Ballarat Heath services media liaison, Daniel Anderson

ACCForum: Ballarat Health Services, two days and CEO Andrew Rowe is silent, why?

Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services and Arrin's boss

Mr Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health Services and Arrin’s boss, what a sleazy looking corrupt CUNT

We the Team @ Lauda Finem are sick to death of New Zealander’s polluting our civil service so lets listen to a few telephone conversations in and around our expose on the now Australian based Kiwi’s Mr Arrin Wislang and his wife Bridget who are both employees of the Ballarat Health Service.

In small communities such as Ballarat  people like this corrupt native NZ couple, ingratiating as they no doubt are, pervert the gene pool. So lets listen to a couple of the local pretenders they’ve managed to bend:

Lauda Finem editor Tony Armstrong speaks to Ballarat Health Services Ms Terri Miles (PA to CEO Andrew Rowe), asking one very simple question (CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN):

Terri Miles Chats to lauda finem (MP3)

Then of course when Andrew Rowe failed to contact the Team @ Lauda Finem, as promised, Tony Armstrong called the Ballarat health Services, recently employed, media Liaison officer Mr Daniel Anderson who after a few enquiries returned his call and had this to say:

Daniel Anderson chats to lauda finem (MP3)

We here at Lauda Finem remain disgusted, after listening to the above “evidential recordings” why not check out the stories below:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.33.29 AM

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  • Same Ip adresses, this guy Thomas is a real numb nuts. I just read the NZ Herald article about his convictions and his wrist injury. He defrauded $238,000-00 dollars of working New Zealanders cash and spent three years in the big house getting shower thearapy. All over a wrist injury. My guess is if Thomas just stopped the self abuse or swapped hands then his injury who heal. He would still be New zealands biggest wanker but without entitlement to funding from working people. This guy also had the gaul to run seminars on how to get rich fast…..only he didn’t tell his clients it was based on fraud. He also claimed he was brain damaged…well you can’t argue with that.

    • PEPSIE says:

      That’s funny. I was reading something similar about Dermot Nottingham.

      Probably a coincidence.


  • I strongly suggest that you avail yourselves of the world standard mental health facilities provided by Ballarat Health, you are in meltdown Ms Laudafinem

    Ballarat Health Services Mental Health Services is a recovery-orientated mental healthservice that provides a comprehensive range of internationally recognised, evidence-based and “best practice” treatments to clients and their families. Our services are open to people of all ages who have, or are at risk of developing, mental health problems.

    Anyone can contact Mental Health Services if they are worried about their own changes in mood, ideas or behaviour, or someone else living in the region.

    For information and/or referral please contact:

    1300 661 323
    24 hours a day, seven days a week
    Local call cost

  • Mmm. I also have a damp squib yearning to be lit.

  • ANTONY? lol no its yours fuck-wit lol

  • I have a Chinese cracker you might like.

  • Perhaps they are far too busy consulting their lawyers, the Victorian Police and the Australian Federal police about the lies, defamation, slander and obscenities being directed at them by this so called blog.

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