ACCForum: online psychopaths post more false information

Michael Gibson LLB the only man in the room standing

Michael Gibson LLB of Invercargill, the only man in the room soon to be left standing

Despite our volunteers efforts to get the Peter Ellis political corruption story out there we here at Lauda Finem have again been sidetracked by yet more defamatory, false and misleading material being posted on

Yet another group has emerged within the forum, a cabal, that has apparently decided, for their own personal reasons, that they’d attempt to humiliate yet another ACC client advocate; a man by the name of Mr Michael Gibson LLB.

Now whilst we are, as a group, of the view that Mr Gibson may well have backed the wrong horse when he accepted the brief to represent ACCForum members Bruce Van Essen aka “Huggy” and his partner in crime Jason Patterson aka “Jocko” with their conspiracy to destroy the lives, reputations and incomes of ex-cops turned magnum PI’s Peter Gibbons and Graeme Scott (and remember readers we are not big fans of bent coppers) we are also “keen to help” when it comes to injustice in any form. Our interest was prompted by this one post:

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.38.10 AM

Of course the allegation in the post on is a complete falsehood, but it will undoubtedly cause a great deal of damage as was obviously intended.

Mr Michael Gibson LLB of Invercargill NZ is not one in the same man that was convicted of fraud in 2009, any simple Google search would have revealed that.

The convicted fraudster was in fact Mr Mike Gibson of Kaikoura, New Zealand, a man who resides almost 700 miles away, but this sort of false information is par for the course with absolutely anything that is posted on, and of course the latest Van Helmond fraudster venture….most of the members of these sites are allegedly brain damaged; although we here at Lauda Finem are beginning to suspect that this claim, just as with Henk van Helmond’s  plea, at his criminal trial, are also a complete falsehood. So who is the man that was truly guilty of a serious fraud:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.21.10 PMA Kaikoura man caught on video lifting boulders when he was claiming Accident Compensation Corporation payments for a back injury has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Michael James Gibson, 53, was the subject of a long-running ACC investigation in which video footage was obtained of him lifting boulders, cutting hedges, launching his boat and doing building work. At the same time he claimed about $100,000 for a back injury that he said prevented him from working.

Much of the evidence came from his neighbours, who filmed him over the fence.

In the Kaikoura District Court yesterday Gibson admitted six charges of making false statements to ACC and others with the objective of receiving payments and other entitlements.

Gibson was to appear in court for a depositions hearing on 37 charges, but instead pleaded guilty to six new representative charges.

During a very brief court appearance the Christchurch-based lawyer for ACC, Heather Kerr, withdrew the 37 charges and entered the six new charges of fraudulently receiving ACC payments from 2003 to 2008.

Gibson’s lawyer, Paul McMenamin, entered six guilty pleas on his client’s behalf.

Mr McMenamin told Christchurch Justice of the Peaces Nick Aitkens and Bruce Dawson he had “relieved the need to embark on a hearing”.

Investigators established Gibson had engaged in activities contrary to statements he had made to his GP and case managers.

Last year ACC came under fire from ACT leader Rodney Hide for its lack of action over a prosecution in Gibson’s case.

Gibson’s deception first came to light in 2006 and at one point private investigators hired by ACC stayed in a “cash-only” bed and breakfast run at his Hapuku home, north of Kaikoura.

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent gathering the evidence to bring him to trial, and ACC received numerous complaints about Gibson, also known as “Milky,” from members of the public.

ACC chief executive Jan White said yesterday the organisation had a zero-tolerance policy on fraud.

“We manage public money and so take fraud very seriously. ACC levies are intended to help injured people, not fraudsters, and we don’t apologise for ensuring that happens. It’s not a victimless crime,” she said.

Gibson was remanded on bail and is due to be sentenced on December 18.

Gibson said he did not wish to comment when approached by The Marlborough Express this morning.


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  • claire hollis says:

    This week the NZ Law Commission bought out a Draft copy of the new media laws (which will include cyber bashing/bullying and defamation, stalking, slander, harrasment etc.

    This will make things a lot easier for us as you are publishing in NZ.
    I may get hold of you through your e-mail address, but I still intend to send the documents I have off line to the NZ Justice Department, and wherever else seems fit.

    • Ms Hollis,

      A little advice for you, the first point; we are not based in New Zealand nor have any of us ever been so you might be putting good money after bad engaging a solicitor on the basis of that erroneous assumption.

      The second point; you and your cyber-stalking colleagues have been defaming innocent professionals for almost a decade, we suspect that it is you that should now be concerned given that you and your cronies can no longer enjoy the benefit of anonymity whilst abusing your victims. We know for a fact that several of those victims have already instructed counsel to start the process of bringing a tort of defamation against those we have named, yourself included.

      Third point; you are not legally qualified nor are you a competent lay person. These facts are more than evident in your above comment. Even more obvious to anyone who’s reviewed the spurious legal opinions and advice that you and the other cyberstalking idiots have been dishing out willy nilly on

      As for your references to the New Zealand parliamentary Law commission and your country’s ministry of justice, they are ill-conceived arguments and little more than an attempt at self aggrandisement. If anything the views you express only further support our educated observation that you and your online associates are completely ignorant of the law, its practice and application.

      Do yourself and the other wankers on a favour and give up. We suggest that you all start thinking about what you will be able to afford in damages once you’ve all been taken to the cleaners by legal professionals in the near future.

  • claire hollis says:

    Dermot it doesnt explain why you would want to name me up here and be caught defaming my good name by calling me a Tax and ACC frauster. What makes you think I am not using my real name?? Someone or two are going to be held responsible for using my own name for no other reason than the fact that they like to print lies.

    Push the bondries. Just more evidence.

    • Ms Claire Hollis you stupid old cunt, this “Dermot” bloke you’ve named does not run this site, try guessing again and for GODS sake stop with the whining you stupid old bitch:

      If you have a genuine complaint why not try using the advertised email address:

  • Dermot says:

    Why does no one involved use their real names. It would greatly improve their credibility. I understand why Lauda Finem do not use their real names, although I think a couple of names have been used [whether real or not I know not]. Given all of the threats they apparently get [posted in stories] I too would want to protect my identity. These people are really dangerous individuals that are just jealous of what others achieve in their lives.

  • claire hollis says:

    Claire Hollis here:
    Lauda finem says at 9.55am this thread:

    “What we just love doing is correcting the falsehoods and defamatory material posted on ‘accforum’.
    Maybe good idea to do some housekeeping work on Lauda finem site as well, by deleting your own falsehoods and defametory material. post on here about me being a tax and ACC fraudster.”

    I have no idea why I am even named here, I have never had anything to do with xxxxxxxxxx. Maybe you could explain.

  • thisismygmail says:

    Dermoy, my wee weasel. Didn’t she have enough money?

  • Dermot says:

    This was a very good story by you as it will make decent honest ACC levy paying New Zealanders comprehend that more than 80% of the long termer’s are complete fraudsters.
    I have represented such people who wanted me to lie and I refused. One was Evonne Puru and she is now off ACC having been found fit to work. She asked me to lie, and I looked into her file and found out that she had lied on at least 20 occasions in declarations made to ACC about her ability to do things. She was in receipt of home help and ERC when she was labouring on a building site. Her own building site. But Fair Go told a different story and edited a lot os stuff. Bryan Edwards called Kevin Milne out stating that Milne was dishonest in the way he told stories and I concur. Anyway congratulations on the increasing number of followers, and I wish you the best in the future.

  • thisismygmail says:

    How much is Michael Gibson, LLB and Bar (Bra perhaps?), paying you?

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