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Following on from the Roberto Laudisio Curti and his death at the hand of NSW cops and police issue taser’s in Sydney, there appears to be more police brutality. This story begins with the  filming of a serious assault, at around 11:30pm at Oxford Square (Crn Riley and Oxford Streets), during this years Mardi Gras.

Whilst main stream media are reporting the story what more than intrigues us here at Lauda Finem is that the mainstream guys have not picked up on the fact that the cop responsible attempts to bully the young camera man into stopping his filming of the incident, thankfully with little success.

This young bloke clearly knew his rights, claiming to be media and although obviously intimidated by the police he stood his ground challenged the cop responsible for the implied threats/bullying and kept filming. Below is the full video, not the edited version that the mainstream media are running.

What annoys us is that the main stream media are reporting the story with a caveat; the fact that they had not seen what occurred before the filming started.

From our perspective that has little if any relevance to the actions of the officer caught on video. You could hear the boys head crack as he was thrown to the pavement, and then theres the fact that there appears to been no medical attention sought for the obviously injured young man? Did you see more?

UPDATE: (7/3/2013)

International human rights activist group AVAAZ has set up an online petition calling on New South Wales minister for police, Michael Gallacher, to order an independent investigation should any of our readers care to sign it:

WARNING: This video contains graphic images of physical violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Location of the assault:

Crn of Riley and Oxford Streets, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Crn of Riley and Oxford Streets, Darlinghurst, Sydney

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Coroner condemns ‘thuggish’ police over Taser death of Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti (The Australian)

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  • Leviticus says:

    I have to agree with Brother Timothy. These Mardi Gras participants are not innocent. Read the following story in a real newspaper; .I am not surprised that Team @ Laudafinem have been threatened, you are peddlers of filth and unsavory words. The sooner Word Press completes their audit of your nasty blogs the sooner you will become a fairy tale with an unhappy ending.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Why do you mock and pour scorn upon doubting Thomas. He has served his time as prescribed by the LAW. He is an innocent lamb that was led to be sacrificed by the wheel. Lies and untruths were told about him, he kept quiet for he was robbed in innocence. Alan wept. We will seek true justice for this noble and gentle creature. Team Lauda do not spit upon this man ever again, you have been warned. It is time to heed our warning. We are powerful you are weak, we are right and you are wrong. We have the light that reflects from the Sword of the Forum, you only have darkness that penetrates your cold, maggot filled hearts. The stench of smegma on your breath is un-holy. Repent and apologise for the harm you have caused poor Thomas.

  • Rossco says:

    Is this chap here…….…….really alan thomas or is he cameron slater? I am beginning to think they are one and the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brother Timothy says:

      You dare mock Brother Cameron, he has been anointed with the holy whaleoil, and his words are read daily by our flock. Brother Cameron’s words form part of our sacred writings, we implore you not to attack this mighty oak. He will be protected by the Sword of the Forum.

    • Hi Rossco, Alan Gordon Thomas is of course one of the founders of
      Another of the sites founders, Kenneth Miller a man with a whole raft of alias, is also a convicted criminal and has spent a considerable amount of time behind bars:

      Mr Thomas is a convicted accident compensation fraudster, in fact a serious fraud to the tune of $238’000 of NZ taxpayers money;

      Nevertheless Mr Thomas is probably better known for the now infamous “Takapuna Bomb Plot”:

      “Brother Timothy”, (the commenter above) and his associated anonymous monikers “H8ACC_2013” and “Noshit“, do share a similar notion of how to conduct their multiple on-line personalities and has embraced the objective and its “collective” proclivity for targeting ACC employees, Doctors, allied Medicos and various other victims with a quite extraordinary level of threat and violence.

      Over the past few days we here at Lauda Finem and a number of others that http://www.accforum.orgs members, the’nastier element’, have wrongly associated with us have received emailed death threats; those emails proudly extolling their close association with both the “Mongrel Mob” and “Black Power” and their terrifying ability to harm Lauda Finem volunteers here in Australia; seems that they’re not all pleased with having been exposed by us as being the creepy fucked-up and gutless bullying nobodies they really are.

      All of those threatened have forwarded the emails they have received on to us for archiving and later media use. Of course it goes without saying that we take all threats seriously and with out saying too much have taken the necessary precautionary measures on both sides of the Tasman :-).

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Homosexuals have trouble relating to the real world. They like to make believe such as by putting on black leather jackets and pretending they are “macho macho men”. They have their silly little parades where they dress up in outlandish costumes much like children putting on their parents clothes. Pretending that a relationship with someone who is the same as them is a “marriage” is another one of those games.

    I’m tired of homosexuals trying to coerce people into accepting their ignorant view of sexual reality.

    Homosexuals need to accept the fact that many people believe what they do is immoral and that same sex marriage is wrong. Most of us do things that some people believe are morally wrong.

  • Rossco says:

    What I simply can’t understand is how these people who are life long bludgers become so bitter and twisted when they are stripped of their ill gotten gains. Then again I suppose then in lies the answer they are professional bludgers and as such feels so utterly violated when the chooks come home to roost. My favorite is Cameron Slater after years of bludging off an Insurance Company threatened to have them pay a deadly price for cutting his bludged entitlements. I think he went on to be a sickness beneficiary as a result of the trauma he suffered as a result of being cut off.

    I won’t be signing up to the cult ‘once spurned never to return’

  • On a more serious note the international human rights activist group AVAAZ has set up an online petition calling on New South Wales minister for police, Michael Gallacher, to order an independent investigation should any of our readers care to sign it:

  • Rossco says:

    Sorry that should have read ‘they WOULDN’T find bomb making manuals“.

    • Hey Rossco, if you want to join “Brother Timothy’s” wacko professional bludgers cult just sign up on, although you’ll need to purchase an over stuffed lazy-boy recliner chair and be prepared to spend hours and hours online stalking your victims 😉

  • Rossco says:

    Well I’m disappointed Timmy hasn’t confirmed his address and accepted me into the fold. Mind you I expect that once you are a part of the sect/cult you are beholding similar to joining the police force I suppose. There is no escaping with your sanity in tact is there Timothy? I would have been a good member I have skills that I am sure would fit the sect/cult down to a “T” for example I have already built a bomb. It weighed three tonnes and produced 13,700tonnes of rubble. An added bonus is of course if the cops went through my commuter they would find bomb making manuals I learn’t whilst actually making the bomb. Sometimes I wish I would or could just simply snap much like Timothy and his cult friends. Life would be so much simpler.

    Any way Timmy stick your club where the sun don’t shine that should teach you to spurn me. And it goes without saying I hope it hurts both on the way in and out.

    Kindest regards

    Your shortest member having never actually made it into the fold.

  • Rossco says:

    Should have read ‘Is this where you still live’

  • Rossco says:

    Is this where you are still Timothy ** State Avenue, Onehunga, Auckland, 1061 , New Zealand

  • We have been of course holding back, until the last email was received lol

    cyber – stalking kiddy – fiddler “Brother Timothy”

    • member and freak Mr Warren Arthur Wilson

    • Brother Timothy says:

      Sticks and Stones will be used in slings and catapulted into your pale, scrawny bodies. You tried calling our brother Blurb a kiddie fiddler, and even Google removed your poisonous and vile vomit from the web highway. I have been mocked by you team lauda, this shows the galaxy that your are mere cyber wimps like boils and pustules on your hairy bottoms. Repent and deceive the world no more, for the Sword of the Forum will soon be used to vanquish our foe. Do you have the clitoris to publish this reply???????

  • Rossco says:

    Hey Timmy I didn’t mean what I said earlier I was just responding to what is obviously a joke on your part. To get a better understanding of how you people think I would like to take up your offer to come over to your side. Were you tied up with Henk when he started CYFSwatch I think you may have been I remember the name Timothy. Anyway give me your address so I can come see you. Let me know if you are the same Timmy it might make it easier to find you.

    Regards Rossco

    • Brother Timothy says:

      Rossco, my name is Brother Timothy – show some respect. Brother Henk does not belong to our congregation. Your veiled words with regard bondage are simply disgusting and come from the sewer pit that your mind has become. You have spent too much time with team lauda and do not recognise the truth anymore, they have filled your heart with unnatural human urges and your mind with repugnant thoughts. Your soul can be kept from the sulfur fueled pit of despair – we implore you to repent of all that is evil in your life, break free from the shackles of team lauda, join us within the light of the good book of the forum.

      • Rossco says:

        I can’t be bothered getting all ‘tied up’ over this I am ready to come see you have I got your addy right? As for my thoughts I don’t find them repugnant at all I just want to be friends Timmy.

    • Markieboy” seems a little “Huggy” in a homophobic way

  • Abdul Aliyy says:

    Your comment “we have a screen grab and expect a Fatwā will be issued against you at some point” is offensive. I leave you with the following message:-

    Whenever ‘Aisha (the wife of the Prophet) heard anything which she did not understand, she used to ask again till she understood it completely. ‘Aisha said: “Once the Prophet said, “Whoever will be called to account (about his deeds on the Day of Resurrection) will surely be punished.” I said, “Doesn’t Allah say: “He surely will receive an easy reckoning.” The Prophet replied, “This means only the presentation of the accounts but whoever will be argued about his account, will certainly be ruined.”

    • same IP address as Brother Timothy, you homophobic dick-head.

      • Abdul Aliyy says:

        Laudafinem, I do not know anyone called Brother Timothy. I am posting this from an Internet Cafe, perhaps that is the problem. I think you are making up that IP address stuff to scare and intimidate people from commenting on your Blog.

      • lehohapata says:

        Laudafinem, I do not know anyone called Brother Timothy. Your IP address bullshit will not stop us. You are known in Aotearoa as big fat liars. We cannot be intimidated by words, we are staunch and real men, not like you weak girly aussies.

    • And yet again you’ve invented another one “markieboy” lol. Same IP address Yet another opportunity for your far right christian fellowship in Auckland New Zealand to attack gay men, women, Blacks, Hindu’s and muslims

  • OMG this is so disturbing the poor guy being grabbed by the throat and stomped on his head the police have gone way too far they need to loose there jobs and the main officer that stomped on his head needs to be charged with assault its so beyond belief that the cops were so heavy handed but there only thugs in uniform anyway…id like to see the cop involved grabbed by the throat and stomped on his head ill be the first in line to do it…It’s like ther acting like it was 1978 again maybe it was a hate crime from the police…the police officer looks like he is enjoying it maybe he is homophobic ….SHAME SHAME SHAME NSW POLICE

    • It is very disturbing Craig, the fact that the cop tried to stop the young bloke filming is testimony to the cop knowing his behaviour was outrageous.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were engulfed in fire and brimstone as divine punishment for the local penchant for gay sex.

    “God Abhors You”

    “Turn or Burn”.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Homosexuality as far as our order is concerned, homosexuality is a profound mistake ( as are all sins if they are not intending to do wrong). Humans are not homosexuals by nature. People become homosexuals because of their environments. Particularly critical is the environment during puberty. Suggestions, ideas & strange dreams are symptoms of confused attempts to understand new and blunt sexual desires and are rashly interpreted as defining someone as being one sexuality or another. If these conclusions are accompanied by actual homosexual acts they are even more strongly reinforced.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Rossco you are a blasphemer and quite possibly another bum bandit. We are not surprised that team Lauda think you are the woman. The days of lauda are coming to and end, the prophet has foretold this in a vision.

  • Rossco says:

    The van (cause everyone else hell on earth) Helmonds are not going to like this……..

    New Zealand has joined a United Nations initiative pledge to take action to end violence against women and girls.

    Women’s Affairs Minister Jo Goodhew today announced New Zealand’s pledge under UN Women initiative, COMMIT, to take steps to ensure women and girls are able to lead violence-free lives.

  • Rossco says:

    I was filming some police brutality in Courtney Place Wellington a little while ago when a police sergeant approached me and asked me if I had some issues. I said yes. He then asked me what my problem was. I told him he was standing in my way and unless I am breaking the law he could fuck off. Its not a question of me having issues its more a question of why, if they are doing their job to the letter of the law, would they want me to stop.

    Can’t wait for the details.

  • Rossco says:

    Pity you can’t give me the cunts address I would go and ram my boot down the fuckers throat.

    • We can tell you Rossco that he’s been attacking Lauda Finem for some months, even going so far as to put up bogus blogs using our good name in his attempts to attack the people he believes are the proprietors of Lauda Finem:

      Homophobic comments such as the one above are his signature or calling card.

      He did attempt another in 2011, obviously we succeeded in having both pulled down and the fuck-wit is obviously a little pissed off.

      But with creeps like this they just don’t now when to stop, he’s set up yet another that he believes is still flying under our radar, It appears that he’s developed a sudden passion for “Sky and Flowers”, He’s always been good at arranging things, but he’s no florist, a little cryptic I know but that story’s coming soon, along with his current address.

      • Brother Timothy says:

        Our congregation is large in number, the master has told us to write about team Lauda. WordPress may be intimidated by you brood of vipers and slippery snake oil salesmen. There are other blogs telling the truth about team lauda and their associates. Laudafinem are spawn of the devil and are blasphemers of the truth.

    • Brother Timothy says:

      Rossco, mind your foul and filthy mouth. Cunts are meant for Cocks (I have sought forgiveness for my filthy words, the master has forgiven me), do you not know your anatomy Rossco? Rossco we invite you to come to our meetings where we can anoint you with oil before to seek forgiveness for your dirty, disgusting, despicable and hate filled words.

  • Rossco says:

    Personally I would like to see you snuffed out to Brother Timothy. Are you a Catholic Brother? I doubt that we would have any of the problems in this world if we snuffed out your filthy little fairy tale as well. Great intolerant cristian you are. Scum bag.Just as an aside I am not gay but do believe in live and let live obviously you cunts don’t

  • We applaud the Police for their actions in ridding our community from this filth and depravity. Homosexual and Lesbian people have no rights for they have violated Gods laws.

    • Hi, “Brother Timothy”,

      Readers this man is a member of openly homophobic cyber-stalking community hosted at We have been investigating this group of creeps for a number of months now and unfortunately for brother Tim we have his real name, address and a few court documents which detail behaviour of this nature before. We’re planning on posting a piece on this creep and his twisted associates later in the month; “Brother Timothy’s” days of anonymity are somewhat numbered.

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