Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services and Arrin's boss

ACCForum “nothing to do with us”, Ballarat health Services leak doc’s

There’s so much more to come but heres the email that was leaked here within the Australian jurisdiction, which obviously in the absence of an official explanation means that in the BHS‘s eyes Mr Arrin Wislang is guilty as charged! We here at Lauda Finem are however about to make it BHS business.


Sent: Monday, 25 February 2013 4:50
To: Terri Miles
Subject: Re: Ballarat Health Service

Dear Andrew,

Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services

Mr Andrew Rowe a corrupt and sleazy looking prick, the CEO of Ballarat Health Services and a man that does not like difficult questions. Mr Rowe is also Bridget Wislang’s mate and boss, her husband Arrins CEO and the man that was ultimately responsible for employing the Wislang pair. Its a rather nasty corruption scandal waiting to happen!~Yet again in Victoria?

My name is Dermot Nottingham.  I am a New Zealander who works as an advocate.  I will this evening supply various links to some media stories and Courts . Judgments which should give you an inkling of the sort of advocacy work and justice campaigning work that I have been involved in since 1994. I am writing to formally complain about the behaviour of Mr Arrin Wislang who I understand works at the Queen Elizabeth Centre at the base hospital in Ballarat.  My complaint relates to Mr Wislang building and administrating a New Zealand website called ACCForum.  This website attempts to portray itself as assisting ACC claimants to better inform themselves 

As to their rights and entitlements pursuant to the Accident Compensation Act, and regulations of New Zealand.   As you will see from going to the site some material is genuinely helpful.However a large percentage of material is defamatory and falsely accuses innocent doctors, care providers, lawyers, advocates, Private Investigators, and staff of the Accident Compensation CorporationWith offending as serious as multiple rape, fraud, and even murder.  

I have spoken personally with numerous persons affected by Mr Wislangs criminal behaviour including ex police officers who have had to go as far as having their names removed from the electoral role for their Families protection.  

 The site was formed when Arrin Wislang, and a relative  of his, Mr Miles Wislang, a disgraced medical doctor, and a convicted ACC fraudster Mr Alan Thomas decided to start up a website where ACCClaimants could have their say and relate to each other their experiences.  

However it soon became controlled by largely disentitled ACC claimants who hated ACC and wanted to get revenge byDefaming those they saw as responsible for their disentitlement.  Arrin Wislang set the site up where he as administrator would allow members to use “monikers” [nom de guerre’s] and he would not release 

Their real identities even when asked for them in his role as “secret” administrator.   He has for over a decade hidden his identity as the sites administrator. Given the type of work that I do I naturally attract a level of dislike from a portion of the general populace, and on one occasion I would not agree to represent an ACC claimant that was going to perjure herself

And who admitted to me that she had lied to the Occupational Physician we had obtained a report from.  The Occ Med had relied heavily on the claimants “self reporting” of her drug use and symptomatology. This claimant became a member of Arrin’s website and began to defame me.  Finally the dispute ended up on a consumer affairs program Fair Go where the reporter Kevin Milne tried to allege that the UnionThat had been paid $13,000.00 had not acted fairly.  I informed Mr Milne of her actions and he became very upset on air.  I have appeared on national TV on numerous occasions mostly relating to my successful 

Justice Campaigns.  Unfortunately for me I was so successful against ACC that they claimed in a letter to Fair go that they had banned me for being a danger to acc staff and claimants which Mr Wislang obtained A copy of from one of his sites members lying to ACC that he had already obtained a copy of the same letter.  Mr Wislang set about posting a massive amount of defamatory material about me on his website.ACC has never supplied the material to support this allegation and I still operate as an advocate.

I will post my last win in an Appeal to the District Court where I set an important precedent. During numerous campaigns the New Zealand Media have either loved me or hated me and when I have taken on the New Zealand Police Service the media have printed outrageous lies about me.  In the end after I had been successful in writing a 600 page published report into fraud in the finance industry and the media attacked me again, I took defamation action against Fairfax and was successful with a complete apology and a Substantial settlement.  I will send you the links.

In 2007 [I think] Mr Arrin Wislang’s site attracted the attention of the Police Service when ACC Northshore headquarters were targeted for a bombing by Mr Wislangs friend and co founder of the website, Mr Alan Thomas.

The emails and other communications through Mr Wislangs site, when Mr Wislang was administrating the site proved crucial to the conviction of Mr Thomas of conspiring to bomb an ACC Office in an attempt to kill 100 persons.  The plot

Involved planting a van near the known assembly area full of explosives and hard metal objects, and setting off the fire alarm. 

In 2011 [I believe] one of those involved in the factual matrix of the Bomb Plot contacted me as he believed that Mr Thomas had been set up by members of the forum.  I recorded 15 hours of conversations of this man 

Confirming that an “aaron wislang” had set up the site and administered the site at that time.   However he said that he thought “aaron” was spelt “funny” and that Admin had made a setting that made them use the funning spelling to access him directly.

The site had attracted the attention of an Australian anti corruption website [lauda finem] which in turn contacted me as the member 

Had also contacted them.  The site had covered various campaigns that I have done over the years.   The footage was supplied to that site and numerous stories ensued which led Arrin Wislang to start attacking me again.  The problem 

With Mr Wislangs site is that members use up to 10 different monikers meaning that the site looks like it has hundreds of members when in fact it has now only got about 10 “hardcore” members.  Lauda finem has informed me that they have thousands of screen grabs that can be supplied to you. Lauda Finem used the 12 hours of video that they obtained to discover the identity of most of the core members and it became obvious that Mr Arrin Wislang had some very unsavory friends who had convictions [up to 30 an individual] for fraud, robbery, burglary, lurking,Stalking, inclusive of stalking New Zealand Politicians.

Mr Wislang believes that I own and operate lauda Finem and he is wrong.  I deal with a lot of New Zealand media and Lauda Finem is no different.   They have covered my campaigns like all media have. It was because of Lauda Finems interest in Mr Wislangs site that things came to a head recently.   Lauda Finem was investigating other members of Mr Wislangs site [who also had been banned from yahoo for criminal stalking] and they and Mr Wislang Reacted to this by reposting material that had been the subject of the Fair fax defamation settlement.

I will supply that material to you and the evidence of the settlement with Fairfax. I am now in contact with Lauda finem who have informed me of other defamed persons inclusive of an Australian registered doctor who Mr Wislang, using various “monikers”,  alleged had raped his own wife numerous times.  Lauda finem I understand has contacted that doctor and is obtaining a statement.  I will ask them to supply this statement.  

Mr Wislang has cowardly hid his identity from those that wanted to bring proceedings against the administrator.  I feel that once all of those defamed by Arrin Wislang understand they can now sue him for everything that he owns, there will be Private Investigators crawling through the hospital.   I am aware that it is Likely that Mrs Bridget Wislang was also aware of what her husband was doing and was likely assisting him.  Mrs Wislang is part maori and it is likely that she shared the views of numerous members responsible for ruining the lives of numerous health professionals over a decade Of the sites operation, as they alleged the doctors were racist.

When Lauda finem published its first article in what I understand to be a significant series of articles naming your Health Board as being Mr Wislangs employer, Mr Wislang contacted Lauda Finem threatening them with defamation proceedings claiming that whilst he was a relative of Miles Wislang, he did not know anything about a site called ACCforum and would be instructing his lawyers and contacting the Police and the New Zealand consulate.  He made the call within minutes, so if he knew nothing he did find the story unless he was the administrator.

Unfortunately for Mr Wislang the video evidence obtained by me clearly identifies him as administrator of the site, and further screen grabs given to me of the private chatroom clearly indicate that the other members knew that lauda finem had named the sites owner and adminstrator.

But the last nail in the coffin was when a site member called “Mini” recognized Arrin and Bridget from the photograph published by lauda finem and stated that he “Arrin had been the sites admin”, but was no longer in that position.  She also said that she had made other posts using his real name.  Those posts were removed.  Lauda finem also has posts of the site having a setting whenever the name “wislang” was typed in only XXXXXX would appear.  All posts about his position being the administrator get “instantly removed” if they are too close. 

As Arrin Wislang denied any knowledge whatsoever as to even the sites existence, the matter is proved to the criminal standard.  The reason for the hopeless denial to lauda finem is because he was very much aware that an Australian Government funded health board could not tolerate such hateful and hurtful behaviour being targeted against health, and health related, medical, and advocacy, professionals by one of its reasonably senior staff. 

I implore you to confiscate all computers, and access to any computers immediately, and to check whether Arrin Wislang has been using Ballarat Health Board Computers to run this terrible site as screen grabs that I have been given indicate that he may well have, although he could use a lap top or a tablet During work hours without anyone being suspicious. Naturally I will be contacting state and federal politicians about this matter and the media as well.   As stated this is a formal complaint and I expect it to be taken most seriously as what else has this man been up to.   Naturally I will also issue proceedings at the appropriate time and am

Currently entering discussions with local barristers relating to issuance.   Naturally I do not believe that your organisation knew about Arrin Wislangs dark side, but I do expect an immediate and in depth investigation given the amount of evidence that is available and his ludicrous denials of his involvement.   I naturally will be traveling to Australia at some time, but am engaged on other important matters at the moment.

Yours faithfully


Dermot Nottingham



Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.33.29 AMSource: Victorian Independent Broad Based Anti-Corruption Commission 


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