Van Helmond and “ACCLAIM-WAIKATO” missing in action.

Lauda Finem were advised earlier today, by an insider, that Fran van Helmond had taken his poisonous website off line.

When one of us here at Lauda Finem visited the site in the early hours of this morning (AWDST) we were presented with a very strange “error 404” message, clearly written by van Helmond:

www.acclaim forum 1

Screen grab one (Courtesy of a volunteer in Margaret river, WA)

Franciscus van Helmond is of course none other than the brother of convicted cyber stalker and black-mailer Henk van Helmond. Earlier this month Lauda Finem’s outing of Henk’s phoenix hate site resulted in that too being pulled down.

Fransiscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

Fransiscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

Franciscus van Helmond and his partners in cyber crime have known for quite some time that Lauda Finem and a whole host of affected professionals, all of whom have been defamed over a number of years, are fast closing in on them.

Lauda Finem has already managed to identify a whole raft of the online forums previously anonymous posters. A very nasty little cabal of men and women who have for the past decade wrought utter havoc on the reputations of many innocent men and women using the internet; being responsible for posting outrageously defamatory material, under the guise of “free speech”,  false accusations which were only ever by design posted so as to damage the individuals reputations and incomes.

The truth, genuinely held beliefs or opinions are one thing, but when false allegations of rape, violence, rorting and criminal offending are made with the deliberate intention of destroying the reputations and incomes of innocent parties that’s quite another and Mr van Helmond has at last realised the very real legal jeopardy he and his followers are now in.

Henk van Helond, yet another ACC forum member convicted of serious criminal blackmail/bullying offending

Henk van Helmond, yet another ACC forum fraudster convicted

As van Helmond states in his contrived “error 404” message above, “the data base had problems and we are currently attempting to re-establish the site”. The so called “data base” did indeed have a few “problems”, it was loaded with highly defamatory material and evidence of serious criminal cyber-stalking of Accident Compensation Corporation staff, ACC contracted doctors and allied professionals, such as psychologists and physiotherapists.

The stalking and abuse had gone even further with van Helmond’s associates using the site to defame anyone they did not like or even those that may have simply “crossed them“, including in some cases ex-spouses; the exact same MO and criminal behaviour that van Helmond’s brother Henk had been sent down for.

When we checked back later this morning (AEDST) Fran van Helmond had had second thoughts about who he should falsely blame for his sites absence and (no doubt hoping that no one had managed to grab a “happy snap) had again changed the reasons for his sites conspicuous absence.

As Abraham Lincoln once said (attributed), “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”; so with that in mind believe us when we say “we are here for the long haul”:

Screen grab two

Screen grab two (Courtesy of a volunteer in Evans Head, NSW)

We had already warned these cyber creeps and complete nut-jobs that Lauda Finem is manned around the clock with volunteers in several time zone’s but that warning obviously went unheeded; or perhaps it was just a case of van Helmond, like his forum buddy Douglas James Weal, being completely pissed when he decided to put up his first page (WA screen grab one).

There’s much more to come on the unraveling of these so-called “anti ACC” hate sites, but next up is a piece on the New Zealand National party and a few very odd events (the New Zealand press material below is well worth a read, as it provides some background): (article: Han Chinese, for English use Google translate )

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  • You should check out Frans newly designed website.

  • We here at ACC think your blog is choice, bringing down those cunts, wankers and fucktards that we have to deal with on a daily basis. ACC Clients are a real pain, keep up the great work. We really appreciate what you do. Fran van Helmond has a dangerous hatred of one of our Case Managers, a Leanne McDonnell – she has been bullied, defamed and treated like white trash by many of Frans online partners in crime.

  • Both Australia and New Zealand have legislation addressing hate speech generally, and both have applied this legislation to the Internet through different means

  • No problem I know you weren’t being malicious. I like the way earle expresses himself I think he is a bit like me. For example if a guy has an affair and roots behind his wife’s back some would call him an adulterer. Under those circumstances a thing like that would not normally interest me but when an individual roots behind his wife’s back and goes in the bat for another of a similar ilk for personal gain of some sort that irks me so much so that I like earle unleash some of the internal anger by not just referring to the adulterer as an adulterer but a fucking low life cunt of an adulterer. Two faced hypocritical and so on you name it these bastards need to be exposed. The likes of the ’cause everyone else hell on earth’ van Hellmorons deserve more than just a few expletives thrown their way.

    Anyway don’t mind me as I have said before you guys and girls do a great job and I infact envy you for being able to stick it to the scum out there.

    Keep up the good work.


  • earle so many compliments in one post you are overdoing it a bit.

    • Hi Rossco,

      You’re right, in fact you’re fucking amazing, but unfortunately you’re also very wrong and guilty of the same behaviour when it comes to your own pet subjects and the “rants”; being the David Bain and Scott Watson case’s, all but two of the subjects you find in “flagrante delicto“, and then of course theres your own email traffic. We don’t like cunts like you putting whistle-blowers off their game! We’ve yet to hear from this bloke “Earle” in any real sense; although we’d certainly like too’ as it appears he may have a little insider knowledge?; assuming he’s the same bloke that</are are ranting about?

      • I think you may have misunderstood me I wasn’t criticizing earle I was giving him the thumbs up. Good on you earle keep up the good work. And earle don’t let the guys at Lauda Finem give you the impression I am in any way against or discouraging you simply because they misunderstand what I have written.

        How are you getting on with this business LF I am more interested in this than Scott Watson or more precisely the thorn in Watsons side Lindsay R Kennard.

        Dean Winter is also the subject of an ongoing corruption investigation and it would seem that he has taken it upon himself (using REAA resources), without lawful justification, to research Mr Nottingham, his children and other members of Nottinghams immediate and extended family; interestingly Dermot Nottingham, when he has made allegations of criminal behaviour by Government officials has, so far, never been wrong………his impeccable record dates back to a campaign in the mid 1990′s nicknamed “carwars”…….a campaign that also involved outing National Party political fraudsters…….. strangely, however, there are no references to Mr Nottingham’s immense efforts online except for one published book…..available in New Zealand’s Libraries…..we however have obtained a copy!

        When Winters extraordinary behaviour was discovered he was contacted and questioned about it. He however failed to respond, preferring to stick his head in the sand. When pressed and advised that his behaviour would be reported to the Government Minister responsible Winters then took the extraordinary step of instructing the REAA’s solicitors Izard Western to write denying his online activities and threatening Nottingham with defamation proceedings should he go public with the allegations…….Sorry Dean, but Lauda Finem doesn’t take that type of threat lying down………we’ll always strive to raise the ante when the evidence clearly proves the behaviour.

        Interestingly, whilst not disclosed in the threatening correspondence it was soon established that Izard Western had on many occasions represented the REAA, and that the partner who wrote the letters threatening to sue, Tony Stevens had lied by later denying an association with the REAA and claiming to be acting on Winter’s behalf alone.

      • We apologise for the misunderstanding Rossco 🙂

  • Shit I laughed; fucking well done. Van Helmond is a complete low life Waikato loser. A dutch fucktard on a acc crutch looking like a sasquatch playing with his smelly crotch. Smelly from loving bovines lol

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