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ACCForum and the Internet: Cyber-bullies defamers, Mehmet, Clarke-Karaka, Percy

Cyber-stalker, Janice Karaka Clarke of ACCForum fame.

Cyber-stalker, Janice Karaka Clarke of ACCForum fame aka “Hukildaspida”

Over the past couple of weeks the Team @ Lauda Finem have been inundated with emails of support. But more importantly many of these same emails have been from people claiming to have been victimised and publicly humiliated  using the internet, only a handful of which have cited the very small group of cyber stalking fanatics at http//

Whilst we are happy to assist by providing whatever information that we have, we are only a small collective who’s resources are ordinarily focused in the areas of investigation, research, writing and publishing.

One particular correspondent may have come up with a viable solution with their suggestion that we establish a legal/information resource for those that have been harmed by cyber-stalkers. What an excellent idea we thought! As they say “from little things big things grow”  So armed with that one email one amongst us made the furthur suggestion that Lauda Finem should now look to establishing a legal/information resource for the victims of cyber-stalking/bullying. A resource that contains more than half arsed academic rhetoric.

Our patrons Tony Armstrong (editor) and Giovanni Mattiolli (financier) have now given their full “blessing” and both have agreed to fund it.

So how to start? We’ll begin with one of our sites http// where we will be including a new category so that those who have a need for information will be able to find or report it with ease, inclusive of names, addresses, electoral role details (where available) and various other verifiable particulars which identify the individuals allegedly responsible for cyber-stalking and bullying.

This small initiative we hope will assist in the war against internet abuse. We also hope that you, our dedicated readers (some of some of which we know hide behind the various fake indigenous identities and online monikers), will assist in exposing these cyber-creeps for what they are.

You can also do this by emailing us with information that leads to the naming, shaming and criminal prosecution of those responsible, which we trust will in turn grow the Lauda Finem data base and or enable/assist in the creation of successful civil litigation and case law. There will be more on this new initiative posted soon.

Do you know more? why not email the team at:

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  • Lauda finem edit [We thought that we would combine all of “Unknowable’s” comments over the entire site into one mess]:

    Your silly website is under attack from every quarter. You will not survive.

    You have my word.

    Gidday. Little boy-yo.

    You have nothing. Zilch, nada.

    But I bet you are thrilled with that.

    Ah, the sulfurous effusion of a garden gnome.

    Your style is unmistakable, XXXXX.

    Crass, uneducated and poisonous. And you gain courage from “helping” grannies and others?

    By charging them exorbitant fees.

  • Maybe he’s a nun?

  • Hilarious. He would be the Giovanni Mattioli who advertises this sort of stuff?

    Apartment in an ancient monastery…
    Tuscany, Province of Florence, Figline Valdarno Villas
    1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 5

    Is he a Franciscan or Jesuit?

    • We all just love Tuscany, have you got the contact detail for your Giovanni and his apartments?

      A little more research might help, this time however why not try regionalising that research fucktards

  • LOL heres another “W Arthur W”

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Grubers or is that gubbers, you are a nasty and foul maggot who is a fool to follow team@lauda. You have chosen the path of sorrow, despair and regret. We however follow the true path with the Sword of the Forum as our guide. For your information Grubers we have 7 friends and many more enemies. Team@Lauda our posting are not animal offal whose only use if to be burnt as a peace offering. It is us team@lauda that have increased your Internet traffic so you should pay us a blood offering. Heed our words you unworthy cesspit on the arsehole of oblivion, turn away from your HATE.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Brother Timmy is probably using the same IP address again but a different moniker to invent more friends to threaten physical violence. Well……if you don’t have any real friends I guess inventing them is the only way to do it…..can lead to serious mental illness though. Well if you look into the eyes of brother Timmy, the broken down two time old looser…he’s either intoxicated or having an episode……

    Lauda lets all move on this subject has run it’s course. Posting the tripe from the likes of brother Timothy only encourages this sad lonely old man.


  • Angelino says:

    Our patrons Tony Armstrong (editor) and Giovanni Mattiolli (financier) have now given their full “blessing” and both have agreed to fund it. We have now kissed these men on the lips.The Sergi, Barbaro and Papalia clans have united in this cause. To us Pasquale Barbaro is a hero. Giovanni there is nowhere in this world that you can hide, we have associates in every country.

  • Life is very short “” Your cyber-life seems to be getting even shorter, why is that cunt? LOL

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Brother Timothy, your verbal vomit is repetitive and boring. Whats with the snakes and swords old man. Shouldn’t you be looking for a job, you can’t survive on scavenging cans and bottles from the garbage cans on K ‘road. Then again maybe you CAN…..get it CAN…..ha ha, snigger!!!

  • Iorama says:

    To the brotherhood at Team Lauda, you have been judged and found guilty. You have dissed our wahine and spat upon our whakapapa too many times. It ends now. This is your only warning before our team have a little discussion with your team. We hope you have good health insurance and that there are not too many people who will grieve for you.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    The aboriginal “Bob Dylan”. Nice one Lauda I’m sure “she” knows who is being identified. Pity she isn’t spiritual enough to understand how feral her conduct really is. Bit like brother Tim and his homophobic diatribes and bastardisation of the scriptures. They are bitter and twisted individuals because from “little things nothing has grown”. Wilson is a multiple divorcee and multiple bankrupt who has frankly run out of time. A future in one of Malcom Mayers cold water flats in a broken down old commercial building in Newton. Well that’s what my crystal ball indicates. I seriously doubt if brother Timothy will ever be a useful contributor to any society again, if he ever was. For him the only friend will be the glow of a broken down old PC and the inside of a cask of “Velluto Rosso”. I seriously think that the ACC forum is the only form of social interaction these reprobates enjoy. We have to pity them all….whats not to pity… penis fingered, morbidly obese alienated fat chicks with swollen feet and no family marinating in their own waste.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Team@Lauda, why have you not harkened to our cries and turned from your vile and wicked ways. These creatures are innocent and do not deserve to be spat upon, mocked and scorned. You are truly the epitome of the evil ones. You are serpents of deceit and writhing wriggling snakes that hiss and roar vomit and other foul juices at noble and righteous individuals. Your heart is consumed with maggots and your ilk will be punished by the Sword of the Forum. Team@Lauda listen very carefully, we implore and extol you to turn from the evil and other heinous transgressions and say SORRY and STOP polluting the Internet with your HATE.

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