Alan Thomas and the Takapuna Bomb Plot - If you're out there Mr Thomas get in touch we'd like to hear your side of the story


Alan Thomas and the Takapuna Bomb Plot - If you're out there Mr Thomas get in touch we'd like to hear your side of the story

Alan Thomas and the Takapuna Bomb Plot – If you’re out there Mr Thomas get in touch we’d like to hear your side of the story-yeah right!

It has been a rewarding few days since we bagged “Captain Hate” Arrin Wislang.

What was a real shocker was that the Arrin and Bridget Wislang have followed in the footsteps of the “Rug Doctor” AKA; disgraced hair transplant cowboy Dr Miles Wislang. Apparently little 18 year old Arrin took his father/uncles public disgrace hard on his tiny shoulders, and decided to defame all successful “doctors’ and “lawyers” but thought it wise to protect his real identity.  We decided to catch this Al Qaeda cyber stalker and our operational unit did exactly that on the ground in an ANZAC effort.

The result in capturing the identity of ACC Forums criminal administrator is consistent with all the unsuccessful ex medico’s that inhabit the ACC forum site. Nurse aids that have stalked New Zealand and Australian doctors falsely alleging that those Doctors are guilty of rape, immigration fraud, and much worse. We suggest these “bed pan cleaners” get back to work as they have obviously got to much time on their hands without gainful employment.

Captain Hate? Mr Wislang Jnr, the man behind the creation of ACCForum

Captain Hate? Mr Wislang Jnr, the man behind the creation of ACCForum

The ACC forum members are ex junior medico’s… ok nurse aids and malingers stuck in overstuffed “lazyboys” in rented state houses. These ex ACC claimants are financial succubus’s and fraudsters spending their leisure time making outrageous criminal allegations on Arrin Wislangs “hate and defamation site”. They make those allegations against entirely innocent New Zealand and Australian medical professionals whilst their web general Arrin Wislang ‘looks on’ omnipotent to protestations of innocence, because his identity has been hidden whilst he surfs the net using the Ballarat Health Services computer system.

Wislang’s chief cohort in all this conduct is Mr Alan Gordon Thomas, AKA “the Takapuna Bomber” convicted ACC fraudster and terrorist. Thomas was convicted as part of a conspiracy to blow up the Takapuna offices of the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation ….a terrorist who was rightly called to account and convicted.  All BFF’s with Arrin “can I defame you with immunity” Wislang. This clown Thomas tried to inveigle Dermot Nottingham, Nottingham fresh from another successful District Court ACC appeal smelt a rat and video taped David Butler. Butler in between spilling the beans and naming the names of his associates wanted Nottinghams help to overturn Thomas’s conviction. Nottingham had no doubt that Thomas was rightly convicted of his numerous crimes but wanted to get to the bottom of the cyber stalking and harassment, by the contributors to ACC forum.

The allegations of rape and the like against currently registered and respectable Australian doctors now has a degree of serendipity, our recent and ongoing discussions with one doctor has identified that his lawyer had concerns about seeking redress from offenders outside the Australian jurisdiction.

For him and his legal team it must be game on now, Wislang the main offender has been identified inside their jurisdiction… employee of the Ballarat Heath Service!

To have Arrin Wislang exposed as residing and offending in Ballarat gives all the victims hope of redress against Wislang.

On the matter of Mr Andrew Rowe head of the Ballarat Health Board. Lauda finem have been informed that Mr Dermot Nottingham wrote a letter of complaint as to Wislangs conduct to Mr Andrew Rowe. That letter has been disseminated by Andrew Rowe on the internet. We along with Mr Nottingham are trying to get to the bottom of that conduct.

Ballarat Heath services media liaison, Daniel Anderson

Ballarat Heath services media liaison, Daniel Anderson

We received the letter first from a dodgy IP address said to be in Wellington, and we published it even though Mr Nottingham asked us not to.  As we have said we are an anti corruption site subject to Australian law and if we get material that proves that any government organization’s employee has breached the law we publish it.

We are of the opinion that Arrin Wislang was given Mr Nottingham’s complaint by Ballarat Health Sevices CEO Mr “I know nothing” Andrew Rowe.  This is not in itself out of order as every accused must know of the accusations made against him.  However Arrin took the content of the letter, and must have been enraged…. His lipless little orifice quivering….which one you say? Both we assume…anyway he sent the letter to cyber terrorist Alan Thomas or invented yet another monicker and this surly little cyber shit head then posted the correspondence with Andrew Rowe on Lauda finem as a comment.

Lauda finem have to say that the Ballarat Health boards conduct in not responding in a professional manner concerning the complaint but directing the complaint be published on the internet is a gross breach of their statutory responsibilities and professionalism. Regrettably we must now list the Ballarat Health Board as a corrupt organization.

We have to assume that its chief Andrew Rowe is the ugly corrupt face of this Health Board and the reason for his conduct is that he probably employed Bridget Wislang, who in an outrageous act of nepotism employed her “not so bright” and nasty little husband..little Arrin Wislang.

Apart from a gross breach of professional protocol for handling complaints we believe that the patients and staff of this health board are being exposed to the potential of cyber bullying, dissemination of private correspondence and personal health records. Any disputes or dislikes the Wislangs or Rowe may have in the future will result in this information being posted on one of their current or future websites.

Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services and Arrin's boss

Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services and Arrin’s boss here in Australia.

Who is now their latest cohort convert….”Big Andy Rowe”. Well with all people like Rowe it will be his own petard that will hang him when the Wislangs revert to their traditional conduct.

Do you have a sword to fall on Andy?…then again a scalpel will do! We have to say complicit in Andy’s conduct where two BHS staffers his personal assistant Terri Miles ably assisted by corporate spin Doctor the recently employed Mr Daniel Anderson. When our editor Tony Armstrong spoke to Daniel Anderson, Danny Boy had a lot to say without saying very much at all (Call recorded in a foreign jurisdiction; [VOIP]).

What winds us up at Lauda finem is that the infection of the BHS by the Wislangs has messed with an Australian institution. The difference we hope is Australia does have a record of weeding out people like the Wislangs and Rowe. We do comment that people like Rowe will have a history of this kind of conduct so if any readers have any complaints concerning Rowe, the Ballarat Health Board or any of their staff send it in an we will publish it. Have the last say or as we say in Sydney “Lauda finem”.

Note: As editor this story made me sick . The offending of these people, that are well known crim’s, pails into insignificance when compared to the behaviour of the man in the photo left, one Mr Andrew Rowe, the CEO of the Ballarat Health Sevice the man that claimed it had nothing to do with the BHS but handed the confidential email to the employee complained of, who then organised for the document with his name redacted to be published on his website. (we have screen grabs). Perhaps Mr Rowe was not up to speed on the law changes earlier this month and the creation of Victoria’ own version of ICAC. It appears to us that he has acted corruptly:

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  • What an absolute betrayal of the confidentiality of a complaint. I agree. Andrew Rowe should be sacked. I listened to the interview with the BHS spin Doctor Daniel, looked at his CV on linked in and have to say this pale, pasty, chubby little looser has no credible associates and he obviously suffers from a narcisitic disorder. “Building relationships with major stake holder”. The only “steak holders” this guy has a relationship with is the butchery department at Coles.
    Listened to the interview and love your work “Danny”.

  • Gubbers, that story is 13 years old, get a life moron.

  • We here at ACC think your blog is choice, bringing down those cunts, wankers and fucktards that we have to deal with on a daily basis. ACC Clients are a real pain, keep up the great work. We really appreciate what you do. This Alan Gordon Thomas has been a thorn in our side for many years, keep on telling the truth about this man. Make him suffer as we have had to suffer his existence.

  • Black Sheep says:

    Very soon visitors to your HATE site will get the message is no longer available.

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    I have just read your NZ Herald article on Mr Alan Thomas he was convicted of 22 ACC charges in 2000 plus threatening to Kill and conspiracy to blow up a van outside the Takapuna ACC building after setting off the fire alarm to get all the staff into range and shred them with nails. This mans injury a sore wrist. What is of even more concern is that Wislang and his family are personal friends of this scumbag and started the Website ACC forum in partnership with him. Apparently he is still bludging off the NZ taxpayer. Have to say who would employ this career criminal. I will be watching with interest how this matter with Andrew Rowe progresses. You should post the NZ Herald article on this guy.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    You are seriously kidding me. The CEO of a Health Services board releasing written letters of complaint and disseminating it on websites and to convicted insurance fraudsters and terrorists the likes of Thomas. This clown “Rowe” should be sacked. This tape recorded conversation with the spin doctor should be released or a transcript circulated. The conduct of Rowe and his sycophantic employees is far more serious than the conduct of the ACC forum crowd, given his position? I have to say LF letting the contributors to ACC forum vent their diatribes and then posting them was brilliant. If anyone had any doubts about the nature of these people and that site they would have been dispelled.Credibility quotient zero…. Keep up the great work. As an aside cyber bullying is a very serious issue which needs to be addressed. Love your work!

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