At LF our researchers worry about the safety of McNicholl’s children, should he run out of food – he may mistake them for a family meal

ACC Forum: Profiling nut jobs, fuckthugs and loons – Mark D McNicholl aka “Netcoachnz “, ACC and WINZ fraudster.

ACCForum "Nut-job's" aka Netcoach

ACCForum Nut-job aka “Netcoachnz”

“This fat fuck makes Nurse Athols  role in assisted suicide legitimate.  We have chosen not to name his children even though he is not himself so kind when it comes to naming the family members of others online , but wait for the story as it is very embarrassing – for Mark David McNicholl of 20b Hobbs Street, Timaru aka‘s “Netcoachnz:, New Zealand:

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 7.44.57 PM

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