julija started using Zone Realty’s e-mail address (zonerealty@ihug.co.nz) when contacting clients . This despite, at the same time, working for the L.J.Hooker franchise in Ponsonby. Zone Realty Limited was not then a licensed real estate agent.

Peter Chevin

In 2008 Julija Wilson introduced Peter Louis Chevin to a property company represented by Dermot Nottingham. Nottingham smelt a rat when Chevin was unable to sign contracts and when the contract was signed Chevin couldn’t identify the signature (Video below). It was so strange Dermot Nottingham grilled Julija Wilson on the ‘bona fides’ of Chevin, which resulted in a confession by Julija Wilson that she knew that Peter Chevin was a bankrupt, a fact that she had previously failed to mention to Nottingham.

Nottingham faced with an irate property owner decided to protect himself from lies and misinformation and false allegation’s and so video taped the meeting between Chevin, Wilson and himself. The precaution bore fruit when Chevin admitted to being in control of “his company”, alleged he was paid a commission (as an unlicensed real estate agent) on the sale/purchase and on any profit from the deal but alleging the directors of the purchasing company were Big Paulie Bublitz and a Mr John Howard Babington. Dermot Nottingham wrote to Ian Jowsey ARIENZ, at the time of LJ Hooker Ponsonby, and recorded Julija Wilson’s admissions specifically;

“More importantly, and of significant concern to you as licensee, the writer has been made aware from Julija that your office has been having Mr Chevin operate, as if he was a director, (ie in effective control) of a company, when acutely aware of his ban from being a director as of 8 February of this year. This is a significant breach of the rules governing your firms licensed operation. Additionally your firm has never been able to identify who was the true purchaser or vendor9 in that Julia had never meet the vendor or spoken to the vendor when a multi million dollar offers are being made). Again this is a significant breach of practice as the signature on the contract does not detail a legible name and this should have been obtained and confirmation in writing obtained about whether the vendor had actually signed the document.”

Nottingham was concerned that the signature on the 3.5 million dollar contract submitted by Julija Wilson was a forgery and advised Ian Jowsey that he would be having the signature checked by an expert to establish whether it was genuine or not. The tape of Chevin indicated that Chevin did not recognize the signature, Julija couldn’t help either she didn’t even know who the vendor was let alone who had signed the contract. Lauda finem does not believe for one moment that the signature was genuine. We believe it to be a forgery. Ian Jowsey and Julija Wilson through Ponsonby Real Estate was promoting that forged document…..or was it Zone Realty Limited.

So who was really behind these fraudulent contracts promoted by Julija Wilson, Ian Jowsey and L.J. Hookers Ponsonby. Lauda finem have had a wee peek behind the corporate veil and at the corporate reality Blake Street Trustees limited trading as the “Stonne Trust” described by Chevin as his company, the company he controls as a bankrupt was placed into liquidation on the 13.12.2011 owing $ 882,755.14. Part of that the money owed was GST and PAYE. The IRD, readers will remember, were chasing Chevin at the time of his performance on the video taped interview with Nottingham. The director patsy pretending to act for Chevin at that time was Peter Hill of Unit 1/114 Marua Road Ellerslie. Hill took over director ships of a raft of Chevin companies and appears with the assistance of Chevin and the tacit approval of the official Assignee’s Office went on to cost creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years. The unlawful shadow directorship of this company was not mentioned in Chevins sentencing despite the evidence being supplied to the Official assignee by Nottingham years earlier. Lauda finem will name names of the Official Assignees Office involved in the scam. Incompetence may be their excuse or perhaps there may well be other reasons for their conduct?

Meanwhile Homebush Trustees Limited beat Blake Street Trustees Limited to the corporate grave, being placed into liquidation on the 15/11/2011. Owing $73,000-00 unsecured and unrecoverable. Talking of spooky the synchronicity of this next fact is the residential address of Stonne Trusts  erstwhile director, Babington is 15 Nottingham Place Albany…freaky!

If the Official Assignees office had acted earlier, or for that matter at all, the unsuspecting creditors would have been saved at least a cool million dollars. The Official Assignees office was given the video footage (made available below) years before the failure. The video details Chevin’s admissions to the current offending. Nottingham held off distributing it in deference to the principles of due process that both Chevin and Wilson, just like any other citizen, certainly deserved. However heads should now roll for the gross incompetence of the Crown in not even attempting to curtail Chevin, Babington and co’s offending; despite having been handed the evidence on a plate.

LJ Hooker: Ian Jowsey

Julija Wilson aware of her exposure with regards to the corporate crim’s conduct under the party provisions of the New Zealand Crimes Act, tried desperately to get Nottingham to surrender a copy of the tape (below) supplied to the Official Assignees office.  Mrs Wilson sought the assistance of L.J. Hookers sales manager Ian Jowsey. Ian wrote to Dermot Nottingham on the 26th September 2008 seeking discovery of the video tape recording and any other information, paper and or digital, on the conduct of Julija Wilson or Good Realty Limited. It was panic stations…. Julija was seriously concerned that certain other suggestions made to Dermot Nottingham effecting the distribution of any “finders fee” between her, Zone Realty Limited and her actual employer “Good Realty Limited” was recorded. Such suggestions having the potential to threaten both Ian Jowsey’s and her future employment with Good Realty. Jowsey also sought clarification of the purpose of the recording. Jowsey saying at the time that everybody at Good realty dealt with bankrupts it was 50% of their business. Lauda finem has not got to the bottom of that particular admission but frankly it is a claim worth looking into.

Nottingham refused to disclose any inculpatory documents  and wrote back to Jowsey for the record, noting that he had raised concerns with Jowsey over the integrity of the contracts and Jowsey’s support as to the bona fides of Peter Chevin. Nottingham advising LJ Hookers of the position of the properties owner;

“The owner of the property is livid about the time that has been wasted and the costs involved which have been paid by him”

The matter was ostensibly at an end, subject to the Official Assignees office investigation. Nottingham advising that a complaint would be made with the Real Estate Institute and the Official Assignees Office. This is when Julija Wilson involved Warren Arthur Wilson. Warren Wilson made an anonymous phone call to Property Bank Realtor Limited seeking to make a complaint on behalf of Julija Wilson against Dermot Nottingham. His first contact was with a salesman Robert who described Mr Wilson as being aggressive, unintelligible and drunk. Wilson refused to leave a name and engaged in a diatribe of abuse. The call was transferred to Dermot Nottingham who after numerous attempts to get any coherent details from the intoxicated Wilson eventually got his contact details but no details on his alleged complaint. Warren Wilson when sober e-mailed Property Bank Realtors Chief executive on the 2nd October 2008 at 9:22am.

Wilson made spurious and false allegations and threats on behalf of his ex wife and Zone Realty Ltd. The chief executive of Property Bank replied recording Wilson’s drunken conduct and denying the insulting and false allegations. Wilson alleged he had made a complaint to the Real estate Institute the Police and Telecom. No such complaints were received from those organisation’s and Mr Wilson retired to his cardboard cask of sherry and turned his attentions back to the litigation he was loosing against the ANZ and the Auckland City Council. What the directors and staff at Property Bank Realtor and Dermot Nottingham didn’t realize was that Wilson would be back two years later and wanting revenge. But this time Wilson had a few allies. There’s a lot more to come so stay tuned for round two in what Lauda finem have now dubbed the “Real Estate Wars”.

For now we’ll leave our readers with this thought:  “the devil is in the detail”

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