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Close to the action when it comes to Malcolm Duncan Mayer and Warren Arthur Wilson’s proclivity for fraud; crown prosecutor Ross Burns

Stephen Franklin Gould is a man of mystery and man of enormous financial resources, (snigger) a man that happily pays 3.3 million over the top for a property in an effort to extract a mate from a criminal quagmire. That mate and man of the people was Malcolm “ I’ve got the Mulla” Mayer aka “the 50 million dollar swindler”. In our continuing serious on the Trustee Executor Frauds we bring our regular readers the story of little Malcom Mayers scam to defraud Trustee Executors and the crown Solicitor Ross Burns of another bucket load of Mulla.

All this right under the flaring nostrels of the blood hounds down at New Zealands SFO.  Delightfully malevolent Mr Mayer along with the erudite counsel of  buddies Brent “clever-clogs” Clode and Lance “budgie smuggler” Gilbertson came up with a scam to rip off New Zealand Finance and investment giant Trustee Executors Limited (TEL) and at the same time prove Malcolms innocence. They decided along with patsy and criminal co conspirator Stephen Franklin Gould to induce TEL to once again enter into a fraudulent scam contract.

It was however conditional upon fraudulently inducing yet another lender to advance monies over a property worth 4.2 Million dollars, thats a 4.2 Million dollar valuation that only occurs with a bullet up it’s arse. The scam would have seen the new financier funding the full (un-hydrauliced) purchase price of 4.0 million on a contract alleging that the property was worth 7.3 million. The false equity was to be other properties allegedly owned by Stephen Gould that would be transferred to a Mayer company “Champion Apartments Limited”. In truth the properties would never be transferred as occurred in the initial TEL scam for Stephen Gould was holding the properties in trust for dodgy little Malcolm Mayer.

Malcolm Duncan Mayer "the 50 million dollar swindler"

Malcolm Duncan Mayer “the 50 million dollar swindler”

The contract dated 29th of October 2009 and signed off by another of Mayer’s patsy’s,  Ms Sho Chu aka “Teresa” (a Chinese imigre with an extremely endearing penchant for fraud) contains the purported signature of  Stephen Gould. Trustee Executors Limited would have no truck with this cunning little plan to defraud another finance company and told the Mayer cabal to piss off.

The sham equity to be allegedly transferred as part payment in the transaction was 100% of the shares in Te Kauwhata Developments Ltd owner of 114 Travers Road Te Kauwhata CT 283097 and the property known as the Kawarau Hotel corner Plunket Street and Ranfurly Court Kawerua CT 1748/32.

Our insider has informed us that the signature on the contract might not even be that of the marchiavellian  Mr Stephen Gould. Apparently Malcolm Mayer had a habit of just doing things on behalf of Gould without his knowledge – As they say in New Zealand….Yeah right!

Trustee Executors Limited subsequently caveated Goulds property but lost an application by Gould to have the caveats removed in Trustee Executors Ltd v Steve G Limited and others CIV 2011-485-5411.

Gould wasn’t only involved in that scam but was also heavily involved in the Mayer scam involving the attempt to remove defrauded equity from the property at 43-45 Mount Eden Road. Goulds role in that scam was to place a caveat over the property to prevent its sale prior to Mayers co conspirators, selling the property to one of their own companies, that caveat was removed with no funds being advanced. Clode, Gilbertson and Bill Ritchie transferring the property and its equity to a  new Gilbertson company Eden Developments (2010) Limited (In liquidation). On that occasion Trustee Executors Limited pinged the co conspirators and seized the equity when they successfully appealed the High Court Judgement of Associate Judge Bell, before Court of Appeal. The sagacious Justice Mark O’Regan presiding.

Shonky liquidator; Warren Arthur Wilson

Shonky liquidator (and wannabe elevator technician); Warren Arthur Wilson

Not happy with their failed attempts to defraud funds from finance companies the conspirators, within days, of involving corporate rapist and undertaker the soon to be bankrupt “Big Bill Ritchie” also engaged the services of Warren Arthur Wilson as another “Friendly” liquidator, and another soon to be bankrupt.

This time Warren Wilson immediately filed  a ‘liquidators report’ (crafted whilst slugging back a cask of cheap sherry) alleging that Mr Stephen Gould had a security over the fixed chattels at units 12a and 10a Peace Tower, Grafton, Auckland. He also alleged that the failure of the Mayer company SageCorp Limited was as a result of the events of the Global financial crisis. (financial World War 3, according to Mr Mayer)

The only problem for Wilson was that Mayer had been around at the purchasers property and alleged the same chattels were owned by his ex wife Rosalie Mayer. It didn’t stop the conspirators, however, attempting to make a formal demand through lawyer Greg Denholm to remove the toilets, floor tiles, and all other moveable and fitted fixtures of the properties. That threat would have seen the properties effectively destroyed. That threat to extort money under threat of damaging property being an offence under New Zealand Crimes Act 1961.

The barrister Gregory Denholmn was advised of the fraud and withdrew without attempting to enforce the security. Warren Arthur Wilson then went on to attempt to frustrate the sale of other assets belonging to SageCorp Limited. Such conduct attempting to promote a lessor sale contract and attempting to extort a premium through a sell-on that would have seen creditors to the company loosing a substantial amount of money (Westpac Banking Corporation; being a major mortgagee with over 500k outstanding).

Mr Wilson was again frustrated in his attempts, but threatened creditors, two sets of solicitors and Ross Burns, a crown prosecutor with Meredith Connell, with criminal prosecutions under the Companies Act. Wilson also foolishly laid formal complaints against the Solicitors, The National Business review newspaper and the real estate agents involved in the sale. All of Wilson’s complaints were however eventually dismissed in various fashions; Wilson appealing the complaint against the real estate agents but withdrawing the false allegations during the part heard hearing, before abandoning the appeal altogether.

Wilson, as liquidator, sucked all the assets of Sage Corp Limited from its insolvent corpse whilst sucking desperately on a few a few gallons of “Grappa”; as was, we’ve been led to believe, his daily ritual. An addiction born of his constant failure in life, emotional, financial and career.

Wilson had Sage Corpse removed from the Company register only a matter of days before he himself was declared bankrupt for the second time.  We here at Lauda Finem “teared up” and sobbed ever so loudly for the truculent ignorant little toady that is Mr Warren Arthur Wilson when we heard.

The scam caveats were also used by Mayer and his cabal of corporate clowns in BNZ v Malcolm Duncan Mayer and LJK Investments Ltd CIV-2009-404-7828.  In this case the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) was worried that Mr Mayer and his associates Clode and Gilbertson would again attempt to sabotage the sale of the property, the same modus operandi as attempted by liquidator Warren Arthur Wilson with the sale of SageCorp Limited properties.

Mayer’s conduct was exactly the same, as promoted by Wilson, purporting that he hadn’t been served the documents, only admitting to knowledge of the proceedings resultant from being contacted by the “so-called” purchaser.

As associate Judge Jeremy Doogue so adroitly observes and records in his decision at paragraph [1] (c) of his judgement:

“ The receivers and those instructed by them in relation to the sale of the property have maintained confidentiality as to who the purchaser was because they were concerned that if they did not and Mr Mayer discovered the identity of the purchaser he would sabotage the arrangements”

82 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Medical centre, 82 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Amongst the half arsed attempts to sabotage the sale of Sage Corp properties at 82 Symonds Street on behalf of Mr Mayer Wilson attempted to disable the lift mechanism (caught red-handed; see photo above), racially and sexually abused and intimidated tenants, cut off and disabled the locks to the building and served the Real estate agents and new owner with trespass notices. Not to mention the fact that he threatened “every man and his dog” with criminal prosecution.

Wilson, despite initially having his complaint thrown out by the REAA and the later abandoning his frivolous and vexatious appeal proceedings, continues to attempt to intimidate, harass, bully and extort the Real Estate Agents involved using the web by posting defamatory comment, posts and blogs online accusing them of being apprehended “masturbating in front of clients”, being “gay” “faggots” amongst various other outrageous and highly defamatory claims and or statements.

Incidentally, these are exactly the same “red knecked” sexually and racially abusive allegations he leveled at the medical centre staff of 82 Symonds Street.

Wilson using various anonymous internet monikers such as “brother Timothy” has again been caught red handed threatening to Bomb various homes, including the wives and extended families of individuals involved in providing evidence in the prosecution of Mr Malcolm Duncan Mayer – in any country, other than New Zealand, these online threats would be taken seriously.

The threats to kill and harm are a very “real and present danger to the people targeted by this serial “nut-job” (turned member; aka the online forum responsible for the Takapuna Bomb Plot or TBA).

The Team @ Lauda Finem will be posting (later in the week) some of the criminally harassing comments and emails sent by Malcolm Duncan Mayer’s “Friendly  Liquidator” Warren Arthur Wilson, aka “Brother Timothy”, that have been received by his KIWI victims and us here in Australia. It certainly looks as if this is going to be an ongoing series! It certainly appears that Kiwi fraudsters are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid being convicted of FRAUD.

Malcolm Duncan Mayer the “king pin” behind this malevolent cabal and conspiracy is still facing prosecution on over 60 charges.  The first trial was aborted, however a new date has been set for an approximate eight-week trial on 7 October 2013.

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    If this cock smoking retard Warren Wilson answered your post in 15 minutes it must mean hes still bankrupt and unemployable…….! Go Warren…. go fuck yourself! I’m thinking of coming over to NZ to ski this winter…might pop down to K road to give Warren a loaf of stale bread and a bottle of port….

  • And you’re obviously behind these little ditties;

    Your comment above will be the last permitted, so please don’t waste your time Mr Wilson

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Warren you drunkard. Why hide behind “brother Timothy”; come out of the closet and face up to what you have done to average hard working Kiwis you complete nutter. The pictures tell the real story man. You are a nobody, a drunkard, and your life has never amounted to anything. Just go away man and let achievers get on with it. I always get a laugh from the LF articles on the likes of you.

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    Thanks Warren 😉

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    Laudascum, you have certainly been busy with your poisonous and vile filth and lies you peddle within your blog. You make up tall tales of bomb threats and threats to kill, you do have over imaginative thoughts. Next you will be telling the 4 or 5 people who read your garbage that the tooth fairy exists. Team @ Lauda are a group of criminals who get off on naming and defaming others. The innocent will soon strike back in ways you cannot even dream. Repent you maggots.

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