On ANZAC day what does it mean to be Australian?

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One beautiful song sums it all up:

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  • Byron Grubers says:

    Listened to Judith Durham and the lads and almost teared up……what a great country we live in….puts the Yanks to shame. We really are a country full of good cunts. Loved the Sydney and Melbourne army bands banging out the national anthem…… resplendent in the red tunics that have hidden a thousand wounds…steady lads don’t let the fuzzy wuzzies scare you boys! Anzac day…maybe it should be AAC day. After all the NZers don’t have a working airforce and have never really pulled their weight since that clown fatard Langey thought he could smell uranium on some fuckers breath…..Well we can’t blame them for telling the “New Romans” ( Yanks) to take a hike. Trouble is they also bailed on us!


  • Mate anyone who fights for a just cause is an AUSTRALIAN!

  • Byron Grubers says:

    The second oldest name in english history should make sense…..way before the maoris could fart with decorum. Just a thought!

  • Byron Grubers says:

    fucking beautiful you aussie cunts…as an aside my uncle won a DFC and bar flying in lancasters, the flying bentleys. Became an ace in the battle of Britain in spits, and he was recommended for the VC for the mosquito raid……., but his nephew was stopped at the border in 1993 until his nephew reminded British immigration of the contribution his family made since the lowlands were at risk to scots invasion…1048….broadsword.

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