Fairfax attempts to seduce Lauda Finem

Hi Michael,

We’re assuming that you’re a Kiwi? Have you ever heard of one of our own Australian “Fairfax” Journos, a man by the name of Malcolm Brown? A man that like many other Australian’s lost his job to Fairfax’s “Kiwi division”! Mr Brown could run rings around your lot mate.

He was after all the one Journo that stood by the Chamberlains (dingo, camp ground, Ayers rock?), he could spot political bullshit a mile away and whats more he’d run with exposing it. We tip our hat to him for that!

We’re not into playing games with low rent Kiwi hacks, we are however into telling the truth. So if you genuinely want to “talk” tell us why and stop fucking us around. Incidentally we also tip our hat to your fellow Kiwi, Barrister Mr Greg King, a genuine legal genius and a man that, the media and various other perverted kiwi’s murdered using “popular opinion“, the tall poppy sword.

We’ll be posting a story about that in the coming week. Mate we despise your country, its politics, its gutless media and its really fucked-up inferiority complex.

The Team @ Lauda Finem

On 31/10/2012 9:27 PM, Michael Donaldson wrote:

Thanks for the heads up.
Are you looking for a broader audience? If so let’s talk.

On Wednesday, 31 October 2012, Lauda Finem <laudafinem@bigpond.com> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> It may or may not interest to you but about six months ago we here at “Lauda Finem” received a “brown envelope” with a rather large number of file’s in it which identifiy everyone involved in the Peter Ellis case, including the identities of the children (the alleged victims), the parents, the politicians and their perverse roles in the case.
> We also received the court doc’s which in your little shit-hole of a country (we think similar to Fiji) had been suppressed, by bent officers of the very bent courts, for almost two decades. We intend in the coming weeks to publish the whole fucking kit & caboodle. From what we’ve read you and your fellow Kiwi journos should be ashamed, hung drawn and quartered in fact, for the way in which you’ve handled police and political corruption in New Zealand over the years and left innocent people to be hung out to dry; don’t bother turning up in Australia looking for a job mate.
> Kind Regards
> The Team @ Lauda Finem

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Now we want our readers to focus on the address (ABOVE) HEREFORD STREET, AUCKLAND

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  • ‘Wishart also laid a complaint against Broad with the IPCA over an alleged DUI incident in the 1990′s’
    This makes me laugh not long after Broad took office he appointed himself a driver. Broad was so affected by alcohol that he couldn’t drive himself down Tinakori Rd of a morning to work.
    Moss was ditched because of his hypocrisy Broad could have and should have sacked himself and set the standard.

  • I’m sorry this should have been inserted into my previous comment. This was Broads master plan and he failed miserably.


    Our Values:
    We are committed and loyal to the vision, values and goals of our organisation.

    We inspire trust and behave honestly and ethically.

    We are aware of the impact of our behaviour at all times.

    We maintain self-control, are resilient and present a professional image.

    We uphold the rule of law and maintain the guidelines, standards, policies and procedures set by our organisation.

    Our role is to acknowledge and respond to a diverse society and serve with dignity. In doing so, we recognise the rights, values and freedoms of all people.

    Commitment to Māori and Treaty
    We are committed to being responsive to Māori as tangata whenua, recognising the Treaty of Waitangi as New Zealand’s founding document. By working with Māori we will enhance safety and security.

  • I am not suggesting that the military control or in some way run police but it must be remembered that after both world wars returning soldiers joined police. It is they in my opinion who have influenced police policy and molded the outfit into the dysfunctional state its in etc.
    Today if you want to join NZ police the easiest and least hassle free way is to join the armed services first.
    I personally know many who have done it that way. First you show that you are controllable, you don’t think for yourself and obey orders without question.
    Howard Broad had great plans for police when he took on the commissioner-ship but his record shows quite clearly he was our greatest failure.
    There has got to be an answer or reason for that and I am suggesting he was not allowed to achieve what he set out to do by the ex-military now in control of police.
    I can’t for the life of me understand why they keep making the same stupid mistakes and the mistakes keep getting worse.
    What other explaination is there?

    • We get what you’re saying about ex-army personal joining the police force. We however think that the problem, in its current form, has its roots in the commissioners appointed during the 1970’s and 80’s, in particular those that had come up through the South Island police ranks. Christchurch and Dunedin. Outside of the Gisborne/Eastcape policing district these two cities were and still are notorious for corrupt police behavior, whats more they’ve always had the obliging support of bent local crown solicitors, support that we believe continues to this day.

      We intend posting a number of contemporary stories on the behaviour of certain Christchurch CIB officers in the coming weeks. Ian Wishart also wrote a very good investigative piece a few years back that inveigled Broad, Wishart also laid a complaint against Broad with the IPCA over an alleged DUI incident in the 1990’s


  • Lindsay R. Kennard says:

    “We don’t know about the military presence, but we do know that New Zealand has a systemically corrupt police force and crown law office, from the Peter Ellis case right through to the Kim Dotcom farce and the vast majority of the country’s media has done very little to expose it.”

    The removal of real discipline within the police [and the arrival of Greg O’Connor] and the unionisation of what should be a disciplined service, considering the duties they carry out.

    As for New Zealand’s media I doubt it there is an investigative journalist if all were mixed together [maybe a big toe nail at a push]

    The great kiwi public is just too apathetic to care about justice and the freedoms we are loosing week on week as something happens that a real police service would have anticipated so the remedy is to give the police more power so they don’t have to obtain warrants to search and observe more people clandestinely and increase the ‘data bank’ so more privacy breaches can occur but no one will be answerable.

    • Hi Lindsay,
      We apologise for the delay in posting your comment, for some reason it was rejected as spam, just as well we check before deleting; the work of New Zealand’s GCSB perhaps, or is that a bit far fetched? 😉

  • I think you have hit the nail smack on the head Team @ Lauda Finem this comment by Howard Broad I believe let the cat out of the bag and clearly shows there is a military presence in our police force.
    Commissioner’s comment
    This code, to be read in conjunction with the changes to the Police Regulations, marks a transition from the semi-military style of managing behavioural issues in Police………

    We are very similar to Fiji a ‘little shit-hole of a country (we think similar to Fiji)’ in that the police force has been infiltrated by the military over many many years. The only difference between Fiji and NZ is that here the military wear police uniforms.

    And this couldn’t be more true……”Incidentally we also tip our hat to your fellow Kiwi….. Barrister Mr Greg King, a genuine legal genius and a man that, the media and various other perverted kiwi’s murdered by popular opinion, using the tall poppy sword.”……..

    It didn’t take a ‘genuine legal genius’ to work out that the police were total fucking retards, all it took was Mr King highlighting our police incompetence and bloody minded stupidity. It is extremely sad that Greg King appears to have died a casualty of police incompetence and stupidity underscored by bloody minded ignorance on the part of the public. Ewen Macdonald was found not guilty as a result of police incompetence and outright bungling without a shade of a doubt.

    • We don’t know about the military presence, but we do know that New Zealand has a systemically corrupt police force and crown law office, from the Peter Ellis case right through to the Kim Dotcom farce and the vast majority of the country’s media has done very little to expose it.

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