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ACC forum hate site – Nest of Ninja’s – or just plain NUTJOBS – what are the risks?

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Bump, Bump, Boom, Bam, Blam…….whos next….coming soon on LF

We wish to remind our loyal and growing readership why our junior staffers search out members of ACC Forum, and once we have a lead on them, ……… well you will have read the results over the last two years

Firstly there is these characters pandemic fraud of a system that was designed to never reward pretenders, fraudsters, welshes, and fakers.  The system has been run by idiot New Zealand politicians since its inception, and gravy train troll, Judith Collins, is probably the dumbest.

judith collins minister of gun ownership

“This dumbfuck will be gone come November back to the back benches, or to corner store law. They say Collins has a lot upstairs, no brains, just an empty lot”

The system has been targeting those who deserve assistance, and has been relatively unsuccessful against fraudsters that have maintained a lifestyle built on defrauding ACC.   This is a major concern for LF as it is obvious that the bulk of these fraudsters are literally stupid, which begs the question; how stupid are the ACC case managers, and team leaders?

Well there’s Brian Athol Smith,  aka Nurse Athol, whose immediate boss, Janet Tinson,  likes to defame advocates she cannot handle due to her chronic intellectual deficiencies such as being a fucktard;

Janet Tinson – ACC Regional Manager Taranaki – once insolvent business person – working her way up the chain of command by disentitling accident victims with Tetraplegia. Janet’s as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

Janet Tinson – ACC Regional Manager Taranaki – once insolvent business person – working her way up the chain of command by disentitling accident victims with Tetraplegia. Janet’s as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

Janice is big into customer service, but not satisfaction, and whose actions over the last decade or so are responsible for the advent of ACC Forum.  Beneath is Janets favourite poster that she had enlarged and framed and placed on the wall behind her office chair;


The system has been derailed and robbed for nearly four decades by the likes of Alan “bomb plot “Thomas, and his criminal camaraderie at ACC Forum.  And if ACC cannot do the job, LF will.  Look at the state of the fucks below;

ACCForum members gather at Angela McCutcheons Nautilus Place townhouse for a Barbecue and to share a little poison. (Left to right; fraudsters Angela McCutcheon, Kenneth Miller, Fransiscus Van Helmond)

Just look at the state of the brains trust at hate site ACC Forum, – fucktards, lardtards, fuckthugs, fucknuckles, and dumbfucks

These criminal conspiracies by ACC Forum members alone has cost honest New Zealanders tens of millions of dollars in undeserved payments.  As an example Alan Thomas stole $238,000.00 over a few years.

The face of the Takapuna Bomber Alan Thomas. Thomas’s injury – beaten with a stupid stick till it broke – symptomatology – gets lost falling down – and had trouble breathing till someone gave him instructions.

The face of the Takapuna Bomber Alan Thomas. Thomas’s injury – beaten with a stupid stick till it broke – symptomatology – gets lost falling down – and had trouble breathing till someone gave him instructions.

When these fakers were caught by Occupational Physicians, Surgeons, Private Investigators, and other professionals, that saw them for who they were, or reported what they were capable of, these career criminals responded by defaming these hard working honest healers, and truthsayers, [who simply performed their respective tasks according to their professional guidelines], by posting claims of dishonesty, rape, fraud, assault and intimidation on New Zealand’s most notorious hate site ACC Forum.

In committing internet atrocities, these hardened (but for the most part unsuccessful) criminals thought that they would never be caught by the law of defamation, and cyber-bullying, as they used nom de guerres.

LF researchers have indicated that those involved portrayed themselves as anything, or anybody, but who they really were – cheats, liars, fraudsters, and terribly unhappy disenfranchised losers.   As an example look at Mark “fatfuck” McNicholl, a sadfuck who promoted himself to other members as a physically fit entrepreneur, who had had an injury, when, in fact, the only thing McNicholl can hold down is copious amounts of food;

At LF our researchers worry about the safety of McNicholl’s children, should he run out of food – he may mistake them for a family meal

At LF our researchers worry about the safety of McNicholl’s children, should he run out of food – he may mistake them for a family meal

Our most senior psych researcher believes that the deranged forum members consider themselves internet ninja’s doing “wet work”  when hiding behind their on line monikers whilst defaming people that had [allegedly] dared to cross a forum member.

They imagine that their respective on line “monikers” such as “Tomcat”, “TopGun”, “easyrider”, “Hukilaspida”, “Angryman”, “killthemall”, “Bowieblade”, “bulletproof”, and “Nineleven” empower them in ways that allow them to control, and/or defeat imagined adversaries, (often people they have never met, but whom they intensely dislike due to psychosis).  This makes them potentially and actually very dangerous people like the case of  French nutjob Julien Barreaux who plunged a knife into a man that had killed his character in an on line computer game.  It took Barreaux 6 months to find his victim.


An Australian medical professional, previously married to (psychotic on line ACC Forum member and accomplished stalker) Marakita Mehmet aka “Campy” for a short period believes that Mehmet is capable of similar behavior to Frenchman Barreaux and takes precautions in regard to security around his home and work.

Noting some of the images that accforum members had associated with their profiles LF psych researchers felt ACCForum membership and administrators had delusions of ninjadum – or was that just plain ninja-dumb?.

The worst offender at the pretence of Ninjadumb was the hate sites creator Arrin Wislang.  Below is a photo of Arrin at an ACC Forum get together at Graeme Wislangs house, before Graeme retired from his 20 year shit job as a Ministry Of Social development internal auditor. Soon after this picture was taken by Arrins wife, both fucktards headed over the ditch to work at the Ballarat District Health Board.


Dumbass; not badass; Arrin “arsewipe” Wislang – he would shit his ninja suit if you went boo. He sets very low standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.

LF managed to secure footage of an ACCForum training camp, where members were preparing for an attack on the offices of Advantage Advocacy Limited hoping to find Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham out.

The ACC Forum ninjadumbs did improve dramatically in physical capability, but only two of the ninjadumb were chosen for the attack on Nottingham’s office, and the result was not good, as can be seen by the CCTV footage;

LF researchers nailed, and then named, and shamed, numerous criminal members of New Zealand’s most notorious hate site,

First to go was criminal ACC fraudster Evonne Puru, aka “Kiwiwine”, who attempted to blackmail Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham into being complicit with perjury she committed before an ACC review in order to remain entitled.

Nottingham had also found out that Evonne Puru was used to defrauding ACC having been previously convicted of fraud when alleging that she required home care due to the extent of her back injury, when she was working as a labourer assisting her husband build their spec home which the fuckwits sold for a loss.  It was only the ACC payments that kept the two in a life of luxury.

Click to view all court documents

Click to view all court documents

Puru has since been thrown off ACC having been proved, yet again, to have defrauded ACC.  Convicted Fraudster Evonne Puru still remains living on the Gold Coast hard labouring for her husband; her previous back injury having mysteriously cured itself.

Apparently Purus husband went to a local chemist and having asked for a single condom asked for a large bag for it to be placed in.  The counter girl stated that he should think about the planet to which he replied “the large bag is to place over my wife’s head so I can maintain an erection”

Evonne Puru and Gold Coast partner

Purus original “completely debilitating” injury was a lightly sprained back when shifting a beer fridge after she had drunk its contents. According to Occupational Physician reports on Puru’s suitability for any job other than laboring, she is apparently so dense that light bends around her”

Next LF success came with the identification of career criminal Kenneth Miller aka “Tomcat”.

Miller had ten aliases (used when committing crimes, or evading capture and imprisonment), that were known to the New Zealand Police Service, and whilst “Tomcat” always stated that he stood by his convictions; nobody knew that he was talking about his thirty, or more, criminal convictions.


Click to view document


Click to view document


Click to view document

Kenneth Miller Prisoner 23876

”Tomcat” aka Kenneth Miller, a short ugly half-arsed, half-cast, half-wit Maori, has a rap sheet so long that his nickname in Northlands criminal fraternity is “bog roll”

LF successes built against the notorious hate site to such an extent that ACC Forums membership dwindled to a “hate core” that were pressurised into make further mistakes which led to their identification.  Those mistakes came due to the average IQ of the hate site members being so low only dogs can pick it up.

A breakthrough for LF came with David “what bomb” Butler rolling over naming names to Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham. Nottingham, in his normal style, got significant admissions out of David Butler whilst, unbeknownst to Butler, filmed Butler.

Butler, whose marriage allegedly broke up because he couldn’t fuck his wife without looking at written instructions, did quite well slitting the throats of his mates.  Butler believed that various members were psychotic and capable of anything inclusive of murder.  Nottingham and LF didn’t disagree with Butlers position.  After all Butler and Miller has been involved in nailing Alan Thomas as plotting to kill hundreds of ACC staff by bombing the ACC Corporate Offices at Takapuna;

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.33.19 AM

LF readers should get the picture.  Alan “Al-Qaeda” Thomas makes Bin Laden look conservative middle right.   However Butler, a slimy prick, who boasts that he’s as sharp as a marble, wanted to protect certain forum members such as Hukilaspida, alleging that she was a blonde woman who lived in Auckland that, according to Butler, other forum members, such as Douglas Weal, had emptied DNA in her every orifice.  The lie we suspected was that she was blond.  The rest we fully believed.  I mean get a look at this woman twenty years ago.  Can you imagine how ugly she is now:

Janice Karaka Clarke, now on WINZ after having been found to be able to work – banned from yahoo and numerous sites for cyberbullying

Clarke did not have the looks from the very beginning – Janice was so ugly when she plopped into her grandmothers arms, (no doctors that far north), her grandmother slapped her mother.

Butler also alleged that “Hukilaspida” used the Auckland library for her research.  But LF knew that Butler was lying through his cigarette stained dentures, due to two LF researchers having studied personality profiling.

LF’s researchers main problem deciphering Butlers personality type was that Butler didn’t have any personality.

David Butler, Super Grass

Butler had a hard upbringing – he refers to being dragged up by his mother when confessing to Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham the criminal deeds ACC Forum members committed against innocent victims. On footage that LF holds Nottingham appears to tear up when Butler gives Nottingham two examples of his early life

Butlers early life was not a happy one – constantly hungry – hence the lack of intellectual prowess from early childhood on, not that Butler was endowed in that department at birth.   Butler alleges that on one occasion he said to his dear mother “mummy mummy can I lick the bowl” to which his high strung mother  replied “shut up or I will flush”.  Another occasion Butler stated “mummy, mummy I don’t like sister” to which his mother allegedly replied “shut up and keep eating”.

LF believes that Butler did not want to “hand over” Hukilaspida because of her reputation for stalking her victims with the pack of ACC Forum members now known as “Abbo aggro’s”.  Butler was scared of what Hukilaspida was capable of, or what she possibly knew about Butlers colourful past.

David “supergrass” Butler did hand over the likes Douglas Weal, a real scumbag if there was ever one – yet another ACC fraudster.

fat boy Douglas James Weal and Inspector Rex aka "Fitzy" the Alsatian spy with who keeps file's

Apparently Weal and his German Shepherd dog had a threesome with Janice Karaka Clarke – apparently the Alsatian demanded a “safe sex” experience


Butler handed over Kenneth Miller aka “Tomcat” along with his impressive criminal record as seen above.

Butler handed over amongst many others; Angela McCutcheon aka “Witchipoo”; Alan Lloyd aka “Easyrider”; and Fran Van Helmond aka “blurb”

Angela McCutcheon was convicted of ACC fraud whilst working for Paragon Investigations whilst in receipt of over $1,000.00 a weekly of earnings related compensation. Paragon was hired to nail this dumbfuck and did so with pleasure.  The result was death threats against investigators and their family members inclusive of young children.

Apparently, according to Butler, McCutcheon is so dumb that when she went on an ACC fraud funded holiday to Mexico she went into Taco Bell, and asked for a top up for her mobile phone.

LF’s investigations continued at a steady pace whilst covering many other topics that arise as a result of our investigations and information that comes into our possession.

It was when LF had a crack at the Dutch ACC fraudster Fran “Dutch Bitch” Van Helmond that Fran, being a moron retaliating to our “poke”, posted his Twitter and Facebook followers to show how many people followed his competing sites and site

LF researchers could not believe their luck.  Out of nowhere popped up Hukilaspida as none other than enrolled nurse and caregiver to the elderly, Janice Karaka Clarke, yet another “back injury” previously on ACC books.

Fran slings shit; click image to see his enthralling video

Not fit for work? Caught red handed: Fran Van Helmond – ACC Forum hate site provocateur and all round Dutch dumbfuck – apparently he can’t pour water out of his boots even though his mates have written instructions on the heels

With every strike at New Zealands most notorious hate site,, the remaining members, now down to single numbers, went berserk.   The likes of Janice Karaka Clarke and her aboriginal associates Mereana Moeroa Percy and Marakita Mehmet increased their barbaric behaviour killing innocent persons reputations with zeal.   They were certainly becoming the niggers in a woodpile for a lot of innocent New Zealanders.

The forum imploded with one nutjob attacking another 24/7 – excepting when they had to take an hour off to feign incapacity to a doctor.  According to documents in LF’s possession Kenneth Miller was so upset at LF’s postings (and so bereft of intelligence) that he told his doctor that he injured himself trying to hang himself using a cordless phone.

Similar stories of stupidity abound and surround the membership.  Apparently Evonne Puru, according to David Butler, is so dumb that she regularly poisons her husband when she uses old spice in her vindaloo.

But they are not only dumb, they are ugly people in all ways.  According to our latest “supergrass” who is to send us a recent photograph of Marakita Mehmet, she was shocked at Mehmet’s deterioration in appearance over the years and was convinced that certain scenes from the movie “gorilla’s in the mist” hadn’t been filmed on location at all; but rather in Marakita Mehmet’s rather steamy bathroom.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.54.20 AM

As part and parcel of our desire to establish the bona fides of our most recent “supergrass” we asked her to provide photographs of a meeting between ACC Forum members and she delivered in spades.

Below is an image of Kenneth Miller aka “Tomcat” kicking the shit out of Janice Karaka Clarke aka “Hukilaspida” after the bitch, who was on heat, became too amorous at an ACC Forum bash.  The meeting had been the final planning for the attack of the Advantage Advocacy offices.

fuck off bitch – this pussy is not for the licking or eating

fuck off bitch – this pussy is not for the licking or eating

Now we know what our readership will be thinking.  What is true and what is fiction.  What we do know is that we here at lauda finem have received literally hundreds of threatening emails (and messages posted in our posts comments sections) from the cabal.

Whilst we have been receiving this hate mail since 2011 when we first posted a piece on the real doozies started rolling in following a post earlier this year, February in fact “ACC Forum Members, courtesy of bully boy Fran van Helmond’s twitter blunder” and as we progressively provided our readers, many of them journalists and private investigators, with accurate identifying details outing the, and members the threatening emails and comments became more and more extreme. Then when we posted the story “ACCForum: would the real Arrin Wislang please step forward” early in the morning of FEBRUARY 23, this year, providing the genuine identity of one of the until then hitherto unidentified “kingpins” behind the forum, all hell broke loose starting with Arrins email:

Arrin Wislang, ACCForum hate site a "Wislang" family affair

Arrin Wislang, ACCForum hate site a “Wislang” family affair

Left as a comment on

“Laura Finum, as you’re clearly such an amazing investigator you’ve put mine and my wifes photos up with defamatory postings. I’m not the son of Miles (who i met once at my grandmothers funeral), nor some kind of website mastermind. You’re looking for Miles’ son “Aaron”, quite a different person. Now, for your work the NZ police, NZ consultate and my lawyer will be contacted first thing tomorrow. My wife received a threatening call this morning due to your investigative powers.

take this information off the site and apologise, then investigate properly and make sure you get the right person and not some random that shares a surname.


Then literally within a few minutes of that comment, another message was left on Lauda Finem’s facebook page (then unknown to anyone but a very small number of clowns at despite our email address being readily available on

“I’ve left a message on your website advising you have the wrong Aaron Wislang. I’m not the son of miles, yet I do share a name. Because of your inaccurate investigations you’ve now defamed me all over the internet, i want it down and I want an apology. A basic search would show I’m the son of Graeme Wislang and committed to building new health systems, not whatever the ACC forum folk are doing. The NZ police will be contacted first thing, as is my lawyer and the consulate.

You might think you’re doing a fantastic job but taking out two innocent people is shameful. My wife is incredibly upset after getting a intimidating call about something we knew nothing about! Imagine our disbelief when we go online to find out what the AAC forum that person mentioned was and our photo;s are plastered everywhere?

We are taking this extremely seriously. I don’t know what Miles and his offspring are up to but you can’t go getting your facts so wrong and expect no consequences. We will accept all information on all websites taken down and a public apology on your site, facebook and any other site you’ve defamed us on. 

My email is”

Arrin Wislang, his dad Graeme, in fact Graeme’s brother Dr Miles Wislang and business partner in “hair transplant” fraud ,Alan Thomas (The Takapuna bomber) were not to keen on handing over their mythical “cousin”, son, nephew and or friend, so instead they decided on another strategy; they decided to invent yet another “mirage”; the plain speaking “tough kiwi bloke” with the moniker “NoShit” who again within only a matter of hours after the CEO of Ballarat Health Services, Mr Andrew Rowe, having received a formal complaint from justice campaigner Nottingham went straight onto?…you guessed it and posted this:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge. Readers will observe that the surname WISLANG has been obscured with “XXXXXXX”

What concerns us is that the people that are being threatened have nothing to do with the ownership or operation of LAUDA FINEM.  The threat above represents 0.1 percent of the threats that we have received against LF staff, the Nottingham family, numerous ACC lawyers and Advocates,  doctors, ACC Judges, and DRSL reviewers.

When we looked at all of the evidence, taking into account the IQ’s involved, the social and economic standing of those involved, and especially the physical appearance and upbringing of those involved, the obvious became apparent.  It reminded one LF researcher of a movie that scared the shit out of her;

What is fact and what is fiction in this article should be obvious, but in truth our readership should not be surprised that some allegations that must be fiction, are not.   It is not that we are intimidated by the treats because we are here to “get the bad guys”, and we do it day in day out with no reward other than “getting the bad guys”.   We, at the moment, are at a really really happy place.  And wait till you see what else we have on these nut-jobs.  You won’t believe it.

We now want you all to listen to another movie clip; The Hunt for Red October, one scene in particular: “You‘ve Killed Us” you arrogant ass:

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  • Samantha Hays says:

    I have never ever laughed so fucking hard…

  • Interesting that the laudaboys quote a person called Keentohelp. I have it on good authority that this person is one of your financial backers, is this true Laudafinem? Yes we use a fake email and IP address because you do not respect the privacy of those that comment on your blog. People cannot trust you LF, you are simply the poisonous posters within the blogging community.

    • Thanks for the belated admission using the very inclusive word “WE” “Nic”, a word which, in the context of your comment, could be construed in another context, using another word “Conspiracy” given that you are admitting to more than one poster all of whom are aware of each others efforts. Your excuse however is in itself yet another atrocious lie.

      Our readers will undoubtedly know that the only plausible reason for your “collective” use of fake email addresses is because your real identities are being sort by those you have systematically defamed on the website over a period now exceeding eight years. You also “collectively” know that those victims are intent on obtaining justice for the damage you and your nut-job forum participants have wrought on their reputations, careers and families.

      Remember “Nic” we have many readers, contributors and subscribers most of whom use their real identities without any fear whatsoever.

    • Not that interesting really “Nic” given that you are one and the same person as the bogus commenter “Whetu Pomere” and of course another using the moniker “Tikiwhiti”. With todays flurry of comments by bogus identities you’ve actually given us all an idea for another post. A post containing every comment your multiple identities have posted; unsurprisingly from the same IP address, using fake email addresses 😉

      As we have already suggested “Nic” (aka Whetu Pomare”, aka “Tikiwhiti”, aka “Tomcat”, aka “kenneth Miller”, aka “Kenneth Paul Antony” its time to go back to school and as we have already suggested year 3 is definitely the place for you to recommence your education:

  • Byron Grubers says:

    go for the idiot LF – its clear even to me and my wife Wendy that Whetu Pomare is a bullshit name, and that brother Timothy, homophobe, and nutjob, is also a coward, and one of the hate site ACCforums members. This idiot Whetu Pomare is claiming to be a descendant of great Maori Warrior chief Pomare from the Bay of islands who used to shrink his slaves heads for export for the price of a blanket. This nigger in the woodpile, Whetu Pomare would be the slave, not the warrior. Great Chief Pomare would never have hid behind monikers like “hulkilaspida” and “campy”. Get a life losers LOL. Go LF, its obvious that your successes are building and it will soon be over.

  • Whetu Pomare says:

    At least I am making reasoned and sensible comment, unlike team @ lauda. How much does a junior researcher within your evil empire receive? – I suspect a bigmac burger voucher a day, so they can grow into super sized fatheads like their senior researchers and criminal bosses. Brother Timothy would I am sure call you a “brood of vipers”, please bring back Brother Timothy, his comments added colour, humour and sanity to this tiresome blog.

    • Reasoned and sensible? You’re a faker “Whetu” we know it and you know it, fake email address, fake IP address, fake name and feigned incredulity. You’re also an idiot but thats beside the point. As for “Brother Timothy” you seem to know him well, close are we? A little to close we would suggest; another case of multiple personality disorder?

      • I appreciated the way Brother Timothy took it to you wankers. I believe that you are refusing to publish Brother Timothy’s musings, is this true Laudafinem?

      • Well of course you would appreciate “Brother Timothy’s” contributions “Nic”; you’re both posting comments from the same IP address, are you both related? Is brother Tim your lover? Or is it more the fact that you both inhabit the same body? You know the poor unfortunate “Head-injured” ACC fraudster that has multiple personality disorder and is a very active member of the hate website

    • Lets take a closer look at what some of (s) more decent members are saying in response to recent propaganda designed to cover their own arses (not working) :

      “Govt speeds cyber bullying laws understanding and expertise in new media law”

      Ho Ho Ho an interesting subject.

      Accforum members appear to have very short memories.

      When I consider the obscenities, general abuse and malicious falsehoods posted on accforum over the past years in the light of the proposed legislation it would appear as if even some of the members posting above may, if they dare to repeat themselves, allow me to have a good go in return.

      I would note that accforum has a small but vocal number of members who support each other in not only posting abuse and supporting each other’s abuse but also abusing the victim when he/she simply responds to the abuse by, say, quoting their inane obscenities and nonsense.

      I look forward, just as soon as such due process is available, to your continued obscenities and total nonsense (all too often so totally refuted by the available facts albeit much is so silly that ‘facts’ are irrelevant) .

      Acforum has been a foul mouthed and error ridden cess pit for some time now – I look forward to any new development.

      I am hoping the new legislation does apply to accforum and look forward to any new legal rights we will gain from it.

      Mind you accforum poisonous posters have ongoingly demonstrated cowardice to match your anonymity such that I suspect you will all now have to find some other venue for your irrational spleen.

      Sounds good to me though – sick, sick, sick and now about to be caught out, lol…”


    • If “this tiresome blog” is distressing you “Whetu” why are you still here fucktard?

      • Someone has to keep you honest.

      • Well thats good “Nic” but we’d much prefer it if an honest man did that. It would undoubtedly besmirch our excellent reputation and credibility if our readers found out that an ACC fraudster had been responsible for keeping us all here at honest. As they say a Leopard can’t change its spots, so why don’t you tootle off back to and do what you do best; offering advice on how to defraud New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation. Just leave the honesty to those who actually qualify as honest.

  • Whetu Pomare says:

    Yet more racist and bigoted comments from the laudafinem team of wannabes. Any real researcher would work for the politicians not twats like laudafinem. The only HATE site that exists is your site Laudafinem. You attack innocent and well respected people with your weasel words and defaming comments. There are Internet sites that tell the truth about Laudafinem, they have remained underneath your sights due to you being the biggest fatheads in the blogoshpere. Take down your pages of hate before you are shut down and the ankle bracelet slapped around your chubby ankles.

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