ACCForum: Profiling nut-jobs; Fran Van Helmond and his brother Henk

Fran van Helmond at the levers of a digger whilst allegedly unable to work

Fran van Helmond, Hamilton,  at the levers of a 37’700 Kg, ZX400R-3 Hitachi excavator in Hamilton NZ whilst allegedly too disabled to work and in receipt of ACC payments

Lauda Finem have yet another upcoming series on But first lets take a fresh look at Fran van Helmond, a forum member, and his little blood brother Henk. Unsurprisingly it involves yet more outrageous cyber-bullying behaviour and yet another criminal  prosecution of an accforum member that we have just been advised of. The material below was later discovered, by one of our volunteer researchers, on the New Zealand website Kiwi Blog:

Stuff reports:

Henk van Helond, yet another ACC forum member convicted of serious criminal blackmail/bullying offending

Henk van Helmond, Woodville,yet another ACC forum member convicted of serious criminal blackmail/bullying offending

A cyberbully who threatened to name and shame a woman who wanted posts removed from his website has had the tables turned on him.

Henricus Geradus Van Helmond, 52, of Woodville had asked for $2000 when the woman told him she had legal advice about deleting her posts, leading to him being charged with blackmail.

Justice Joe Williams in the High Court at Wellington told him there was a certain poetic justice in doing to him what he had threatened to do to the victim. …

Van Helmond threatened to report her lawyer to the law society and said he would name and shame her through the website with personal information unless they paid $1000 each to himself and another of the website’s administrators. …

Van Helmond has made headlines before when he claimed his Twitter account was hacked to send death threats to former MP Sue Bradford.

To put it mildly, Van Helmond has serious issues and problems.

Whaleoil has more on this case.


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BSA decisions

Sunday, December 27th, 2009 at 11:29 am

Fun summer reading can be decisions of the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Some recent decisions:

  1. Henk van Helmond loses against TV3 for door stopping him at is home in relation to threats about Sue Bradford.

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I got hacked – yeah right!

Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 10:27 am

On Wed 26 August the user GarfieldNZ twittered:

@suebr is STILL a good candidate for NZ’s first political assassination. (watch sue run to the Police because of a death threat, stupid cow)

For those who do not know Twitter, the reference to @suebr means it will get seen by user “suebr” which is Sue Bradford herself.

While I am not sure I would classify the tweet as a literal death threat, even implicit threats of violence should have no part in our discourse.

Dave at Big News names the user as Henk van Helmond, formerly of CYFSWatch, based on some good detective work.

The media door-stopped van Hermond and his response is reported by the Herald:

[CYFStalk which is linked to ACCFocus and its webmaster (LF: update 18/1/2013) is run by Henk van Helmond, who yesterday wrote that though the threats had come from his account “it seems my password was hacked”.

Yeah, Right.

IrishBill at The Standard dives into the gutter as usual and tries to link the actions of van Hermond to the anti-EFA campaign and me personally and sees something sinister in the fact I did not report the original Sunday News story, implying somehow I condone such threat of violence.

As usual he could not be more wrong. I’m not sure if I have revealed this publicly before, but in 2007 there were similar threats made by someone with the CYFSWatch site (and my response is here) – maybe even the same person. Back then, their identities were tightly kept.

Someone from CYFSWatch commented on my site. Due to the threats that had made against Bradford, I passed on their identifying information (IP address) to Sue Bradford’s office and explained the Police could use this to trace them.

Bradford’s office in time passed this into the Police, and they contacted me and I provided the Police with information which allowed them to obtain from the ISP, the identity of the person holding the account which had made the threats.

As I said I don’t think I’ve ever blogged this info before (I think I did mention it once in a comment) but as someone too cowardly to even post under their own name is trying to link me to condoning or encouraging this sort of activity, I need to set the record straight.

UPDATE: Idiot/Savant also jumps into the gutter. Again someone who hides behind anonymity tries to smear someone who does not. You never tend to get these sort of smears from people who blog under their own name. That is because blogging under your own name forces you to think about consequences (well except for Whale!) of what you say on your own reputation.



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  • Brother Timothy says:

    These sinners have repented of their wicked ways. Not you Laudafinem, your wicked and merciless evil has been a spawn upon the Internet for far too long. You brood of vipers and scorpians tails, the great prophet * * * * whose name cannot be written will give us our instructions and we will charge down upon you with our mighty chariots and fire our darts at you.

  • This man is allowed to work a few hours a month. Stop picking on Franny.

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