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Some one yelled fraud…fraud and more fraud. Gillard has lost the trust of the average australian voter. She has really taken the piss with her support of that low rent corrupt little blow hard Craig Thompson ( yet another migrant Kiwi). That creep stole thousands of workers contributions to blow on “blow jobs” with Melbourne’s finest hookers.

Top that off with her fraudulent scams to syphone off and hide thousands of dollars in union back handers and you have a mobster’s mole in the “big chair”. Get real Australia the voters may be fucking dumb but just not that dumb. Smoke and mirrors…wheres theres smoke theres fire. Where theres credit card invoices for Hookers theres theft. Where there is bogus corporate washing machines ….there is money laundering.

“Where have all the voters gone…gone to conservative parties everyone….when will labour ever learn…when will they ever learn.

Bring back Kevin 07 and his big fucking broom!!!

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